Fix Kodi Streaming Issues With These 17 Expert Troubleshooting Tips

Exodus "No stream available"? Kodi not working? Add-ons buffering? This list of 17 troubleshooting tips will get Kodi streaming running smoothly again!

Is your Kodi not working like it used to?  Having issues streaming shows or movies?

Over the years, I’ve answered thousands of comments on this blog and helped tons of people resolve their issues with Kodi streaming add-ons like Exodus, Exodus Redux, Seren, Gaia, Scrubs V2, etc.

After replying so many times with many of the same tips, I thought I should compile a comprehensive list of troubleshooting tips I usually give to people to help get their Kodi setup running smoothly again.  I hope this helps you!

What Kind of Kodi Streaming Issues Am I Talking About?

The streaming issues I’m referring to could take many forms.  Here are examples of streaming issues in Kodi which I address in this article…

  • An episode or movie doesn’t contain any source links
  • No Stream Available” error message when trying to play a source link
  • Video tries to play, but never starts
  • Video plays, but buffers periodically
  • Video stops while watching it

If your experience falls into one of these, then this is the article for you.  Let’s get into it!

Update November 2019: TVDB Maintenance Outage

A lot of people have been complaining about all kinds of add-ons not working, specifically with TV shows.  The reason for that is that TVDB was undergoing maintenance with an outage that breaks any add-on that is using it (which is almost all of them!).  You can read more about the maintenance outage over on Reddit.

But, then it turns out, it was more than just the maintenance outage, but the maintenance was TVDB rolling out their new API which introduced breaking changes.  Now all the add-ons need to be updated to support the changes in the API.

The only things to do right now are…

  • Wait it out while add-ons update,
  • Use an add-on that doesn’t use TVDB, like a live TV / playlist add-on like cCloud TV for instance,
  • In an Exodus fork, go into calendar and it will bring up episodes by day so and you can access them directly without going through the TV Shows folder,
  • Or until the add-ons update to support the new version of TVDB’s API, you can fix it yourself using these instructions if you’re savvy with code

1) Are You on the Latest Versions of Kodi and the Add-on?

I’ve personally experienced issues where a streaming add-on completely breaks and no shows will get any links.  The issue is sometimes due to old version of Kodi or the add-on you’re using.

Other times, there have been issues where an update breaks the add-on, and it can sometimes be fixed by uninstalling the add-on and reinstalling it.  I’m aware of this happening on a large scale both with the Exodus add-on years ago and with Seren add-on more recently.

For Kodi, make sure to visit to check if you have the latest stable version.

  • If you are using Android, don’t install Kodi manually, but use the Google Play Store to install Kodi that way it stays up to date.
  • If you are using Windows 10, install Kodi from the Windows Store so it always stays up to date.
  • For everyone else and for those using the Amazon Fire Stick (which doesn’t have the Google Play Store), you’ll need to install your Kodi updates manually.  See how to install Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV or Stick.

2) Are You Using an Abandoned Add-on?

If you’re still using Genesis, it was replaced by Exodus! If you’re still using Exodus, it has been replaced with lots of different forks, but then made kind of a come-back.

Kodi has been a bit of a game of “whack-a-mole” in recent years.  Add-ons are developed, become popular, and then get shut down.

To stay on top of the latest top add-ons that are working for people, you need to check out my real-time Kodi add-on tracker.  It will tell you which add-ons are online vs offline, which ones have been updated the most recently, and which ones are more popular.

Looking for a beginner step-by-step tutorial to set up everything from scratch the right way?  Check out my Complete Guide to the Ultimate Kodi Setup.

3) Did You Just Install a New Repo or Add-on?

Sometimes it works fine without restarting Kodi, and sometimes there are issues and you need to restart Kodi.

I’ve seen it happen enough times where Kodi needed a restart after installing something new, that I’m now including it in this list of troubleshooting tips.

4) Did You Remember to Install and Enable Providers?

If you find that no sources are found and you get “No stream available” for any videos, and it happens so fast that you realize that it’s not even trying, here is the fix.

This happened with the older lambdascraper version of Exodus Redux (before it was updated to the Openscraper version), and it could happen with the Seren add-on as well.

To fix it, go into the settings for the add-on, go the providers and make sure you have providers selected.  If the add-on supports the manual installation of providers, make sure to find the provider package that is recommended for that add-on and install it.

5) Is Auto-Play Turned On?

I get a lot of comments from people saying that when they try to watch a show or movie, it won’t play.  They talk as though whatever was played was their only option and it just doesn’t work.

If auto-play is turned on in your add-on’s settings, then you may not even be aware that your Kodi add-on is just selecting the first link (thinking it should work fine), but then it doesn’t.

If you have auto-play turned on, highlight the episode or movie you want to watch, and press the menu button (or “c” on a keyboard).  Select “Play using…” to get the list of links.  Then, you can go through each one until you find one that works.

6) Are You Using Real-Debrid?

In case you didn’t know, the developers of video streaming add-ons do not host these videos.  All they do is aggregate video streaming links from websites around the Internet to index them to make them easy to browse and search for within Kodi.  These add-ons have no control over the servers that actually host the videos, and sometimes those servers get overloaded or even go offline.

The way to get reliable video source links is to sign up for a Real-Debrid premium subscription.  It is a MUST if you are wanting to watch most of your TV shows on Kodi streaming add-ons.  Once you set up a Real-Debrid account and pay for some days, use this tutorial video to connect Real-Debrid (the same tutorial can be used for almost any streaming add-on).

7) Has Your Real-Debrid Subscription Expired?

I’ve had some friends and family run into this where they complained that nothing was working all of a sudden.  Hundreds of links would be available, but when you try to play one, it goes through all of them in just a few seconds resulting in “No stream available”.

It turned out to be an expired Real-Debrid subscription.

If your Real-Debrid subscription expired, login to your Real-Debrid account and check to make sure your subscription is still active.  If not, renew it.

8) Have You Checked the Real-Debrid Download Port?

If you have almost the same issue as the previous one (where Kodi add-ons are skipping all of your Real-Debrid links), there is one setting in your Real-Debrid account that might be the culprit.

Go to and look under Account Settings for the setting called “Download Port“.  It should be set to “Secured“.  If it was set to Normal, then that was the problem.

9) Did Real-Debrid Get Disconnected

If your Real-Debrid links disappeared, sometimes updates cause that.  Just to be sure, try to re-authorize Real-Debrid in the add-on settings or URLResolver / ResolveURL settings.

Read my post, Exodus Update Broke Real-Debrid; How to Fix.

10) Have You Cleared Providers & Cache in the Add-on?

I’ve had issues before where none of the links for a episode would work, and it was fixed by using this tip.  I’ve also seen it where selecting a source link does absolutely nothing.  You can hear the sound like you selected it (so you know it’s not an issues with the remote), but then it just sits there on the source list or episode list screen and nothing happensI’ve fixed this issue numerous times by clearing providers and cache.

Usually somewhere in the settings or tools section, there will be a Clear Providers or Sources link and a Clear Cache link.

What this does is clear the cache of source links for episodes and movies, allowing the add-on to re-check for sources the next time.  Sometimes, this will bring in new source links that weren’t there before.  This will give you a higher chance of finding a good source link.

But again, if you use Real-Debrid, this will probably be less of an issue for you.

11) Is Corrupted Add-on Data Breaking Add-ons?

If you have the “no stream found” error in Exodus, and the Tools menu is missing, so you can’t clear providers or cache, then you might have this issue where the add-on data is corrupt and needs to be cleared manually.

The only solution that worked to solve this was to manually remove all files related to Exodus in the Kodi userdata folder, for example:


I don’t know which file got corrupted, but removing & reinstalling through the Kodi GUI did not help.  The folders need to be deleted manually.

12) Is Your Internet Speed Fast Enough?

If you always have issues with videos that buffer frequently, especially with higher quality videos, you may want to check what Internet speed you get with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  I would say you would need at a very minimum 10mbps, but 25-50mbps is much more preferred.  Go to and check your Internet speed.

While this will eliminate some problems, it won’t fix everything because many times the bottleneck is not your home’s Internet connection, but the bottleneck is the server which may be overloaded from too many people streaming videos from it.  Again, use Real-Debrid to avoid that.

I also want to mention that sometimes the issue is not necessarily your bandwidth, but the quality of your internet connection.  I frequently notice wifi issues across my house where it seems like there’s random packet loss.  While my speed test was okay, my connection was inconsistent and unsteady.

Try rebooting your cable modem / router/ wifi.  That usually gets me back up to fast streaming again.

13) Have You Adjusted The Hidden Kodi Cache Settings?

Did you know that Kodi has hidden settings that you can put in your advancedsettings.xml file that will tell Kodi how to handle its buffer cache?  These settings define:

  • What kind of content to cache
  • Where to store it
  • How much RAM it can use, and
  • How fast it can download from a video to fill up the buffer!

To find out how to modify these settings, check out out my tutorial How to Fix Kodi Buffering with Hidden Cache Settings.

14) Is Your Kodi Streaming Box Too Old?  Time to Upgrade?

Is your Home Theater PC or Kodi box getting a bit old and slow?  Maybe it doesn’t have very much RAM, or maybe the hard drive is starting to go bad and get ridiculously slow.  These things could cause issues with video streaming simply because the computer can’t handle it.

If you think you might be in the market for an upgrade, check out my top picks for Kodi streaming boxes.

15) Do You Have a Router from Sky (an ISP in the UK)?

I’ve received some helpful comments from British readers who shared this tip, and many have been thrilled when they found this setting and it completely unlocked their Kodi streams.

If you have a router from Sky, check the settings on it and turn off “Sky Shield” or “Sky Broadband Shield“.  That setting is a web content filter that blocks access to some sites.  Mostly, it blocks sites with malware or phishing scams, but it also happens to block sites that host video streams.

Turn it off and your streams in Kodi should start working!

If you can’t turn it off, you may need to get a VPN.

16) Do You Have Any Other Web Content Filter or Parental Controls?

Just like the previous tip with the Sky Shield setting, there are lots of other content filter and parental controls that would have the same effect.

If you are using something like this, either turn it off or make an exception for your Kodi box so it has full access to all the stream servers.

If you don’t have access to the router, then you’ll need to use a VPN to access the blocked content.

17) Are You Getting Filtered, Geo-Blocked or Throttled by Your ISP?

Maybe you’re not aware of your ISP’s content filter setting on your router, or maybe it’s locked on.  There is a way around it, keep reading…

  • Geo-blocking is when servers restrict access to some content to only certain countries, blocking other countries.
  • ISP throttling is when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) monitors (spies on) your Internet usage and limits your bandwidth of certain types of content, like streaming video.

Not to mention, ISPs have been known to report suspicious traffic patterns to government agencies… not something I would want to risk!

Update: Have you heard about the US legislation that lets your ISPs track and sell your Internet browsing history?  Read more about that here.

All of these issues can be resolved by using a VPN service.

With a Kodi VPN, all your traffic is encrypted so your ISP can’t tell what you’re streaming or where you’re streaming it from.

Plus, you can choose your own location so servers think you are accessing them from a different country, which is very useful to access content that’s blocked in your country.

I personally use IPVanish VPN.  They have very fast networks and over 500 servers all over the globe so it won’t slow down your bandwidth very much.

I can vouch that I’ve had better luck with more streaming links working after I installed IPVanish on my Kodi box.

If you want to learn more, read my 4 Reasons Why Kodi Streamers Need a VPN.

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Let’s Hear From You

  • Were any of these tips particularly helpful to you?  I’d love to hear it.
  • Do you have any other tips to add to this?
  • And of course, if none of these issues have helped, feel free to share what issues you’re having.  Please try to give me as many details as you can.  I’ll see if I can help.

373 thoughts on “Fix Kodi Streaming Issues With These 17 Expert Troubleshooting Tips

  1. I went to watch legend with Tom Hardy in Movies, and inside was a different film called legend about a leprechaun from the 80′ all the streams were wrong. How do u notify genesis of this?

    1. I don’t think it would do anything to notify them of the issue since they are not curating it, but only aggregating it. I’ve seen stuff like that happen before. It just takes one person to post a mislabeled video and a bunch of other sources will copy it automatically assuming it’s correct, but nobody actually checks it. Sometimes a new accurate source will pop up, and people might start copying that one, but it may be hard for you to find it.

  2. I am trying to set up my library, I have the most current kodi and genesis, there is no HOME folder. I can save shows in the library but can’t seem to get to them. I want to have my library handy to get to. when I go to menu the update library is greyed out so I can’t in there either

  3. Hello, I have Kodi running on my Amazon Fire TV stick. It’s the latest version. I use The Beast Wizard which is also updated and my Genisis is up to date. Nothing with play. Not movies or TV shows. I get the Grnisis: No Stream Available error and it acts like it will play, but doesn’t. I have cleared the cash, sources, and even went back to factory default and re-downloaded everything. I’m getting very frustrated. Please, help!

    1. Does it do that for every link in every show? Or just a certain show? What Kodi version and Genesis version are you running? Is your Internet access working ok? If you have any kind of parental control / content restriction at the DNS level, you may have issues… just a random thought that came to me.

      1. Yes, with every link. Newest Kodi and Genesis. I run The Beast wizard. So all parental controls are off. It does say this device has no internet access. But when I go to the network on the AFTV stick it says connected. I guess Kodi could not be connected. How would I check that?

        1. This is my problem too. Did you ever resolve. it? Was working fine on husham wizard but as soon as I downloaded the beast all links stopped working. I’ve checked using genesis on laptop and they still work so it’s not the links and it’s not the internet connection. Any ideas? Love the beast but about ready to try something else.

  4. I been using Genesis all day a was fine except when in tried to watch y pm and jerry with my daughter..the real original ones wouldn’t stream. :( so sad

  5. I have an Android box with Kodi and Genesis install I have a few buffering issues but otherwise everything works great. Here’s the problem, the is one TV show that no matter what episode I select it says “no stream available”. It only happens with this one show. To make this stranger I have a second box in another room also using Android, Kodi and Genesis that plays every episode of this same show just fine. Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening and/or how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I am trying to watch an episode of TV and it keeps acting like it’s going to load but then gives me a no stream available message for all the links. The episode before it and after it work fine, and I have cleared my sources and cache. Any other suggestions

    1. Is it an actual episode that exists? The reason I ask is because I’ve had a couple instances recently where a new episode appears in a TV show, but it was actually some bug in a database somewhere where it has a date from the beginning of the year or a different year, but somehow got put in the wrong season.

  7. Okay so I just recently discovered Kodi. Works on my home WiFi on my Android phone just fine. I went and bought an Amazon Fire Tv box downloaded Kodi and the Beast Wizard. The Genesis add on won’t play anything on my Firetv. Works fine on my phone. So I know it’s not my ISP. I’ve cleared Source and Cache of Genesis. I’ve unistalled and reinstalled the app. Usually it either won’t load at all, or will load 5 to 50 percent before closing out and staying on the menu where you pick what quality video. Does this will all qualities on Firetv. ANY suggestions?????

    1. I’m not too familiar with Beast Wizard, but I’ve heard a number of complaints from people saying that Genesis is not working when using Beast Wizard. Just a thought for you, since I’ve also heard many people saying that their Genesis works fine on their Fire TV.

  8. Hi Nathan, thanks for this site, I am learning a lot. Can you please help me and possibly others with this. In genesis I would stream a show and watch it but then it would kick me out atleast 3 times per show. it does this with all the shows I watch. I have the ouya box and it use to not do this. I also have an amazon fire box and it doesn’t do it on there. what gives. Thanks in advance

  9. I have noticed that genesis is having the same problem on 2 different sticks at 2 different houses. You click on any of the movies and it says working then does nothing. I am not super tech savy, but i can do some. Any ideas? Clearing sources or cache worked.

  10. I have noticed the same as everyone. Genesis used to work fantastic, and now just about every stream fails. Also, most streams for HD no longer appear on the resolver lists. I switched over to 1Channel and Stream all the sources and the stream work great.

    What happened guys???

      1. This is happening on my Android Box and on my Mac OSX 10.11.1

        Kodi is 15.2 on both

        Genesis is 5.1.4 on both.

        I am seeing the same issue on both system. Other addons work as expected, and as Genesis used to.

        I have done all the suggestions and nothing. I cannot believe with all of the same issues posted that there has not been an update since October.


        1. Vern, thanks for sharing your situation. By “no update since October”, do you mean an update to the Genesis plugin? Just so you know, my Kodi and Genesis (on the exact same versions as yours) work fine to this day. So, I don’t think there is any bug in the plugin.

          What other variable could be different? If anybody has been able to fix this, please let us know.

          1. Yes, I mean the plugin for Genesis.

            If you search online about the streaming issues in Genesis, there are many reporting the same things I am. It is not new. Even this site had reported it and tried to fix by removing cache and changing site priority. So the issue is real for many.

            The problem started for me about 5.1.0 of Genesis. I have tried all of the fixes. I am not on VPN. Nothing is being blocked, because the exact same streams work on 1Channel and Salts.

            It’s a weird issue and I bet most would not notice it if they have Auto Play enabled.

            I hope some extra info will help find the issue.

          2. Vern, he’s not actually saying that Genesis is dead. While it’s very hard to hear his voice, it sounds like he’s saying that Genesis is not dead, but showing some alternatives. I think it’s funny how he has the exact same issue of getting bad links in many of the other add-ons that he demonstrates. I don’t think there is any perfect solution, but so far Genesis is still the best one.

            Now, as for those of you out there that seem to have a completely broken Genesis that doesn’t work at all, there must be some other issue. Maybe it’s a conflict with other plugins that you have installed that I don’t have installed. It may be worth a shot to disable other plugins, rebooting Kodi, and then trying again.

  11. I have been having problems with Genesis also. I play a show, for instance Shameless. It plats for about 10 minutes and cuts off and goes completely out of Kodi. It does this at same point of each show I watch. Any suggestions? Cleared cache, purged, and deleted thumbnails to no avail.

    1. I had a very similar problem before. It seems like so many videos were stopping after 2-5 minutes. Honestly, it stopped happening around the time I setup IPVanish, but so it may have been my ISP killing my streaming connection coming from certain servers. Or, it could have been that Genesis updated around that same time. But if you’re still having that issue now on the latest version of Genesis 5.1.4, then maybe it could be an ISP issue.

  12. Hello, I have amazon fire stick and it takes a while for buffering to reach 100% but when I do reach it, I get no sound from Genesis, the audio volume is set to 0.0db, it can only go negative. I have Passthrough enable as well. Other addons i can hear the sound and i can hear Kodi system sounds but not from Genesis. Please help!

    1. What?! That doesn’t make any sense because Genesis doesn’t have any separate audio settings, but uses global Kodi settings. Does it happen with all videos in Genesis? Have you tried disabling Passthrough?

  13. Hi , I have a ATV582 TV box and up to last week I can’t seem to find the source in TV shows (Dizilab) and my second issue is in the movies I can’t view the (latest movies) , can anybody help me ?



  14. @max@maxlagaipa:disqus same issue here on all my KODI installs, to also include lots of other areas like latest episodes, years for movies, genres for movies. Are you having issues with these as well not working? Because it’s happening on all my boxes I would assume its on the Genesis side, but not sure. I have the same issue but have not found any solutions. I noticed it start to happen about 3 days ago.

  15. I just recently acquired a box myself and I’m trying to use genesis….. I have read several websites looking for some assistance with the following error

    “Playback failed

    One or more items failed to play.
    Check the log file for details.


    Any thoughts?

  16. Hello Nathan, I have been using xbmc/kodi paired with the Genesis add on for about the last year and a half now. I’m running the latest versions of kodi and genesis on my Samsung galaxy s5 hooked to my TV through a mini hdmi cord and my internet connection is strong with no throttling or anything of the sort. For the longest time it would stream whatever movie/TV show I would ever want to watch with little to no trouble. As of late, say, the last 2 months, I have noticed a significantly fewer amount of HD sources and/or none whatsoever. Also, I have noticed that some of the sources I considered to be “reliable” (meaning I knew the would work every single time) have seemed to vanish along with the other good sources. Along with that the playback has been hit and miss at best. Lots of sources leading nowhere, sources that go to the play screen and sit at 0% buffering and do nothing more, and sources that will play but sometime in the middle of the show suddenly become choppy and eventually stop completely. I have tried the cache clearing in both Genesis and kodi and that seems to do little to nothing to help. Are all of these issues I’ve been encountering lately likely due to the “deterioration” of the genesis add on? Or is there something within my control (better HTPC maybe?) to better my experience while trying to watch movies and TV shows?

    1. I hear you man. After quite some time fielding comments on this post and doing my own research, I think I have a good understanding of what’s happening.

      Basically, when any method of streaming content like this begins to gain this kind of popularity, the servers that host the videos start to block Kodi users to relieve traffic congestion. It’s not necessarily the problem of Genesis.

      That’s why lambda, the developer of Genesis, stated that his future development efforts will revolve around use of RealDebrid subscriptions, which solves this underlying problem.

      For more details about RealDebrid and the future of Genesis, read this…

  17. Hi. My kodi Genesis won’t play video but we can hear movie starting in background. Shows play on bottom of screen but leaves us with screen links are on and black background. I’ve uninstalled both kodi isengard d and lambda repository. Hell, I’ve even factory reset entire android tv box. Showbox and popcorn time both work as does Netflix. I can figure it out. We were watching fine one weekend the very next weekend kodi was completely gone off android box. So I download added and installed kodi and lambda properly but now notwworking at all. Even tried to go back to Helix and it worked but only gave options for TV shows and movies up to 1970.

    1. Kim, that’s a pretty crazy scenario that unfortunately has me stumped as well. It sounds like something is seriously messed up with Kodi, and I would have thought that some file is sticking around even after uninstalling it, but since you factory reset your Android, then that’s not possible. Do you have other add-ons installed besides Genesis? If so, I would suggest disabling some and restarting Kodi to test it again.

  18. I’m having a strange issue that I can’t resolve. I have two fire sticks on the same ISP and I’m using the same releases of both Genesis and Kodi. I’ve marked all the sources that can be checked, yet one will pull up a show(for example the latest episode of Gold Rush) and the other says no stream available. I tried the clear sources suggestion but it did not work. Thanks for your blog.

      1. On one of the Fire Sticks, Kodi was originally downloaded from the Amazon store, I liked this because I was able to have access to it without going through settings or using Firestarter. I recently updated it through Firestarter and noticed that it no longer shows up on my homescreen.

    1. Hi,

      Did you get this resolved? Am also having the same issue, Pi2 doesn’t find sources, Windows machine does.


  19. Hi Nathan, I’ve just got an android box and it has Kodi and Genesis. But I can only get as far as popular/box office movies. And if I click one it comes up “working” for a few seconds and then does nothing. Please help me!

      1. I’m having the same issue on my MiniX. It just started a couple days ago. I completely reinstalled Kodi and Gensis and it’s still having the same issue. I can go to Box Office, People Watching and Theater but not Most Popular or Feature. I also cannot do any searches???

    1. Is Kodi freezing or Android freezing? If Android, have you tried disabling and uninstalling add-ons? Last resort, I would try deleting or moving your userdata folder.

      If Android if freezing, you should try a factory reset.

  20. Hi,

    Am having the same issue Steven has mentioned 8 days ago. Am using OpenElec on the Pi2 with that latest
    Kodi and Genesis. I also have the latest
    Kodi and Genesis on my Windows machine.
    Both are behind a VPN (Private Internet Access). Each time I search for a movie on the Windows
    machine, it returns several sources and plays.
    The search for the same movie on the Pi2 returns “no genesis steam available”. Have matched the VPN software, removed vpn
    software, tried different VPN connections (France, US, UK, Germany, Sweden etc)
    cleared cache, cleared source. The build
    on the pi2 is a fresh install with only Genesis and You Tube enabled. So no idea why it displays “no genesis stream
    available”? Any help appreciated. Really frustrating considering having Genesis
    on the pi is so much more convenient than connecting a laptop to the TV.

    1. NUDS, unfortunately, I gave away my Raspberry Pi to a friend a while ago, so I can’t test it myself. I know Genesis was working on it at that time, but not sure if an update broke it or something. Does anyone else on here have Raspberry Pi and is Genesis working on yours?

  21. The problem I see with Genesis is the wrong movie plays on every stream. If you go to the movie Daddy’s Home, all streams play the wrong movie. Other movies listed in Playing in Theaters also have streams to the wrong movie that the name isn’t even close to the original movie I want to watch. I knows if I post a home movie on one of these streaming sites and give it the name of a Hollywood movie it will find mine and add it to the streams, Does someone proof the movies to be the legitimate?

  22. I watched an episode, then tried to rewatch the episode 30 minutes later and now it’s saying no stream available when I click on a source.

  23. I have an m8 tv android square one under the box its it says m8 but it says in system setting it says mn8
    my blue lights stays on but not reading firmware

    1. Jukey, I’m not sure how this is relevant to this blog post, but it sounds like you should contact the seller or manufacturer and probably return your defective unit if it is indeed not working.

  24. Hi, I am totally new to this and I understand very little and need as much help as is going!
    A techy friend of mine installed Kodi/Genesis/Phoenix on my Amazon Firestick. My first objective was to watch The Americans S3. I managed to watch the first episode of thirteen and tried to go straight into the second but I couldn’t do it.
    There appeared to be around 100 sources of varying quality but not one of them would stream.
    I’ve since tried Daredevil S1. There are several pages showing the series but I can’t get it to stream.
    Why is this?

      1. I’ve now set my Android tablet and my Firestick up with SALTS and Velocity. A load of other stuff seemed to materialise at the same time as I did a “first time” installation rather than picking one offs.
        I don’t seem to be getting any real performance out of either Velocity or SALTS. I have entered “The Americans” into my search and it comes back with Seasons 0 to 4. If I choose Season 3, it dutifully goes of and finds all of the episodes but when I pick on one, it doesn’t seem to give me any sources to stream from – it just stays blank.
        What’s going on?
        Also, I am looking for some European Tour Golf. I have searched down all of the sports add-ons suggested to me so far some of which are on Phoenix and Castaway but all I can see is the Golf Channel in the USA which has coverage on the USPGA Tour.
        The Sky Sports and BT Sports channels are listed but I’m getting nothing from them.
        Any suggestions?

        1. Brian, I’ve been using SALTS every day and have never seen a case where it just shows up blank like you described. Sometimes I do get the “No streams available” and often I just try a second time and it picks them up, unless of course the show I’m trying to watch hasn’t aired yet, because in that case there are actually no streams.

          1. It seems to work sometimes now but I am having more success with Exodus.
            I manage to get to a list where all the Sky Sports and BT Sport Channels are listed, either through Castaway or Phoenix, (very long winded though). When I click on any of them I get absolutely nothing. Is there a reason for this?
            What I’m actually looking for is some live or even highlighted European Tour Golf.
            Any suggestions where I can find any golf other than on American channels?

  25. None of this answered my problem. I have the Magic Box hooked onto my TV and on WiFi. I open Genesis, select a movie and it will begin loading sources until it gets to 96% and it FREEZES there everytime. I have to actually reboot the Magic Box again just to get control of it.

  26. When I try to watch episodes of shameless on my Amazon firestick, the links work but ALWAYS play some Russian movie. Please advise. Thanks!

  27. Hi there, our genesis was working great and now all of a sudden nothing works or loads unless you search directly for a title. Help! We’ve deleted all caches but nothing seems to fix it

  28. Hi I have the kodi genesis box which has been working great until the last two days. All of a sudden say if I click feature for movies I get nothing where as before a whole bunch of movies came up.Also if I go on people to find a movie I click on that person and nothing happens.Not just with one with all of the people. It’s frustrating what can I do to fix this.

      1. Hi Janea, ok so my Genesis still isn’t working 100% .But what I did find was Exodus.Its from the same maker as Genesis. it’s pretty much the same as Genesis. ANYWAY I downloaded the add on and I have everything back I’m so happy.What I did was go into youtube and type in how to install Exodus on Kodi.The one I got gives you step by step instructions. IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU! It may go fast but you can rewind or pause while your catching up.But just sit in front of tv and follow along with instructions.let me know how u do ok.

        1. Julie, that’s great that you found that Exodus works better. I’ve found the same thing and have a link to my “Exodus Installation Guide” on this post. You obviously didn’t notice it. Should I move it to make it more prominent for others?

          1. Hi Nathan sorry I missed your post about Exodus . I’ve really been learning lots from this.But yes I’m really happy with Exodus it’s just like Genesis I have all my old features back and I installed it all by myself lol.Yep maybe make yours more visible for others.

  29. My Genesis doesn’t work at all. Whenever I click on Movies or Tv shows nothing happens. It from working perfectly to not working at all. Nothing loads on Genesis anymore! Please help me fix this!!!!!

    1. Hi Janea, yeah very frustrating for sure! If I find a fix I will let u know.I can’t even use search or people search grrrh! Anyway meanwhile I have been using Ice film which I’m finding not too bad.It doesn’t have people search but I’m liking it so far . Just click on it and install it, it’s really easy.Let me know how u like it.

  30. I am giving Exodus a try because I can’t search for movies anymore from Genesis (that was my favourite). So it says I successfully installed Exodus and I can search for a show. For instance The Big Bang Theory. But how do I make it a “favourite” (genesis way) or add it to “my lists” (exodus way)? All I get is the option to view movie information or the trailer etc. I don’t want to have to search The Big Bang Theory every time I want to watch an episode. Lil help please??

  31. hi af been using genesis for a while now not had really no problems but yesterday most of the features stopped working i try to chick on most popular tv shows and moves but it wouldn’t work it kept coming up saying working but wouldn’t so i deleted kodi and download it a gen but when i click on kodi it come up saying a bout the new genesis so i download it but am have the same problems the only feature that will work is were it sees people watching nex to most popular i really have no clue to whats up with it if u can help thanks

  32. hi af been using genesis for a while now not had really no problems but yesterday most of the features stopped working i try to chick on most popular tv shows and moves but it wouldn’t work it kept coming up saying working but wouldn’t so i deleted kodi and download it a gen but when i click on kodi it come up saying a bout the new genesis so i download it but am have the same problems the only feature that will work is were it sees people watching nex to most popular i really have no clue to whats up with it if u can help thanks

  33. I’m having issues with Genesis when I click on (genres, search movies, year most popular etc) NONE of them will load or move. It stays on the same menu screen. I tried the uninstall/install thing, and it’s still not working. Any advice or tips?

        1. How do you download exodus I never had a problem with genisis until I got a new phone and downloaded it on my new phone

  34. i have a question and acually need help i have kodi the beast installed on my pc i run windows 7 my issue is i can load a movie/ show but as soon as the show/movie buffers i get sounds but no picture when i escape to the main menu page … the show/movie is playing in the back ground does anyone know how or where i fix this thanks in advance :)

    1. Escape does not stop the video. Use S to stop. Or, if you need to get back to the video, press Tab. Also, try Exodus or SALTS instead of Genesis to avoid some of those playback issues.

  35. I downloaded genisis fine when I click on movies and to click on links on next page. for example when I click on years n click 2015 or any year nothing pops up like it suppose to I can’t watch no movies but I have no problem with TV show link

  36. I need help with my android box I had Genesis, 1channel, 9 movies,123movies and about 6 more under movies and I did a update under tools called superbox update and now I don’t have any options when I click on movies it opens up and gives me the choice to pick either year or new release or genres or most popular and so on but I don’t get to chose what app I want to watch a movie on anymore can u help me fix this please and thank you .

      1. No I don’t have a video menu . And I’m not sure what you mean by trying a new skin . I have no clue how to do anything on the box I bought it all programed and ready to go.

        1. Under System/Settings > Appearance, you will find the skin you are using and you can change it or get new ones. Confluence is the default, but I like Aeon Nox.

          If you have a Videos menu, then you should see Video Add-ons under that.

          1. I have a couple more questions for u if you don’t mind . 1st one is in can’t find my Genesis anywhere to use it as a skin but I see it in movies addons. 2nd question is how can I get dna TV GUIDE to work it says superbox authorization failed what can I do to make it work . And also I really appreciate your help thanks a lot .

            Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

            ——– Original message ——–

  37. Hello,

    Thank you for all those wonderful tips.
    I am facing an issue with kodi amazon fire stick.each time i go into stays in their for 10 seconds and kicks me out to amazon home page.i have the following things 1)clear cache 2) restart amzon fire stick 3)plug out an plug in the device… nothing seem to work.

    Please help me.appreciate your help in advance :)

  38. How do I clear the cache? Every 5 minutes the stream pauses and says cache is full so it won’t load anymore. Help!!

  39. Hi hoping you might help, I have mxq box with kodi installed and exodus /salts, suddenly from the start menu
    Every time I click to go into kodi. It keeps stopping and returning to the home menu on my box
    Hope u might help thank you

    1. Sarah, that could be anything. I would recommend trying to uninstall and reinstall it, or if you don’t want to lose stuff, you can try renaming your userdata folder which would cause Kodi to open with all the default settings.

  40. I am struggling steaming anything, always comes up as 0 sources ang ideas what I’m doing wrong

  41. My exodus was working perfectly till today when I click on a number of links when trying to watch a film, it takes an age to load up, then the “working” icon comes up and it does not start.

    Any suggestions.


  42. Hi! I’m not tech savvy at all and came across your blog trying to google search myself to a solution. I was recently given a fire stick that is ‘unlocked’ so I am able to stream things through my tv in Australia where I relocated. I plug it in, conduct to wifi. Go to kodi->videos->exodus. I try to search and watch a movie, it says ‘no stream available’ or even and I go to the latest movies categories, it doesn’t even open and says the same thing. Any chance you can help? Thanks!

  43. My firestick works some time but on exodus when I choose a movie or tv show instead of links it go straight into it an most of time it won’t play

    1. You probably have auto-play turned on which is a nice feature if you use Real-Debrid and the first link usually works fine. Otherwise, you can either disable that feature in the Exodus settings, or you can just open the context menu on the episode or movie and select “Play using…” to get the page of links to choose from.

  44. I have a question. Probably about a week ago my exodus does this weird thing where my tv shows work but when I got to movies the only ones that pop up are movies that I have streamed before. And even the search doesn’t work. I downloaded spectro or whatever thinking it was exodus but it seems like all three addons are linked (G/E/S) they all do the same thing. Just wanted to know if it happened to Anyone else.

    1. Greg, I haven’t seen that issue before. Are you saying that all 3 addons (Genesis, Exodus, and Spectro) all had the same issue at the same time? Well, Genesis and Exodus were written by the same developer, and Spectro is a fork from Genesis. So, it makes sense that they are all similar and probably depending on some of the same external resources. Maybe their source for movie data (moviedb) was down temporarily. Has it come back up yet for you?

  45. I have followed this and Exodus is “incompatible” WTF is that all about? Can anyone please help me on this?

    1. What version of Kodi are you running? What kind of box is it running on?

      I found someone else that was having the same issue, but then reported “Well weirdly, and despite the incompatible message, I randomly tried the Auto Installer and suddenly it works perfectly.” The Auto Installer is the add-on installer that is available from the repository.

      1. Yes, I found this and did the same and all is well now. Thank-you. Still wished Genises was running. I don’t like the lists and collections thing on Trakt.

        1. Great! I’m glad it’s working now for you. Really, you don’t like the lists and collections in Trakt? That’s my favorite part about Exodus… the fact that I can have one single list and sync watched status and progress across different add-ons like SALTS.

  46. I use Exodus and it has some movie titles for movies that haven’t come out yet, am I suppose to be able to watch these? If not why are the titles on here before a stream is available.

    1. The titles are on there because the titles have been added to the Movie DB that Exodus uses. It will show up even if there are no links to it. As soon as the movie opens, you may start seeing some camcorder versions of the movie, and usually you’ll to wait a while (like after it’s out on DVD) before you find some higher quality links.

  47. If I’m searching through movies to watch I click the one I want it says working but it doesn’t play the movie can someone help please!!

  48. Help me please Nathan. I just got an Mxq pro yesterday from China and i plug it up to my tv. First everything seemed okay remote worked fine i just couldn’t play any video from anywhere. Exodus Genesis sports devil you name it after i click on a link they all just say working on the bottom right corner then nothing happens. I left it for a few hours came back and now the remote wouldn’t communicate with the box i tried turning both off and on no luck like the blue light was stuck on no red then after about 30 mins it worked again but i still couldn’t load any video after clicking on the links.. i also can’t download anything from play store because its “incompatible with my device” new to this so any help would be appreciated. I’m running Android 5.1 which i believe its up-to-date

  49. Hi Nathan, need your help….. for 2 days now I can’t load any films, I click on the film I want to watch.. it searches for all sources, I then click on a high or medium.. but it keeps saying source results failed…

  50. I have a amazon firestick I use exodus and i click on movie I want to see and it tells me no stream available but if I click on another it works can u help explain why please

    1. I can’t explain it better than I did in this blog post. Exodus is just a collector of streaming link, and it’s up to the servers who are actually hosting those link to stay up and serve the stream. There will always be some bad links. Real-Debrid drastically improves the experience giving almost flawless links.

  51. Hey Nathan all of a sudden my kodi is not working.I click on it , goes straight to the bar video. I Try to add on.It goes to a big list of stuff.But I’m going around in circles.I can’t get to Exodus.

  52. im in desperate need here my man. i have a paid Real Debrid acct, using a vpn, on a nVidia Shield TV. i’ve updated exodus on kodi Jarvis but i can’t get a single link to play. it’s been 3 days of trying to play the most popular things just trying to get a hit but it just autoplays thru every RealDebrid link but never catches. i’ve been unable to play anything and have scoured thru forums & faq’s and feeling pretty hopeless right now. please help!

    1. Woah, sounds rough. It seems like you’re trying all the right things. I can tell you have Real-Debrid setup properly if they are showing up as sources. Have you double-checked your internet access to the device? Have you tried disabling VPN to see if that’s causing a problem? If no luck after that, I would suggest you uninstall and reinstall Exodus and setup Real Debrid authorization again. OR, have you tried a different add-on like SALTS to see if the issue is with just Exodus?

      1. Apparently RD is pretty strict about the IP’s you sign in from, somewhat understandable since they don’t want people sharing accounts but you’d think they would post something about it somewhere, especially if they’re going to be really strict. I wasn’t even able to watch links while using the IP i signed up with, because of a “blockage due to recognition of a dedicated server”. However, I couldn’t just turn off the vpn because, for whatever reason, my unmasked ip was not on their whitelist either. Luckily I stumbled upon a few posts in a random forum that mentioned some ip issues that RD support was able to fix. RD support originally said it wasn’t anything on their end but once I pressed the IP angle they changed their tune a bit. Theyve asked for proof of vpn service and an ip range, now im just waiting to hear back. I appreciate you responding though, as it was a very frustrating couple of days, especially since RD at first claimed it was nothing on their end. Hopefully this post can help someone who is as lost as i was

  53. I use exudos and recently we have been having issues with streams pulling up. matricom gbox. When i go to tv show and click on the episode we want to watch it will search for streams and not get any and we have to do this 3 to 4 times before they will show up.. is there a reason why.. we asked others and they do not have this issue. could it be our internet since we live in the country and our provider if off of a tower.. we have a satelite dish on our roof. thanks .. we have not had a problem in over a year though

    1. I haven’t seen that either. Have you noticed Internet connectivity issues with anything else? I suggest you try increasing your “Providers Timeout” setting in the Exodus settings. It’s possible that your slow Internet connection is making so that searching providers times out to early before the providers have a chance to respond.

  54. Hi,
    I’ve had Kodi for 3 months, it was working fine. And two days ago it just randomly wouldn’t stream ANYTHING on any ADDON.
    So i tried all the things that everyone recommened but nothing worked.
    My KODI fresh started itself and I now have no idea what to do.!

    1. Katheryn, I’ve heard similar reports, but have not heard of any solution from those who have had this issue. I would love to have the answer so I can update this post to help other people who are having this issue. Could you answer these questions?
      – Have you verified that your Internet connectivity works fine from the device running Kodi?
      – Are you using a VPN? If so, try toggling it to make sure that’s not causing the issue.
      – Are you using Real-Debrid?
      – Which add-ons are you trying to stream from? Have you tried Exodus?
      – Have you started Kodi or rebooted the deivce?

      1. Hi,
        I have verified the connection and it’s fine.
        VPN is also fine.
        None of the add-ons stream (exodus, SALTS, 1Channel etc)
        I’ve started Kodi, rebooted, fresh started NOTHING WORKS.
        Yes, Real Debrid is in use.

  55. Hi, im new to Kodi & streaming in general. Just purchaed 2 of the

    T95Z PLUS Android TV Box Amlogic S912 Qcta-Core CPU 2.4G/5G from Amazon, thinking it was better than the cheaper firestick. I have the latest greatest add-ons, Exodus, Ororo, Specto etc. and all my movies, tv shows are not smooth, like they miss frames, some worse than others, but all not watchable to me. Is it the android box its self, software issue, or is choppy video just a unavoidable issue that comes with all streaming devices using kodi? PS. i use harwired, 60 meg cable net.

      1. Thanks..i have tried
        that and a few other settings,,but i think i fixed my problem..I
        unhooked the nasty lil expensive tv box from Amazon and merely DL kodi
        to my Sony KDL75w850 tv, and it runs so much smoother…if i had only
        knew,, After looking around for more android based tv’s, it seems the
        manufacturers have went away from android in a hurry…wonder why.

  56. I try to watch TV on Exodus but no matter which episode I choose it always plays the first episode in the series.

    1. I heard one other person talking about that same issue. I haven’t seen it before. Exodus is still working for me perfectly every day. Try clearing the cache in the Exodus settings or uninstalling and reinstalling it.

  57. iv been watching bad girls on my kodi i only got it for xmas and the first episode keeps repeating all down season one

  58. On any movie I try to watch I either get the Minions or Something else. Can anybody help me please. I am running Kodi 17 with Exodus. Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Really? I’ve never seen that kind of issue. I happens consistently? Even when you check multiple links? Are you subscribed to Real-Debrid and have that authorized in Exodus?

  59. I need help, for some reason whenever I watch a movie on kodi it’s like watching an old Chinese move the words or not lined up with the mouth has anyone else experienced this problem.

    1. Is this happening frequently? Are you using Exodus or a different add-on? Check to make sure you have hardware acceleration turned on in the Kodi settings. I’ve seen that cause issues like you’re describing when it’s turned off.

      1. Yes Hardware acceleration libstagefright and MediaCodec was off I’ve just switched them on and I will give it a try. I really appreciate it thanks.

  60. have had my kodi for about 6 months and has not worked for about 4.5 months of it. Was watching a show and it just shut off. Got a black screen that has vstream tv on it. The remote will not shut the box off and everything I have tried does not work. Really getting tired of screwing with it.

    1. Sounds like you bought a pre-loaded Kodi box, huh? You may have to reach out to them or on their forum (if they have one). Is that blank screen with a logo the boot screen or is it just a screen saver?

      1. so is there any way to get rid of it? kind of reset it to factory settings. I cannot get the remote to work of the mouse to navigate to anything in kodi. I have pulled the plug trying to reset but it keeps going back to the black screen with vstream tv on it. Is there a factory reset button on this vstream tv2 box?

  61. Can you help me. So I been having problems with my kodi. Everytime I go into exodus or any app it will load until you see the name of the movies and then when I click on it, it will load to 50% and say no stream available. Now I have kodi everywhere else in my house and the streams work fine but not on my firestick. I have deleted and redownloaded so many times and tried to install new version and older ones and still nothing. Can you please help me

    1. Every add-on has this issue on that device? Interesting. One thing to try is to rename your userdata folder. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t always clear all your installed add-ons… At least I know it does that on Windows, but I’m not sure if Android (Fire OS) might do the same thing.

      Some other questions…
      Are you using Real-Debrid? If so, are you subscribed to Premium?
      Are you using a VPN? Have you tried disconnecting it?

  62. I have 3 amazon fire sticks in use, 2 we bought jailbroken, 1 we bought from Amazon. We use Kodi, exodus and SALTS. Even though Xfinity tells us our speed is fine I really think its the problem. My daughter uses a jail broken firestick (purchased from same place) hers works fine (also xfinity user) I borrowed hers to test at my house and the same think happened, it takes forever to open a streamed tv show, then 80% of the time it will say No stream source found. I am ready to just go back to paying out of the wazoo for cable or satellite. Sorry to be so long winded. My question is this: Is there a way to make sure it is the xfinity that is the problem? I loaded the one firestick that we bought from Amazon, following your instructions with add-ons. (Which by the way thank you!)
    It works the same way. Maybe I am answering my on question, The reason I bought the jailbroken firesticks was because I am not tech savy. Thoughts?

    1. Based on the info you gave, it’s pointing to your Internet access as being the problem, since your daughter’s FireStick runs fine at her house, but has issues at your house.

      If you run a speed test using the same speed test tool between your house and your daughter’s house, are you getting different speeds? Are you paying for the same speeds?

      If you’re paying for the same speed, but you’re not getting as much as she is getting, there may be a networking issue in your house. It could be your modem, your router (if separate from your modem), your wifi (if separate from your router). Try speed tests at your house between wired and wireless connections (preferably from the same computer).

      You might need to upgrade your modem/router/wifi. See the update at the very bottom of this post for the hardware that I got that solve all my internet issues…

  63. Please help! I have an A96z box and it was working fine until now. Now when I go to the home page and click on Kodi it shows a blank screen on my tv. What should I do to fix this problem?

      1. Got it back going. I unplugged the power and waited a few minutes and plugged it back in and it started working again.

  64. So I just bought a new android box for my fiancées aunt and uncle, the box works fine until I get to exodus or showbox or any movie add on. The links all work normally but about 1-5 minutes in the movie cuts out and goes back to the link selection screen. You then have to click a link again and hit resume which works but it just keeps cutting out every 1-5 mins which gets aggravating when trying to watch a whole video. Any suggestions!? Also not very tech savvy so I need someone to explain it simply. All I know is kodi is running version 17 and the box is a 6.0

    1. It sounds like maybe the device is having an issue with the cache or something. If it’s doing this across multiple add-ons, then you couldn’t blame it on any add-on. Have you contacted the manufacturer of the Android box or hit up their forums (if they have them)?

      1. I’m having the exact same problem!! I’ve tried every add-on, multiple sources, everything and nothing works!! I’m running Kodi on Windows. I thought it was my version of Kodi, so I updated it, I also updated my urlresolver and have cleared cache. Please help.

        1. Is your URL resolver connected to Real-Debrid? Make sure your subscription hasn’t expired because then the Real-Debrid links will stop working. If that’s not it, there might be something blocking the links. Check your router to make sure it doesn’t have some kind of blocking feature. By “nothing works”, I assume you mean you’re getting “No stream available”? If not, then what’s happening?

  65. Hi…I have a problem now with Kodi. When I click on for a movie /show it begins the process but freezes up and stops every time. Any ideas?

    1. Have you gone through the troubleshooting steps? Is Kodi on the latest version? Which add-on are you using? Is it updated to the latest version? What do you mean by “freezes up and stops”? Does it say “No stream available” or something else? Are you able to get to the sources, or does it stop before that?

  66. I have a MXQ Pro Box and I do have to change my settings a lot, certainly when watching live sport. Sometimes picture is amazing for 30secs then it starts to get worse to then appalling picture. I have updated to Kodi 17.1 and set up the Pulse build which has helped a bit. I have turned off Accelators and Refresh Rate/ Sync Playback etc but this is hit and miss whether it works or not. I have 30-35 MBPS as well so I thought my reception would be fine. Any tips you may have to help me??

    1. Describe what you mean by “appalling picture.” Does it get pixelated, blurry, delayed, choppy? The only issue that I think would ever be caused by your video settings is delayed or choppy. I’ve had one experience where the video would lag horribly and get way out of sync from the audio. In that case, I simply turned ON the hardware acceleration setting and it was perfect after that.

      1. Hi,The quality of the picture isnt too bad but i get a constant juddering on anything i watch live, Mivies are fine. I have changed many settings but this makws very little difference. I have been thinking tho if it could be a tv issue. I have a UHD 4k tv and was wondering if i need to change my settings for this or chamge the basic hdmi leads that came with the android box?? Thank youKarl

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        “Describe what you mean by “appalling picture.” Does it get pixelated, blurry, delayed, choppy? The only issue that I think would ever be caused by your video settings is delayed or choppy. I’ve had one experience where the video would lag horribly and get way out of sync from the audio. In that case, I simply turned ON the hardware acceleration setting and it was perfect after that.”


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        Nathan Kinkead

        Describe what you mean by “appalling picture.” Does it get pixelated, blurry, delayed, choppy? The only issue that I think would ever be caused by your video settings is delayed or choppy. I’ve had one experience where the video would lag horribly and get way out of sync from the audio. In that case, I simply turned ON the hardware acceleration setting and it was perfect after that.

        11:43 p.m., Friday May 5


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        1. Karl, is the Android device outputting 4K resolution? Check the Android display settings. If that’s the case, it might be having a hard time with that, and I would try downgrading the display output setting to 1080p and see if that helps.

  67. Following a power outage, I am experiencing Chinese and English displays and scene subtitles that I am unable to clear, even after adjusting in settings for the movie. What to do??

  68. Hi I have fire stick with kodi 17.1, over last few days have found all live TV streaming stops around 3 mins! What can I do to stop this?

  69. Hi,
    Thx for your possible fixes. My problem however has not been solved yet sadly. And i’ve not found any thread or forum that has similar problem as mine. I use kodi 17.1, the latest exodus, zen and salts. My problem is that after startup the first chosen episode or movie will play fine, however if i stop playing somewhere mid movie or episode and want to stream something else, its searches for links, finds some but then nothing plays. This happens on all addons with streaming. Local plays work fine. I’ve tried reinstalling apps, resolver update, even reinstalled kodi to no avail. Any ideas?

    1. Oh, that sounds very strange. Is this issue repeatable, meaning if you restart Kodi, then you’re good to watch one movie or episode, and then nothing works after that?

      1. Yes, indeed, after restart it works fine for one episode or movie again. A kodi restart is enough, doesn’t have to be a complete restart of the system.

        1. That seems so strange. I haven’t heard of that issue before.

          Does it happen even if you stop playing a show and then play the exact same episode, exact same source link?

          I’ve had issue similar, but not quite like that, when one show doesn’t seem to play any episodes except for a few. I noticed that the episodes that didn’t work only consisted of links from the same server. It turned out that that server was just down or bad.

          So, when you play episodes and you repeatedly notice links from the same server that are unable to play, then go into the add-on settings (like in Exodus) and uncheck the provider that’s not working.

          1. it still persists sadly. I use premium real-debrid, and it seems that somehow this might be the culprit. Because after playing the first time these links do still come up, but won’t play. If i chose a non debrid link, the files play again. I’ve reauthorised the account multiple times and cleared cache and sources setting in exodus. But still it persists. It’s really strange, because on another rig in my house (with exaclty the same settings and operating system) everything works fine…

          2. I went above and beyond, did a full fresh win10 and kodi reinstall. But still it persists.. Arghhh. Driving me mad…

          3. Wow… So if everything was wiped and started over, what else could it be? The hardware of the device? Something you set for that one when you set it back up? If it works fine on your other device, what are the differences between devices and their setups?

          4. The working one is a intel NUC with i3, and the one not working is the latest NUC i7 (new 7th gen). Setup exactly the same. Same windows, settings etc. On difference is a third party antivirus on the working one. I’ll try that on the not working one. Else they’re exactly the same…. One thing i haven’t tried yet is hooking it up at the network connection where my working one is connected. There are some switches used. So i’m grasping at straws here, can’t think of any thing else…

          5. That’s a good idea. Eliminate as many variables as possible. So, using the network connection from the one that’s working is good plan.

  70. hi im trying to watch different cooking shows and they don’t play all the way through. what can i do?

    1. Courtney, I assume you went through this post for the troubleshooting tips. Have you looked into each one? If you’re doing everything I recommend, I would just also say that sometimes certain links from certain providers just don’t work continuously. Every once in a while I have a stream that stops, and I just stop and pick another source link, resuming from where I left off.

  71. Hi, I’ve got an MXQ Pro 4k and have can’t find any sources other that Cinemabox, which hardly ever finds a stream anyway. Both for movies and TV shows. I’ve tried it through Specto and exodus and nothing. I’ve updated, re-installed etc. Constantly getting No Stream Available. It’s driving me crazy! I’m running it through GriffBuilds latest version. I’m in Australia but I haven’t had any problems with it until recently. Any tips anyone?

  72. Hi, I’ve got an MXQ Pro 4k and have can’t find any sources other that Cinemabox, which hardly ever finds a stream anyway. Both for movies and TV shows. I’ve tried it through Specto and exodus and nothing. I’ve updated, re-installed etc. Constantly getting No Stream Available. It’s driving me crazy! I’m running it through GriffBuilds latest version. I’m in Australia but I haven’t had any problems with it until recently. Any tips anyone?

  73. Need help with krypton 17.1. I just purchased a imxq and it will not let me install fusion. It keeps say no server connection. I checked my internet and the. Address also everything is fine. What else could it be. I really need my exodus. Oh i also did the time and date. Could it be their web site?

  74. We use Exodous and today it decided that it would just not search…I attempted to search for a movie by regular search plug in, and the circle went around twice and just went away. Nothing happened. Back to the search method screen. After a few attempts, I tried the “people search” with no avail.
    My boyfriend decided to just go look through 100 tabs by “year” to find my movie, which was super sweet…but total bullshit. We’ve reset the firestick and tried a bunch of tips above :( halp!

  75. Hi, I’m having problems with the “no stream available” stuff. I have a show… “90 Day Fiance; Happily Ever After?” that I’ve been trying to watch for weeks now (on Exodus) and no matter what episode or season I try to watch, there is no stream available. Earlier today I completely restarted my fire stick and downloaded Kodi 17.3. I read your advice above and cleared the cache too but it still won’t work. Do you have any other advice?

  76. I had a question why is it when you have finish an episode on kodi exodus and you accidentally play it again it resumes like halfway or something even though you finish the whole episode

        1. My boyfriend and me were watching a show and we had finish it and we accidently put the same stream and it said resume which I think it’s weird since we finish the showb

          1. I know we had accidently press that stream and that’s what it said I was just wondering

          2. The only thing I can think of is that Kodi is scrobbling your progress occasionally, and the last time it did it, it was in the middle of the episode. Maybe it just didn’t get a chance yet to tell Trakt that you finished the episode, so it just loaded the last known progress point.

  77. Help, please!! So, recently our Kodi had stopped working. In the main section, we would click on the different selections (genre, year, people watching, in theaters, etc) and nothing would happen. We did a search and found out that some things had been shut down so we started troubleshooting. We are pretty computer illiterate so once we went in and started poking around, we realized that we completely restored the entire box to factory settings. Now, there are no add-ons at all. We have a Thunderbox. We have no idea where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

  78. Thanks for all of the info! Every time i pick a link it says “error, check the log for more info,” so I updated it and now it’s getting worse. It just loads the whole time when I try to go to any add on. What should I do?

    1. Savannah, can you provide some more details? Which add-on are you using? What version of the add-on are you running? Have you checked the error log? What does it say right after it gives you that message?

  79. Thanks for the information. I have the new generation fire stick about 2 weeks old. I have installed Terrarrum which works very well indeed, I have installed, and re-installed, kodi but every build I put on there does not work. The build is fine but none of the links work or go anywhere. I have very good download speed proved by terrarium working and indeed everything else works fine. So do you have any ideas please. Very frustrating.

    1. I can’t really speak to builds since I prefer not to use them. Have you tried installing Kodi by itself and then installing one add-on (like Exodus) by yourself using the Smash repo? Also, have you followed through the troubleshooting steps on this post, like signing up for Real-Debrid?

  80. I have a jail broken Stick and now all I see on my screen is an Amazon registration tab…why don’t I see the screen with all the choices anymore?? Do I need an Amazon account now?

  81. I have an issue with my kodi box I can watch no problem on ad but when I try on hd it buffers often I have over 20mb download and am connected by to link I have a arnu box mach 10

    1. Are you using Real-Debrid? That will give you the best chance of good bandwidth on the server end. Also, make sure to do a speed test to make sure you’re getting the whole 20mbps.

  82. As of a month ago watching TV shows on Exodus via firestick no longer works however I can access movies. Tried downloading Specto and convenant (colossus repo), I’m experiencing the same problem. Tried upgrading from Kodi 16.1 to 17.3, same problem. Every time I try to access to shows, I get this symbol ..
    Upload speed ranges from 22-36 Mbps. Any suggestions?

      1. Yes both add-ons do the same thing, it’s driving me nuts. Exodus TV shows was working fine until about a month ago. I’ll give the Smash repo a try sometime this week.

      2. Tried smash repo having problems downloading Exodus. However I tried accessing tv shows from the other add-ons, same issue. Could it be the firestick, IP? The only add-on that seems to work is the
        Convenant add-on using the Colussus repo, movies only!

        1. I found out that the Smash repo had changed from when I last used it to install Exodus. Apparently, it’s not as easy anymore. Which version of Exodus are you running now?

          1. I ended up having to uninstall then reinstall kodi. It appears Kodi on the firestick goes on the fritz sometimes when upgrading from 16.1 to 17.3, plus if your attempting to it with a build (The Beast). All good now with tv shows.

  83. I am trying to watch some new tv shows on Kodi/Specto and it keeps playing Gordon Ramsey’s the f word. It’s not even the same network. Help Thanks

  84. Before all the kodi shutting down hoopla, movies would start and you could pause it and it would keep loading. This way it would help with the buffering. Lately it seems like nothing loads while paused anymore. Is that a setting somewhere? Any help is appreciated

  85. I’m noticing in a lot of addons (not covenant but most others) that the linsting functions work but once you select a show the actual list of episodes and/or sources is always empty. Seems to be working for others. I’m seeing this in flixanity, 123movies, others. Any ideas?

  86. I suppose it depends on if you have the right repo and deactivated the old repos in order to get the latest updates. Also, I feel like there’s becoming more and more of a reliance on Real-Debrid to get links. Less and less of the servers are willing to open up their streams for free to the public.

  87. Hello. Thanks for the tips. I’m uk based and done the check list. I have a vpn up and running and still no joy with my streams playing. I can choose the program select the link and press play to watch and nothing. This is the same on both my android boxes and laptop. Thanks

    1. Nigel,

      Thanks for letting me know you went through all the troubleshooting steps. So, when you select a source link to play, does it open the video player or does it just sit there at the list screen?

  88. I’m new to this. Just got a firestick installed newest version of kodi but have exodus. Tried to install covenant but it never works. When I tried to disable I didn’t have anything to disable. Help?? Mine will work with exodus but it’s stops frequently and won’t load sometimes. Also get an authorization required error as well

  89. I am using Kodi on a firestick, all working well, downloaded IPVanish and have that connected, but when I go to watch a film normal thing comes up saying I need to pair – I downloaded browser onto my firestick so that it will be using the correct IP Address but when i click pair it says it has, when I go back to watch the film the same thing comes up telling me to pair.
    Any help greatly appreciated (:

    1. You can actually just use your phone to do the pairing. It’s looking at your house’s IP address, so you can use any device. You don’t have to use the Downloader browser on the Fire Stick. Anyway, not sure why even that wouldn’t work. You might want to sign up for Real-Debrid so you always get good streams without having to worry about pairing with sites like that.

  90. Hi, Just needing some tech advice. I have added covenant to my kodi. But I am unable to open movies, new movies and in theaters anymore. I have to search for it or use genere section. It was working before but I can’t figure out why this is happening. If anyone can answer the question or some steps in to fix it. Thanks.

    1. I just tried New Movies and In Theaters, and both of them worked, but one did take a while to load (like 15 seconds or so). Maybe when you were trying, the server was overloaded at that time. Does it work if you try again?

      1. Hi Nathan, I couldn’t get anything to work. So i u authorized my account then I reauthorised my account and linked it debrit. Seems fine now. Thanks

  91. The issue im having is this. When I load Kodi, I no longer have a list of movies or tv programs to view. How do i resolve this issue? If anyone has a solution that don’t require a bunch of technical work, (cus i’m not tech savvy) please reach me at my email. Im desperate here.

    1. This is a pretty open-ended an vague question. I don’t have any details about your setup, but I’m kind of guessing that you’re using a build that someone setup for you, and the main menu shortcuts aren’t working anymore. You can usually manage your main menu shortcuts by going to Settings > Interface > Skin settings.

    1. Throwing you out? Like the app crashes? If that happens so bad that you can’t get in, then you should probably clear all the app data (if Android) or rename;delete your userdata folder (if Windows).

  92. I have 17.5 kodi and still having no stream available with Covenant. Did everything as showed above…appreciate some help

      1. I don’t use real debrid. No stream on movies and tv shows with covenant. Latest season, what i didn’t watch yet, are in Red and i can’t even click on.
        I tried other add on and i could watch a movie.

        1. The red colored episodes are future episodes that haven’t aired yet. Covenant shows them so you know what’s coming up. As for the rest, you should have some links that works for each show (if it’s something fairly popular). If you have auto-play turned on, press the menu (or “c”) and select “Play using…” to get the list of links to go through to find one that works.

      1. What I meant is that some of the servers are not working like putlocker,streamago etc won’t work any more wen it’s about to start playing it stops

  93. I tried updating my Kodi box but instead of clicking family build I clicked kids build, I went back and family build weren’t there just artic build so I updated that instead and now nothing works

  94. Please help my kodi box was working fine now theres nothing at all blue light is on but no homescreen, ive tried different hdmi cables and had no luck

  95. I was noticing that for the last couple of weeks, but then it completely stopped showing Real-Debrid links. After I reauthorized it, I started getting lots of results. Like the last one I just played had over 700 results.

  96. I just installed KODI on a raspberry pi. It is showing me a screen that says “Your library is currently empty.” When I try to install an add-on it says “Couldn’t retrieve directory information.” What am I doing wrong?

    1. Library being empty is normal because addons don’t typically have library integration unless you set it up. But it’s not needed. Couldn’t retrieve directory information means either the server is down or you had a typo in the URL.

  97. I’m having a problem in all my Kodi addons. I have a VPN and RealDebrid, but when I click on one of the links listed, it looks like it’s going to play but then the gear icon just disappears and the video never plays. I can go through the whole list and not one will play. On the rare occasion that one starts, it looks like it’s buffering but doesn’t. The numbers in the circle go up to 100, but I can see on the bar above the play/pause/stop buttons that it hasn’t buffered at all. What on earth could be causing these problems and how can I fix it? Thank you!

  98. I need some help please
    I am using Kodi 17.6 and I am having trouble to get movies to play it does not matter what add-on I use.

  99. i AM NEW TO kODI, I know nothing about it. It was working well, I must have clicked something by mistake. now when I click on the home button it doesn’t
    go to the regular menu but rather a little thing pops up saying “no apps”, how do I get it to work again?

  100. Hello call me Joe I installed Kodi 17.6 to my Amazon Fire Stick and it will not connect to the internet. My Fire Stick will connect but the Kodi App for me to Elysium will not connect. I’m 60 years and not real computer smart so HELP.

  101. 1. Watched episodes disappearing has been a very active topic in the forums. Check it out here
    2. Most of those are not malware, but I suppose they’re blurring the line when they force you to watch crude videos. Anyway, I recommend signing up for Real-Debrid so you never have to worry about pairing websites again.

  102. desktop kodi works fine – i also have it on wifes laptop – this also works but now have no sound at all – apologies wife didnt tell me that she had let grandkids play on computer – problem solved

  103. So how much uptake does keeping a fresh kodi build that will still work on hand, redoing it ever couple of days? And whats with Real-Debris? What is it – and why does there site not send sign up info nor “forgotten passwords” – not in spam nothing.

    How much do you pay for this Real Debris? Why isnt anything liike that needed for say PLEX?

    I dunno if Real Debris is still around/what they are/why the sites messed up. Is it down/other options? Or maybe a break down on how Real Debris works [I dont see how a third party company can do much about your ISP’s speeds…]

    1. Shawn,

      Thanks for all the questions. Let me try to answer all of them.

      The time it takes me to setup a fresh install of Kodi with everything I outlined here is about 10-15 minutes depending on if I have a keyboard.

      The maintenance to keep it running all depends on servers and developers behind the add-on that you choose. Granted, there have been time (mostly in 2017) when people were having to jump to the next add-on every other week. But, things have calmed down a lot since then. I’ve been running Incursion for several months now without any tweaking whatsoever, and it’s been working great.

      The best I’ve explained about Real-Debrid was on this post. Please give it a read. It explains how their technology and their business model works. In the end, it’s a few dollars a month for a “night and day” difference in your Kodi stream quality and reliability. It really takes the hassle and frustration out of Kodi streaming.

      With that said, it will not help much if your home’s internet speed is too slow. If that’s the bottleneck, then you should upgrade your internet service with your ISP. Real-Debrid is meant to help with the most common bottleneck which is the streaming servers which are overloaded with too many free streamers.

      Plex, much like Kodi’s original intent, is primarily for streaming your own media or watching live TV over the air. There are unofficial channels for Plex which is essentially the same as unofficial add-ons for Kodi. I haven’t tried those channels for Plex, but I imagine they would be almost the same and probably have Real-Debrid options as well.

      Real-Debrid is definitely still around and still working quite well. I’m sorry you’re having issues with their website and resetting your password. I haven’t run into that issue myself. Did you actually sign up for an account? Maybe you can sign up under a different email.

      I hope this helped. Let me know if you have more questions.

  104. Hi Nathan, I’m having an issue lately where some streams are very jerky and the sound goes out of sync. I’m using Kodi 17.6, I’ve just installed Incursion and I have a Real-Debrid subscription. Hardware is a Raspberry Pi 2 and download speeds are around 30mbps.

  105. Hi Nathan,
    Quick question
    What country do you recommend streaming from?
    Certain countries (Australia) have blocked the websites to stream from, so when I use my VPN to select a different country, what country do you stream from?

      1. I just dont know what to do with this menu page. Do i have to add all my add ons again? What happened to my normal Durex page with all the titles showing? I am at a loss. I have the add ons i want still in the library cuz i saw them in the tools. How can i get the old skin back? That i know how to work with. Sorry to be a pain but have no one else to ask. Thank you Nate.

        1. You can change your Kodi skin in Settings > Interface. Does that help? I feel like you’re not talking about the Kodi screen, but the operating system main screen. If that’s the case, I’m not sure how I can help.

  106. I have been trying to watch the new season #6 of Ray Donovan and OMG you would think im asking for the world. I have tried 3 streaming sites, Exodus, Overeasy and Yoda and within them at leasy 3-4 different providers ( i dont know all rhe correct names for what is what) and cannot even get thru half the first episode. This has been my project since 8 am this morn. Its 1:45pm now. WTH??

  107. No the problem I have is when I try to play a tv series and click on an episode, it finds many streams, sometimes over a hundred but none of them will start.

    1. Are you using Real-Debrid? Sometimes if you have Real-Debrid connected, but your subscription expires, that’s exactly what happens. Renew your subscription and it will be fixed. If you’re not using Real-Debrid, I’m not sure what else it could do. I would try a VPN to see if the servers are getting blocked by your ISP or content filtering.

          1. If the ISP was blocking it would not be just on certain streams. For instance if I can find a stream steamango or entervideo they always work and usually with no buffering. Most other streams either will not start or if they do they constantly buffer.

          2. No, that sounds reasonable. It could be ISP blocking or throttling. Blocking would be blocking for a set of servers and IP addresses that it deems as used for pirating. Throttling would be the same, but would allow a slow connection through. Or, it could be something else like your router. I’ve heard of some routers that have content filtering enabled by default which would block some known pirating severs.

  108. On a fresh install of KODI i was watching shows just fine and suddenly the sound went out with a red speaker icon in the top right of my screen. It isnt the television or firestick I have checked all their settings. It is something in Kodi and I cant find what. Please help?
    P.S. – I was running krypton when it happened and I have since tried updating to Leia and still no sound and a red speaker icon on the top right of the screen.

    1. You’ve definitely muted something. If it’s not the TV or the Fire Stick, then do you have an AV receiver that might be muted?

      Or, maybe you muted Kodi. Open the on screen display while playing something – in there should be a selection for audio and subtitles where you can increase the volume.

      Alternatively if you can connect a keyboard to it, press + or = (keyboard controls).

  109. So I just moved to a small town in Florida from Los Angeles… have had kodi for years and always been able to fix any issue. However now I can’t seem to find the issue. Can navigate through all the titles in redux, but when I select it, begins to load then flickers as if it were gonna start but ends up not playing. Have checked the internet speed and ranges from 50-200mbps all the different times Iv looked. Netflix and Hulu seem to stream just fine on the smart tv… I also renewed my vpn service with IPVanishVPN and still doesn’t seem to work. Updated to the latest version of kodi… any idea on a possible fix?

    1. Steve, I actually noticed a little bump in my traffic from people searching for the answer to this question. So, I think the problem is somewhat widespread. I also think I may have run into the same issue just the other day.

      I’ll do some investigation and see if I can come to a solution. If I find it, I’ll let you know.

      If you figure it out, please let me know so I can post the solution to help others. Thanks.

    2. Steve, by “flicker” do you mean the screen darkens to get ready to play? You don’t see any frames of the video, right?

      If that’s correct, then the problem is because both OpenLoad and Streamango are down right now. You will have to wait for add-on developers to replace those in their add-ons for them to work.

      However, I think if you subscribe to Real-Debrid, it shouldn’t rely on those at all and your streams will work.

      1. Yes it gets dark but no actual frame of the video plays. Went ahead and got a real debrid account… now when searching for a source it just goes through them all and says no stream available. So frustrating! Cleared cache and providers… tried Disabling and enabling hosters… no change.

          1. Yeah just got it after you first recommended it… by the looks of it seems like everyone is having trouble on Kodi

  110. I have a Fire Tv Stick. It has worked perfectly for 6 months.
    I use the Exodus. Yesterday, no Tv shows would play. Movies, yes.
    I have the latest version of Kodi 18.4. I have cleared Cache, Force stop and deleted data. Reinstalled Exodus. followed all instructions

    This is what it shows when I click on any show in exodus or Incursion
    CDATA and then the name of the series
    It shows the CDATA for all episodes. Will not play any TV show.
    It will play Movies. Been using Firestick for years. I never saw this before.

  111. I have been had not been able to watch any tv shows on exodus till I realized that it was all the google products including You Tube. Once I disabled them and revoked their permissions I was able to stream again and my buffering had even gotten better on Mobdro. Hope this helps.

    1. Really? That sounds interesting. What kind of device do you have? Android, I assume? You disabled those apps and that helped Kodi stream better? They must have been using a lot of bandwidth running in the background.

  112. I go to Game of Thrones, (FEN) click on an episode, the blue line goes and then nothing happend, maybe the time will flash in the upper right hand corner, other times it says connect with vshare or something…etc. I might get 50 downloads but not one works.

  113. hello
    I want to point out to you that I read a lot about you and really your service seems to me lovely but before I start using your services I want to ask a question, I basically have a KODI app and I love telenovelas / soap operas of all years and I go into one of the extensions such as: FEN, THE CREW and the like and I go into one of the series called: Angel of the Rebel and why I have no streaming source for this series and other extensions and other extensions I have mentioned, I do not have a VPN and I would like to ask if I install this server, will I have access to these telenovels / soap operas? And if you can of course fully agree with me to see if it works because it is really important for me to take the server if this telenovela and other series does work if I use this VPN thank you very much.

    1. I just tried searching for that TV show myself and found that none of the episodes I tried found any links, just like you said. A VPN will not help with that issue.
      The problem is that this show is not popular enough to the mainstream public for hosters to store it on their servers.
      One problem a VPN can help with is if the sources show up, but they won’t play. If they won’t play because your ISP is blocking the hoster server, then a VPN will help with that.
      I would normally say that getting Real-Debrid would be the best thing for you to help get more links (and it normally does), but in this case, I even tried with Fen connected to my Real-Debrid account, but even that did not find any links.
      Sorry, I couldn’t help with this one. But, I do still recommend both Real-Debrid for more reliable links (when they are available) and a VPN protecting for your privacy.

      1. OK thank you
        So basically what I realized from you is that if I install a hoster it will work? Could it be that my ISP is blocking it? Or you can’t even see? Because if I still want to see the telenovels, is there any other way than Rayle Debride? Or do you recommend me to install vpn but the question which vpn because i am confused thank you very much

      2. Oh now that I read the answer again I realized but there is something that can be done so that I can watch soap operas because it is a pity there is so much selection of programs and series and it sucks very much. And a vpn server you say won’t help? Thanks and sorry for the excavation

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