What are the best Kodi add-ons as of September 2017?  This post will introduce you to all the well-known unofficial Kodi streaming add-ons and let you know which ones are still working and which ones are better than others.

I’ve been thinking about putting together this post for some time.  Recently, I even received a personal request from one of my readers to write a post like this.

With all the recent turmoil in the Kodi community with legal issues, developers quitting, and YouTubers stirring the pot, it’s really hard for the average person to know which add-ons are actually working and which ones are good.  Honestly, it’s hard to know what to believe.

My goal of this post is to offer a quick review of each add-on that I’m aware about (and have a sense for its popularity), and to classify these add-ons based on ones that are working, ones that have been abandoned, and ones that are broken.  I also hope to treat this as an active living document by updating it often when I find out about add-ons going up or down.  I will also be adding any new add-ons that have some popularity.

I hope this is helpful for you!

NOTE: If you’re using unofficial Kodi streaming add-ons, I highly recommend you use a VPN.  To learn more, read my 4 Reasons Why Kodi Streamers Need a Kodi VPN.

Working Streaming Add-ons for Kodi

  • Covenant – Colossus Repo – This is my favorite add-on and the one I use on a daily basis.  If you install just one add-on, make it this one.
  • Gurzil Smash Repo – Gurzil is an add-on that is new to me.  It’s in the Smash repo and it seems to be an identical clone of Covenant and Exodus.  The only thing I can tell that is different is the name, the red color scheme, and icon theme.  But, seems to work great, so it’s nice to have another alternative to Covenant in case there are any issues.
  • Elysium NoobsAndNerds Repo – This is a pretty popular streaming add-on.  It is the rebranded version of the old Zen add-on.  I reviewed it along with an installation tutorial.  My brief thoughts are that it is missing Trakt.tv integration.  Besides that, it’s pretty solid.
  • Bubbles Bubbles Repo – Bubbles is probably one of the most intricate unofficial add-ons for Kodi.  You can really tell that the developer knows his stuff.  Now it’s on version 2 which seems like a big update.  Seems to be working great.
  • BoB UnleashedNoobsAndNerds Repo -BoB is another fairly up and coming add-on.  I think it came out, or at least gained some popularity around the same time as Bubbles.  BoB is also another intricate and robust add-on that is very unique.  It has lots of folders for different kinds of entertainment, and the interface has a unique personality.
  • 1Channel Smash Repo – 1Channel (aka Primewire) is one of the oldest unofficial streaming add-ons for Kodi.  It looks like it’s done a decent job at keeping up to date with things like URLResolver setting, Real-Debrid, Library integration, etc.  The one thing it looks like it’s missing is Trakt integration.  The add-on in the Smash repo is labeled as 1Channel FIX so it seems that it was broken before and was recently revived with this fixed version.
  • Specto ForkSmash Repo – Specto is a fork of Genesis that gained popularity way back when Genesis was on its way out (before the Genesis developer released his next add-on, Exodus).  It’s been a while since that, and now 2 generations later with Covenant, Specto still has a decent following.
  • Planet MMAAres Repo – I posted about Planet MMA in preparation for a big ppv fight event.  It’s an add-on that’s totally dedicated to MMA / boxing.  It seems to work pretty well and is still actively getting updates.

Abandoned but Still Working (for now)

  • Exodus – Smash Repo – The successor to Genesis which was later replaced by Covenant around the time of TVAddons going down.  It still technically works, but in my Covenant tutorial, I explain how Covenant works so much better than Exodus.  I think it’s only a matter of time until Exodus sputters to its death.  Covenant is the replacement for it and is an exact replica, but is still being developed and supported.
  • SALTS (Stream All The Sources) Smash Repo – After Genesis went down a long time ago, SALTS was my favorite replacement.  Later when Exodus came out with some newer features, I was swayed back that direction.  But, SALTS still appears to be working.  However, according to the add-on description, the last version was made from the TVAddons guys and Smash has only fixed some images in the add-on.
  • cCloud SuperRepo – cCloud was a great add-on that used to be hosted in the Fusion repo (before its demise).  I heard it went down which I was sad about, but then I opened it found that it’s still working great!  I also found that it’s still hosted in SuperRepo.  It’s in the abandoned category because I believe it’s not being developed/supported anymore.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Broken Kodi Add-ons

  • GenesisFusion Repo  – Rest in peace, Genesis, the most popular of the early founding fathers of unofficial Kodi streaming add-ons.  Genesis was replaced by Exodus which was replaced by Covenant.
  • Icefilms Smash Repo – Icefilms is one of the oldest unofficial Kodi streaming add-ons from way back in the day.  It went down with Fusion, but shows up in the Smash Repo with a note “FIX IS NOT WORKING”.
  • SportsDevil – Colossus Repo – This is also one of the oldest unofficial Kodi add-ons right there along with the old Icefilms.  However, SportsDevil is still actively getting updates, so it doesn’t seem to be abandoned.  However, when I was testing it out, clicking around on random links for over 10 minutes straight, I couldn’t get a single stream to load during that whole time.  If someone has a suggested fix or has any tips for where to go within the add-on to get good streams, please let me know in the comments.  But for now, I’m categorizing this as broken.
  • ManiaHD The Mania Services Repo – This is a premium paid service and Kodi add-on.  They used to work great, but recently they closed off subscriptions and renewals preventing more people from using their service.
  • SportsAccess Smash Repo – This was a premium service add-on for sports streaming.  You have to have a paid subscription to use the add-on.  Unfortunately, their website’s signup page has a server error on it.
  • Sportie – This add-on was yet another option for sports streaming.  It was developed by Echo Coder who I’ve heard recently quit developing Kodi add-ons.  If you happen to have the add-on still installed from before, it only says “Thank Soloman, Goodbye All!”  I’m not sure what the YouTuber, Soloman did, but it sounds like he may have driven Echo Coder to quit.  Come on, Soloman… respect the devs.
  • PubFilm SuperRepo – This add-on is completely broken.  None of the menus work.
  • FilmOn NoobsAndNerds Repo – I haven’t heard anything about this add-on in a while, but I know it was one that’s been around for a while.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any links to work, so it seems to be broken.
  • f4mTester – Colossus, Ares, NoobsAndNerds,  Smash Repo – I’ve heard this is a popular IPTV add-on.  I also noticed that it seems to be included in every repository that I have.  I tried it out and none of the links I tried would work.  I tried several of them.
  • SolarMovieNoobsAndNerds Repo – This is an add-on that I’ve heard of and has been around for a long time, but it’s completely broken.  All of the folders are empty.

I’m Relying on You, the Kodi Community

Kodi add-ons have been popping up, going down, and coming back all the time lately.  For instance, during the week after I wrote a tutorial on how to install Elysium, that add-on completely stopped working for everyone one day, and then came back up working normally a couple of days later.

I’m only one man, and I’m not using all of these add-ons on a regular basis, so I’m relying on you to let me know if any of this changes with any of these add-ons.

Also, is there an add-on you think should be included in this list of popular add-ons?  Let me know what it is.

Leave your comments below.  Thanks!