Smart Home Tip: Motion Sensing Lights Only When It’s Dark


I’m taking a quick intermission from posting about Kodi (any good smart home’s entertainment system) to bring you a pretty cool smart home automation tip.

Besides security, one of the goals of home automation is to eliminate a lot of the manual work we do in our daily lives.  It should relieve much of our need to remember to do things like turning of lights when we leave a room or setting an alarm when we leave the house.

This smart home tip is pretty nice because it automates turning lights on and off using a motion sensor, but only when it’s dark enough in the room to need lights.  This tip helps save energy because the lights turn off automatically when there’s no motion for a while, and it doesn’t waste electricity running the lights during the day.

Kodi 17.5.1 Bugfix Release Available Now

Kodi 17.5

Kodi recently released the latest version of their open source entertainment system software, Kodi 17.5.1.  This is a bugfix release to increase the stability and usability of Kodi 17.  Meanwhile, the developers have already been working on the upcoming Kodi 18 behind the scenes.

How to Update Kodi on a Fire TV Stick

How to Update Kodi on Fire TV Stick

So you have this Fire Stick or Fire TV box with Kodi on it.  You’ve been having issues lately, and you’re thinking (or you’ve been told) that you should update Kodi to the latest version.  But, you may have lots of questions, like…

  • Where can I find the update for Kodi on Fire Stick?
  • Do I need to uninstall Kodi before I install the new one?
  • Will I lose all my add-ons or settings when I update Kodi?

In this post, I will answer these questions and hopefully demystify the whole process for you.

How to Find the File Manager in Kodi

File Manager Kodi

Found a tutorial about installing some Kodi add-on but confused about where the File Manager is?  I can understand the frustration, especially because it’s a bit hard to explain due to different versions of Kodi and different skins.  Each combination might have its own way to navigate to any given place.

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to find the Kodi File Manager.  The File Manager is important because it allows you to add custom web addresses (or URLs) as a source, and then when you browse to install a zip file, you can browse one of those custom sources to browse a web directory to download and install a zip file from the internet.