Are you getting the Failed to Install a Dependency error message in Kodi using an add-on like Neptune Rising, Covenant, or any others like that?  I’ve helped some people get their new Kodi boxes set up since the Fusion shut-down, and it was not always easy.

One issue I came across was not being able to install any new add-ons even from the new Kodi Fusion alternative repos.  It was always giving the error message “Failed to Install a Dependency“.

After much troubleshooting, I figured it out.  Here’s how to fix it.

Check the Kodi Error Logs

The first thing I did after getting this error message repeatedly was to check the Kodi error logs.  The error logs are in a kodi.log file in the “temp” folder in your userdata folder on Android, or in the root of the folder just above that on Windows.

After opening it, look for the “Failed to Install a Dependency” error and see what is mentioned there and the lines above it.

Hint: if you see an instance of, that should point you to where the problem is. was shut down along with Fusion.

Can’t Install the Dependency, URL Resolver

In my case, I found repeated errors saying that it failed to install the URLResolver add-on.

Since just about all of the best streaming add-ons depend on the URLResolver add-on, and since URLResolver was always hosted in the Fusion repo, all these add-ons were failing to install because they couldn’t install URLResolver.

You might have a different dependency that is not installing, but the idea is the same.

Deactivate or Uninstall Broken Kodi Repositories

My first tip I would suggest to fix the “Failed to install dependency” error is to deactivate your repositories that don’t work anymore.

For instance, if you have the Add-on Repository enabled, then disable it.  The reason why you should do this is that when add-ons are installing and trying install dependencies, sometimes they try to get them from those repositories, and they fail.

When you install working repositories, disable the broken ones so Kodi can find dependencies in the working repos.

How to deactivate repositories in Kodi:

  • Go to the Add-on Browser
  • Go to My add-ons > Add-on repositories.
  • Select an add-on
  • Select “Disable”.

Manually Install the Dependency Add-on Using a Zip File

If deactivating broken repos doesn’t work, you can try to find the add-on zip file somewhere and install it manually.

The solution to my issue was to manually install URLResolver from a zip file.  If you have this same issue, follow these steps…

  • Download the URLResolver zip file.  (This is version 3.0.32)  If downloading to a Fire Stick using the Downloader app from the Amazon App Store, you can use the shortened link
  • Place it in a directory that you can find in Kodi.
  • Then, in Kodi, go to the Add-on BrowserInstall from Zip File, browse to that folder, and select
  • Once that finishes installing, you can go back to those repositories and install the add-ons that were giving you an error before.  They should work now!

The Server Might be Overloaded

Whether the main add-on failed to install or a dependency failed to install, sometimes the issue is that the server it’s trying to download from has become overloaded with too many people trying to install it at the same time.  Many times, these servers have a daily limit that they can quickly reach if a blog post is published about their add-on (this happens often after I blog about a new add-on).

When this happens, all you can do is wait and try again tomorrow (preferably in the morning).

Try Another Kodi Add-on

It’s possible that the add-on you’re trying to install has gone down, maybe temporarily or maybe permanently.  Take a look at some of the most popular Kodi add-ons and give one of those a try.

Do you have a VPN?

I always recommend Kodi streamers make sure they’re using a VPN.  Check out my 4 Reasons Why Kodi Streamers Need a Kodi VPN to learn more.

Still Getting the Dependency Error?

If these tips don’t work for you, please feel free to reach out to me in the comments.  I’d be glad to try and help.  Please include some details of your situation and a snippet from your Kodi logs around the dependency error.