If you get a lot of “No Stream Available” error messages with or buffering issues when using Kodi streaming add-ons like Exodus or SALTS, you’re not alone.

Kodi add-ons like those have been notorious for making people try source link after source link until they find one that works.  At times, it can become quite tedious and starts to make you wonder if all this Kodi streaming stuff is worth the hassle.

Well, there’s a solution, and it’s called Real-Debrid.

Reasons for Kodi Stream Buffering and “No Stream Available”

So what is the problem that Real-Debrid solves?  Why are Kodi unofficial streaming add-ons riddled with bad source links?

One thing to keep in mind is that the developers of video streaming add-ons do not actually host the videos that you can find in the add-ons.  All they do is aggregate video streaming sources from websites around the Internet to make them easy to browse and search for within Kodi.

These add-ons and their developers have no control over the servers that actually host the videos, and sometimes those servers get overloaded or even go offline.

The Case of the Rise and Fall of Genesis

When Kodi unofficial video streaming add-ons become hugely popular, like Genesis did in 2015, the servers that are aggregated in the add-on become completely bogged down from the enormous demand caused by Kodi streamers using the add-on.

In the example of Genesis, its popularity peaked in the Fall of 2015 after the last update in October.  By the end of the year, the plugin was plagued with bad source links because server hosters started blocking Kodi users to alleviate their bandwidth congestion.

Around that time, lambda (the developer of Genesis) started telling people that Real-Debrid was the way to go and he was abandoning Genesis to build a new add-on that would make use of Real-Debrid.  Other add-ons like SALTS were already out and were supporting Real-Debrid, and lambda came out with his next add-on Exodus in February 2016 which was focused on taking advantage of Real-Debrid.

What is Real-Debrid?

Real-Debrid is actually just one brand of “debrid services”.  Throughout this post, it just refer to it as Real-Debrid because that’s the one I use.  There is another option called Premiumize.

So, these debrid services are basically an umbrella subscription over a large group of “hosters”.

You see, back when hosters were blocking Kodi users due to demand caused by Genesis, their primary reason for doing so was to offer their paying subscribers premium access with full bandwidth.

The problem with the model of a hoster trying to get paying subscribers is that there are tons of hosters, and people are not going to go around to each hoster signing up for a premium access subscription, and how would a person pick from the hosters to know who is good?

So, Real-Debrid banded together with the hosters to offer one single subscription which gives you access to all of their partnered hosters.  That way, it’s one simple subscription for the user, leading to the ability to achieve mass, leading to the hosters getting paid what’s fair to maintain their servers.

From a technical standpoint, Real-Debrid is a URL resolver which uses authentication to your paid account to unlock URLs for premium video content access.

Why Real-Debrid is the Future of Kodi Streaming

As a Kodi user, the only way to get reliable video source links is to sign up for Real-Debrid.  It is a MUST if you are wanting to watch most of your TV shows on Kodi streaming add-ons.

Once you setup a Real-Debrid account and pay for some days, you simply authorize it in Exodus, SALTS, or whatever other add-on you use that supports it, and then you’ll have reliable, high quality HD streams!

From the Kodi streaming community, it’s also a great model that pays hosters fairly and everyone can get behind.

Real-Debrid Pricing

You can sign up for an account for free, but the only access you’ll get is during their morning happy hours from 6am to noon.  I suggest you get it and just try it out one morning to see the difference.

When you’re ready to buy, you’ll find the pricing on the “Premium” page in your account.  The price varies depending on region, but from what I see in the USA, it costs under $5/month if paid monthly, and as little as $3/month if you pay for 6 months.  These prices are also approximate since I’m converting Euros to US Dollars.

How to Install Real-Debrid in Kodi

Want to know how to setup your Real-Debrid account in your favorite Kodi streaming add-on?  Here are some tutorials for you that include instructions on how to setup Real-Debrid…

Tutorial: How to Install Kodi Exodus, the Successor to Genesis

[Video] How to Install Exodus on Kodi 17 Krypton w/ Estuary Skin

How to Install Kodi SALTS with Real-Debrid

Enjoy Reliable Stream Sources in Kodi!

I hope you found this post helpful for you.  I know when I first did this, it was a night and day difference!

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