Terrarium TV Shut Down (Alternatives)

Terrarium TV Shut Down

If you’ve been happily using the Terrarium TV app on your android box or Fire Stick to watch TV and movies for free, you are probably aware that it’s shutting down.

Ever since the turbulent year of 2017 for Kodi streaming add-on users, many people got fed up and abandoned Kodi in favor of native Android apps (referred to as APKs) that do the same thing as the popular Kodi streaming add-ons, but just don’t rely on Kodi.

By far the most popular of these Android TV & movie streaming APKs was Terrarium TV.

How to Install Mobdro APK from the Official Website (for Android and Fire TV Devices)

Mobdro APK

Okay I can admit… Kodi can be a bit frustrating at times. Lately there has been a movement of people away from Kodi going to Android AKPs for streaming TV.  I have already tried and reviewed Terrarium TV and given my thoughts about Terrarium TV vs Kodi. However, the Mobdro APK is another popular Android app which has a lot of advantages over Kodi.

The Best Kodi Skins of 2018 (for Streaming Add-ons)

Best Kodi Skins

Are you sick of Kodi’s current look?  Are you wanting to improve your Kodi viewing experience with a new, fresh looking Kodi skin, but don’t know where to start?

There are a lot of Kodi skins, and it’s time-consuming to try out each one that you find.  I know, I’ve tried a lot!

In this post, I’ll share with you my very favorite Kodi skins to improve your Kodi experience and to save you the time of trying them all.

Orion Crashing Kodi? How to Diagnose and Solve Kodi Crashing

Orion Crashing Kodi

Lately, my Kodi has been crashing, but only the one on my desktop computer where I blog from.  Not cool!

It’s been crashing almost every time I open Kodi, and it always happens within 1 minute of launching Kodi.  Sometimes, it makes it past a minute and then it’s fine and won’t crash.  I noticed that the crashing started after I updated my post on Gaia 3.0.

Gaia Kodi Add-on Updates to 3.0 – How to Install and Configure

Gaia Kodi

The Gaia Kodi add-on was a big “up & coming” streaming add-on when it first came out in Spring 2018.  Now, they’re on version 3.0 and have made a lot of changes and improvements.

Being a fork of the Bubbles add-on, the emphasis of Gaia is having an insane amount of bells & whistles.  This “next generation” Kodi add-on makes Exodus, Covenant and all of their forks look a bit primitive.