How to Install the Magicality Kodi Add-on: Fork of Neptune Rising

After the shutdown of the Blamo repo, here is how to install the Magicality Kodi add-on, a new fork of the popular Neptune Rising add-on for Kodi.

The Magicality Kodi add-on is a fork of the popular Neptune Rising add-on for Kodi.  Since Mr. Blamo shut down his repo and add-ons, the Magicality repo is now hosting Neptune Rising, Placenta, and its very own fork of Neptune Rising called Magicality.

NOTE: When using unofficial Kodi add-ons like Magicality, always remember to protect your online privacy with a VPN.

Update: The Magicality repo has removed Magicality, Neptune Rising, and Placenta. Now, it only has some anime add-ons.

Magicality Kodi Add-on Details and Status

Last Activity: Status:
Add-on: Magicality Oct 16, 2018 Offline
Repo: Magicality Jun 19, 2019 Offline
File Source: (Wilson Magic) Offline
GitHub Username: Wilson-Magic

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How to Install Magicality Repo Using the GitHub Browser

This is the easiest way to install Magicality if you already have the GitHub Browser add-on from TVAddons / Fusion.

If you want to use the GitHub Browser to install the Magicality repo, then follow my tutorial on how to install the GitHub Browser.  After you have the GitHub Browser add-on installed, you can easily install the Magicality repo simply by searching for the GitHub username:


After you have installed the Magicality repository, move on to learn how to install the Magicality add-on from the Magicality repo.

How to Install the Magicality Repo from the Wilson Magic File Source

The Magicality File Source is currently OFFLINE!

If you find a new file source for this repo, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

  • Go to Settings (cog icon) > File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Click on the <None> box and type in the URL of the repo server, exactly like this (case-sensitive):

    Hint: If you’re on a phone and the URL is too long, swipe sideways.

  • Give it a name in the box below (name it Wilson Magic)
  • Now, go to the Settings > Add-ons > Install from Zip File > Wilson Magic >

How to Install the Magicality Add-on From the Magicality Repo

  • After you have the Magicality Repo installed, go back to the Settings > Add-ons screen and select Install from Repository > Magicality Repo > Video add-ons > Magicality > Install

How to Fix Failed to Install Dependency With Magicality

When I tried to install Magicality the firs time, I ran into the “Failed to Install Dependency” issue and the add-on would not install.

So, I checked the Kodi error log to see what was causing it, and it showed “failed to install dependency script.module.resolveurl“.

One of the biggest reasons for that error is having an abandoned or broken repo still enabled in Kodi.  In this case, it was the Blamo repo.  I just disabled the Blamo repo, and then tried to install Magicality again, and it worked like a charm!

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If you run into any issue when trying to install Magicality, please let me know in the comments below.  I love to help.  Thanks.

13 thoughts on “How to Install the Magicality Kodi Add-on: Fork of Neptune Rising

  1. I still have the jittering issues with my live streaming on my kodi and I have no answers as of 10/07
    Anyone have a suggestion?

      1. Yes, I’m using Krypton 17.6 and I figured out the problem. Thank you for your help. Turns out I had to disable both hardware accelerators and it fixed the jittering completely.

  2. This Repo doesn’t have the Magicality choice; only Dramatic, Dubbed Anime and Masterani Redux. Was Magicality deleted? I’m running Kodi 17.6 on a Windows 7 system.

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