How to Stream on Kodi With ZERO Add-ons!

Frustrated maintaining Kodi add-ons? This tutorial will show you how to stream TV shows and Movies on Kodi (with Real-Debrid), but without any Kodi add-ons!

Who’s been frustrated managing multiple Kodi devices for various TVs throughout your house?  Who is sick of the constant maintenance required to keep up with the latest working Kodi add-ons?

While Kodi add-ons have their advantages, sometimes you just want watch TV without the hassle, am I right?

Lately, I’ve been streaming TV shows and Movies on Kodi (also utilizing Real-Debrid), but my Kodi doesn’t have any add-ons!

Kodi boots up so fast and the video scraping process for watching a show is ridiculously fast!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can do it too.

Overview of Streaming to Kodi Using Wako

First, I want to start off with a quick overview of this method of streaming TV.

Basically, you install the Wako app on your phone and configure it to connect to your account and your Real-Debrid account if you subscribe to it.  The app is basically like a streaming Kodi add-on, but with a much better interface, and it scrapes for links much faster (because smartphones nowadays are so powerful).  Then, when it’s ready to play a video, you can basically cast that URL to your Kodi and it immediately starts playing it… all with just a touch of a button in the app.

But Wako comes with its pros and cons.


  • Fast video source scraping
  • Allows you to keep a clean, stock Kodi
  • Other options for playback besides Kodi, like streaming or downloading on your phone.
  • Nice UI with great Trakt integration
  • Real-Debrid integration option


  • Horrible ads – At first, this app had no ads.  Then one day, the developer turned on monetization.  There’s adds on the top and bottom of the screen, and there’s an unskippable video ad that you have to watch before you can scrape for sources.
  • Not a good family solution – Members of your family can’t just turn on the TV and find something to watch.  It requires your phone with the app.

So, in summary of these pros and cons, if it’s just you and maybe one other person who watches TV and you don’t mind watching a short ad before starting a show, then Wako is great.  But, if you want something ad-free where anyone can turn on the TV to watch something (even if it requires some maintenance), then stick with Kodi add-ons and follow my ultimate Kodi setup guide.

Even if you’re not sure, you can still try out the Wako app to see if you like it.  You don’t have to uninstall your add-ons.  You can do both!

Install the Wako App

Install the app on your Android or iOS device.

Once Wako is installed, open it, authorize your Trakt account if you want to (I recommend it), and then go into the settings.

Configure Kodi to Work With Wako

To enable the wako app to communicate with your Kodi app, you will need to change some settings in Kodi.

  • In Kodi, go to Settings > Services > Control
  • Set these 4 settings:
    1. Enable “Allow remote control via HTTP
    2. Set “Port” (can leave it at 8080 or change if you want)
    3. Enable “Allow remote control from applications on this system
    4. Enable “Allow remote control from applications on other systems

Connect Wako to Your Kodi Host

In the Wako settings, tap on “Configure Hosts” under the Kodi logo.  Click on the “Add” button.  Wako will detect all Kodi hosts running and connected to the same network.  Click on the your Kodi host and that’s it.  You can now control Kodi by clicking on an episode/movie or by using the in-app remote control.

The Automatic detection work by using Zeroconf.  If it’s not detecting your Kodi, then try enabling Zeroconf in Kodi by going to Settings > Services > General and enable “Announce services to other systems

Manual host configuration

If Zeroconf fails to enable or if automatic detection still fails to work, then you can configure a host manually. Just tap the “SKIP” button and fill out the form.

To find the host IP address, in Kodi go to Settings > System Information.  You’ll see your IP address on the right side.

If the connection status says OK, then Wako has managed to connect to Kodi.

Install the Helios Wako Add-on

In the Wako settings, tap on “Configure / Install Add-ons“.

Toggle “Unknown Sources” on.

Tap on “Add a third-party add-on“.

Enter the URL,…

Configure the Wako Helios Add-on

After installing the Helios add-on in Wako, tap on it, and then tap on “Add-on Settings“.

Here, in the Helios add-on settings, you have 2 things to do…

  1. Configure Debrid Accounts
    • You can authenticate your Real-Debrid account or Premiumize account to get access to high quality, high bandwidth streams
    • This is optional.  You don’t have to connect a debrid account, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion.
  2. Configure Providers
    • Enter the Providers URL…
    • Enable only the video sizes you want to choose from.

Select Video and Play on Kodi

Now that you’re all set up, go find a TV show episode or a movie, and click on the “Play on Kodi” button.

It will start searching for sources and then start playing on your Kodi!

If the auto-play-selected source doesn’t start playing on your Kodi (which happens from time to time), back out and click on the “More” button or hamburger menu button.  It will show you a listing of scraped sources that you can choose from instead of auto-playing.

Enjoy Your Kodi With Zero Add-ons!

Let me know what you think of this setup?  Do you prefer it over Kodi add-on or not?

Leave me a comment below.  Thanks!

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  1. Thanks This is amazing, love the tutorial really fast to stream to kodi without to much waiting. Thank you.

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