Recently I started getting comments from readers that they’re having an issue with Exodus.  Each person described it the same way.  In Exodus, when they play a TV show episode, it always plays the first episode of the series instead of the episode that was selected.  They ask how they can fix Exodus.

At the first complaint, I thought it may have been a fluke, but then after 3 identical complaints, I realize that this must be a more widespread issue.  So, I investigated and found the solutions.

How to fix the Exodus first episode issue

Unchecking providers in Kodi Exodus settingsThe issue is caused by just a few providers configured in the Exodus add-on.  If you have auto-play turned on, it may be choosing the same faulty provider each time.  To fix it,…

  • Go into the Exodus add-on settings screen
  • Go to Providers
  • Hit OK

Now, it will select from the other providers when you play an episode, and you should have better luck.  If the issue happens again, please take note of which provider was selected and let me know in the comments and I’ll update this post.

This was never an issue if using Real-Debrid

The reason why I thought it must have been a fluke was because I’m using Real-Debrid so a Real-Debrid provider is always selected when I play episodes.

If you don’t use Real-Debrid (and you probably don’t if you’re reading this post), you have to try it.  It will make your Exodus experience virtually flawless.  No bad links, no buffering… you can just turn on auto-play and it works every time.