About Nathan Kinkead

Web Development Manager at eCreations, Board Technology Chair at AZIMA, and blogger who writes about Kodi and Smart Home Technology.

My name is Nathan Kinkead. By day, I am the Web Development Manager at eCreations one of the top WordPress development agencies in Phoenix.  I’m also the Board Technology Chair at AZIMA, the Arizona Innovation Marketing Association.  And, of course you know that I’m a blogger who writes about Kodi and Smart Home Technology on this very website!

A little more about me

Well, nothing excites me more than computers, gadgets, smart phones, home automation, home theater, networking, code, database design, modern web apps, social networking, free software, betas, and just about anything that Google makes.

I’ve been the source of technology advice and latest news to all of my friends and colleagues, and I wanted to share my knowledge, news findings, and insights with the world.

Come follow me

So, if you are interested in keeping up-to-date on the latest happenings in technology and how to make the most of it, follow me!  :-)

Need some help?

We have some excited readers on this blog.  I get comments and questions all the time from people asking for my personal assistance and consultation.  I’m now opening up this possibility to anyone!

Want a personal phone call and/or screen sharing meeting me to help you solve problems or set things up?  I’m here to help you!

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