The Best Kodi Streaming Add-ons of March 2019! (Updated Daily)

Looking for the best working Kodi streaming add-ons today? Here is THE list of Kodi add-ons with daily tracked status, freshness, and crowdsourced voting.

What are the best working and recently updated Kodi streaming add-ons as of now, March 2019?  It can be really hard to tell, right?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because this is THE definitive and most up-to-date resource anywhere for discovering the most recently updated and most popular Kodi streaming add-ons.

This list will let you know which add-ons are still working and online versus which ones are broken and offline.  It will even show you which ones have abandoned.

I developed this Kodi add-on tracking system to not only show you the list of Kodi add-ons, but also show you…

  • The version numbers
  • Which repo they belong to
  • If the add-on is online or offline
  • When their last code commit was
  • A crowd-sourced voting system so you can vote up or down for add-ons and see which ones are the favorites

I will be continually adding any new add-ons to this list.  If you would like to suggest any, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Privacy Notice:

If you’re planning on using any of these unofficial Kodi streaming add-ons, I strongly recommend you use a VPN to protect your privacy.  To learn more, read my 4 Reasons Why Kodi Streamers Need a VPN.

Current Status of Working Kodi Add-ons (Sorted by Recently Updated)

Below are the best Kodi streaming add-ons that are online.  By default, they are sorted by most recently updated.  You may also sort by the most highly voted.

The voting system keeps track of votes in the last 3 months.  If you can, please take a moment to help the Kodi community by voting up or down on add-ons that are working or not working in your experience.

Kodi Add-on: Repo: Last Activity: Status: Working?
Eggman Mar 20, 2019 Online
Loki Mar 18, 2019 Online
Mx-winG DS
uKodi1 Mar 16, 2019 Online
uKodi1 Mar 16, 2019 Online
JewRepo Mar 14, 2019 Online
Exodus Redux
Exodus Redux Mar 13, 2019 Online
Entertain Me
Stream Army Mar 10, 2019 Online
Gaia Mar 6, 2019 Online
cCloud TV
Kodi Bae Mar 5, 2019 Online
Kodi Bae Mar 5, 2019 Online
Golden Gun Mar 5, 2019 Online
Nemesis AIO
Stream Army Feb 24, 2019 Online
OpenMeta Feb 22, 2019 Online
Nixgates Feb 20, 2019 Online
Supremacy Feb 18, 2019 Online
At The Flix
Maverick Feb 8, 2019 Online
Maverick Feb 5, 2019 Online
Maverick TV
Maverick Feb 4, 2019 Online
Diamond Feb 3, 2019 Online
The Magic Dragon
Maverick Jan 31, 2019 Online
Joker Sports
Maverick Jan 25, 2019 Online
Movie Theater Butter
Diamond Jan 24, 2019 Online
Supremacy Jan 23, 2019 Online
Supremacy Sports
Supremacy Jan 18, 2019 Online
Maverick Jan 17, 2019 Online
SelfLess Lite
Bookmark Lite Oct 3, 2018 Online
Bookmark Lite Oct 3, 2018 Online
Aragon Live
Blamo Fork Aug 7, 2018 Online
Neptune Rising
Blamo Fork Aug 7, 2018 Online
Blamo Fork Aug 7, 2018 Online
Golden Age
Diamond May 18, 2018 Online
Entertainment Time
Stream Army Apr 3, 2018 Online
Colossus Dec 29, 2017 Online
UK Turk
UKTurk Jun 11, 2017 Online
Supremacy Online
Supremacy Online
StarTec Mobdro
Star-Tec Online

Note: This website is tracking these add-ons to see when they were last updated and if they are still online meaning accessible at their last known location.  Just because an add-on is technically online doesn’t mean it’s necessarily working properly, however, add-ons that have been updated recently tend to work better since their developer is actively maintaining the code.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kodi Streaming Add-ons

Q: Exodus Add-on and/or Exodus Redux Add-on?  What is the difference between these two Add-ons and which one you recommend to install?

A: Well, at one time Exodus was pretty much abandoned, and Exodus Redux came to the rescue with its own fork of Exodus that has some new features and was better maintained.

Unfortunately, Exodus Redux now appears to have been abandoned since it hasn’t been updated since November.  Meanwhile Exodus has been updated to v6, v8, and now it’s on v8.0.1 (last updated in January).

So, at the moment, I would say go with Exodus.

Q: It’s been suggested that APK’s are a better way to go than Kodi streaming add-ons.  What are your thoughts?

A: I don’t believe there’s any reason why APK’s are inherently better than Kodi add-ons. They are all essentially the same technology (multiple provider scraping), but just with a different wrapper. Here’s a good read on the topic.

GitHub Usernames

Do you have the GitHub Browser add-on from TVAddons / Indigo?  If so, check out my list of GitHub Usernames for Kodi Repos & Add-ons.

Abandoned but Still Working (for now)

  • Covenant – Colossus Repo – This was my favorite add-on after Exodus went down. The Colossus repo was deleted from Github, but it came back up on the Github username, “covenantkodi”.
  • Exodus – Kodi Bae Repo – The successor to Genesis which was later replaced by Covenant around the time of TVAddons going down.  It still technically works, but in my Covenant tutorial, I explain how Covenant works so much better than Exodus.  I think it’s only a matter of time until Exodus sputters to its death.  Covenant was the replacement for it and is an exact replica, but is still being developed and supported. Exodus version 6 was last updated June 2018.  Some report they still get better results with Exodus when searching for some older content and foreign films with English dubs as opposed to Covenant.
  • SALTS (Stream All The Sources) Smash Repo – After Genesis went down a long time ago, SALTS was my favorite replacement.  Later when Exodus came out with some newer features, I was swayed back that direction.  But, SALTS still appears to be working.  However, according to the add-on description, the last version was made from the TVAddons guys and Smash has only fixed some images in the add-on.
  • Bubbles – Bubbles Repo – Bubbles is probably one of the most intricate unofficial add-ons for Kodi.  You can really tell that the developer knows his stuff.  I’ve now moved it to the abandoned category since it’s been replaced with the new Gaia add-on.
  • Specto ForkKdil Repo – Specto is a fork of Genesis that gained popularity way back when Genesis was on its way out (before the Genesis developer released his next add-on, Exodus).  It’s been a while since that, and now 2 generations later with Covenant, Specto still has a decent following.
  • Gurzil Kdil Repo – Gurzil is an add-on that is new to me.  It’s in the Smash Kdil repo and it seems to be an identical clone of Covenant and Exodus.  The only thing I can tell that is different is the name, the red color scheme, and icon theme.  But, seems to work great, so it’s nice to have another alternative to Covenant in case there are any issues.
  • Blamo Add-ons – The following Blamo add-ons have all been moved to this section because Mr. Blamo shut it all down.
    • Neptune RisingBlamo Magicality Repo – This is one of my favorite because it’s a fork of Covenant.  Unfortunately, Covenant isn’t maintained anymore, but Neptune Rising is.  This is one of the more popular ones, but in my experience, I’ve had some cases where Neptune Rising wouldn’t work, but Incursion would.  How to get Neptune Rising from Magicality Repo.
    • PlacentaBlamo Magicality Repo – This is another new add-on that is a fork of Covenant, but has some more options.  How to get Placenta from Magicality Repo.
    • Aragon LiveBlamo Repo – If you want live TV streaming on Kodi, this add-on was awesome.  In my initial testing and reviewing, every single live channel I tried worked flawlessly, and it has a LOT of channels!

Broken Kodi Add-ons

Warning: Abandoned Kodi repositories can pose a very serious security risk.  Read more about 13 Dangerous Abandoned Kodi Repos That You Need to Uninstall Now.

Kodi Add-on: Repo: Last Activity: Status: Working?
The Lab
Golden Gun Mar 18, 2019 Offline
Golden Gun Mar 18, 2019 Offline
Golden Gun Mar 18, 2019 Offline
Golden Gun Mar 18, 2019 Offline
Golden Gun Mar 18, 2019 Offline
Eggman Mar 6, 2019 Offline
13Clowns Mar 3, 2019 Offline
Supremacy Feb 25, 2019 Offline
Watch Dogs
Hellhounds Feb 13, 2019 Offline
JewRepo Feb 4, 2019 Offline
Nixgates Nov 21, 2018 Offline
Magicality Magicality Oct 16, 2018 Offline
Blamo Fork Jan 1, 1970 Offline
Hellhounds Offline
  • Incursionkodibae on GitHub or addons4kodi repo – This was my favorite Kodi add-on for a while.  It was a fork of Covenant, but has more options.  It has a pretty clean-looking theme and seems to work well and fast.  However, it was abandoned and then eventually removed by its developer nixgates who moved on to working on Seren.
  • MagicalityMagicality Repo – The Magicality Kodi add-on is a fork of the popular Neptune Rising add-on for Kodi.  Since Mr. Blamo shut down his repo and add-ons, the Magicality repo is now hosting Neptune Rising, Placenta, and its very own fork of Neptune Rising called Magicality.
  • Sports HubTrantrumTV Repo – The new name of the old “Pro Sports” add-on.  It focuses on USA Sports like NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.  It has live streaming and archives to watch them later.
  • DeathStreams – Blamo Repo – Forked from the long-popular SALTS add-on, DeathStreams is definitely a nice add-on worth checking out.
  • NoobsAndNerds repo was shut down
  • Elysium LiteNoobsAndNerds Repo – Elysium Lite is a faster version of Elysium.
  • Elysium NoobsAndNerds Repo – This is a pretty popular streaming add-on.  It is the rebranded version of the old Zen add-on.  I reviewed it along with an installation tutorial.  My brief thoughts are that it is missing integration.  Besides that, it’s pretty solid.
  • BoB UnleashedNoobsAndNerds Repo
  • GenesisFusion Repo  – Rest in peace, Genesis, the most popular of the early founding fathers of unofficial Kodi streaming add-ons.  Genesis was replaced by Exodus which was replaced by Covenant, which was replaced by a ton of different add-ons.
  • Icefilms Smash Repo – Icefilms is one of the oldest unofficial Kodi streaming add-ons from way back in the day.  It went down with Fusion, but shows up in the Smash Repo with a note “FIX IS NOT WORKING”.
  • 1Channel Smash Repo – 1Channel (aka Primewire) is one of the oldest unofficial streaming add-ons for Kodi.  It looks like it’s done a decent job at keeping up to date with things like URLResolver setting, Real-Debrid, Library integration, etc.  The one thing it looks like it’s missing is Trakt integration.  The add-on in the Smash repo is labeled as 1Channel FIX so it seems that it was broken before and was recently revived with this fixed version.  Since the Smash repo went down, I haven’t seen this one around, so I’ve moved it to the broken section.
  • SportsDevil – Colossus Repo – This is also one of the oldest unofficial Kodi add-ons right there along with the old Icefilms.  However, SportsDevil is still actively getting updates, so it doesn’t seem to be abandoned.  However, when I was testing it out, clicking around on random links for over 10 minutes straight, I couldn’t get a single stream to load during that whole time.  If someone has a suggested fix or has any tips for where to go within the add-on to get good streams, please let me know in the comments.  But for now, I’m categorizing this as broken.
  • ManiaHD The Mania Services Repo – This is a premium paid service and Kodi add-on.  They used to work great, but recently they closed off subscriptions and renewals preventing more people from using their service.
  • Sports GuruCaffeinated Repo – The Sports Guru Kodi add-on has sports scores, live updates, a live ticker, and has full game replays too! You can also set up alerts for breaking sports news and game scores. You can get notifications for Ice Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer.
  • PureSoccer – PureRepo – The PureSoccer add-on (Formerly SportsMatrix, formerly PureSports) is a sports streaming add-on for Kodi. It seems like a great alternative to SportsDevil and Sports Hub.
  • SportsAccess Smash Repo – This was a premium service add-on for sports streaming.  You have to have a paid subscription to use the add-on.  Unfortunately, their website’s signup page has a server error on it.
  • Sportie – This add-on was yet another option for sports streaming.  It was developed by Echo Coder who I’ve heard recently quit developing Kodi add-ons.  If you happen to have the add-on still installed from before, it only says “Thank Soloman, Goodbye All!”  I’m not sure what the YouTuber, Soloman did, but it sounds like he may have driven Echo Coder to quit.  Come on, Soloman… respect the devs.
  • PubFilm – SuperRepo – This add-on is completely broken.  None of the menus work.
  • FilmOn NoobsAndNerds Repo – I haven’t heard anything about this add-on in a while, but I know it was one that’s been around for a while.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any links to work, so it seems to be broken.
  • SolarMovieNoobsAndNerds Repo – This is an add-on that I’ve heard of and has been around for a long time, but it’s completely broken.  All of the folders are empty.

Submit an Add-on

Do you know of a great-working Kodi add-on that’s not on this list?

Leave a comment below to let me know.  Thanks!

38 thoughts on “The Best Kodi Streaming Add-ons of March 2019! (Updated Daily)

  1. Hi, after many problems a few months ago I walked away from Kodi and the Add Ons. It is now January 2018. Can you please tell me which add ons will work now? Thank you,
    Happy New Year

    1. Jack, a Nathan has mentioned, Covenant is still working and still pretty as far as stability goes. Also, you may want to check out, “The Pyramid” addon. It has a lot of good stuff on it if you are interested in movies. It also has TV shows, but I have yet to figure out the best possible way to manage the TV shows, but all in all, that addon is pretty good.

      1. Thank you for that information. I will try this out. Also, have you checked You Tube for how to run the Pyramid TV. They might help…

  2. Hi Nathan, I too noticed less and less streams were coming through on covenant so I installed Neptune Rising. It’s great as I get hundreds of more streams where as on covenant I get 3 but it’s not the correct episodes to the series I’m watching. Anyway, I can’t seem to get my real debrid streams through on Neptune Rising. With covenant real debrid was highlighted blue and started with RD in the stream selection. I’ve tried reauthorising etc but no change, I just seem to get the broken streams ( constantly freezing) I can spend sometimes an hour going through streams just trying to find one that will play the whole episode. Ps I’m running Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice.
    Huge fan by the way, thanks for all the tips and recommendations

    1. Hi TK, have you trieed this… Neptune Rising / Tools / Settings:General / Providers and in there activate “Enable Debrid Providers”. Hope it helps ;)

      1. Thank you for bringing that up. I believe I did forget to mention that I noticed that in the settings and turned it on. Frankly, I don’t know why they have a setting for that. It should always be on if you have authenticated real debrid.

  3. Now that addons can be installed via the Github browser, there’s really no reason to get any actively maintained addon directly from the author. Worth considering removing all addons not available to be downloaded from Github directly in your next guide.

    1. I considered that, but I’ve had some issues getting the Github browser to work on some of my devices, so I’m not sure I want to move completely over to that (and suggest the same to others). Plus, it may not be the ultimate solution it sounds like because you’re only getting the repo zip file from Github, and that repo could have links to whatever servers they want for add-on and their dependencies. So, there is still a risk of servers going down even with that methods.

  4. Steping away from Kodi I love Terrarium….a stand alone program that is awsome but has some issues still in crashes/freeze up’s.
    Still i use it more than any other so I believe it is worth using.
    Cheers Wayne

  5. I find Neptune Rising best for movies. Haven’t had much luck with Aragon T . Signed up for PlayersKlub Live tv. Only $5 a month but for the first 2weeks wouldn’t open. It’s just OK. StreameRS is great for movies. Gives you a walk in alphabetic order..Gives you options for trailer to watch and prescription of movie. Then click Play Now and away it goes. Haven’t had much luck with finding a replacement for Directv Now app. Need to find a VPN that is a bit cheaper monthly than IPVanish.

    1. Victoria, thanks for sharing your experience with these. I’m curious, what problems you were having with Aragon Live because it was working perfectly for me when I tried it last. Also, is IPVanish still too expensive for you at $4.87/mo right now?

      1. To get that price do you have to sign up for a while year tho?? I live on SSDisability and I don’t have the money to pay for a while year at one time. Alas…that is that problem. With Aragon I just noticed that it wasn’t playing the same show that was playing live.!! Is it suppose to do that or how is it set up ? I keep having problems with OK not opening up. My mom had the same problem. I like the 24/7 channels tho. I sleep with tv on. Need the background talking!!! Where else can I find 24/7 channels?? Thank you for your quick response and help. Greatly appreciated!

          1. You will laugh but…i live on the wrong side of the building to use an antenna!! I have learned to download apk’s. OLATV works as well as any other!!

  6. I’m truly hoping someone can help me with this next problem I have here. Remember me telling that my kodi kept crashing? Well, I now have a new box and I’m not having the crashing problem anymore, what I do have is while watching a live tv show such as football, The players are jittery and it’s almost like it’s buffering but it’s not buffering. It seems like their jumpy or the action is not catching up with the streaming. Not sure if I need a program addon or a booster or what, but anything I watch it’s doing that, even while watching USA Network it’s doing it. It’s not my speed because I have a 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz network but my box won’t hook up to the 5 ghz and I have it hooked up with a ethernet cable and when I do a speed check my speed is between 50 and 70 mbps, Can anyone PLEASE help me?

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