How to Uninstall Old Kodi Add-ons, Repositories, and Dependencies

Is Kodi cluttered with obsolete, broken, or abandoned add-ons and repos? I'll show you how to disable/uninstall Kodi add-ons and repos to keep Kodi clean.

Is your Kodi becoming cluttered with add-ons and repositories that have become obsolete, broken, or abandoned?  Looking to uninstall them?

With Kodi add-ons and repos getting shutdown all the time, it’s a common problem of trying to figure out how to clean it all up while you install the latest and greatest Kodi add-ons.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to disable and/or uninstall add-ons and repositories in Kodi and address some questions and issues you might run into.

How to Uninstall Add-ons in Kodi

  • Go to the add-on browser (in Kodi 18, it’s just Settings > Add-ons)
  • Select My add-ons
  • Select the category for the add-on you are looking for (like Video add-ons)
  • Select the add-on
  • Select Uninstall (or Disable if you just want to disable it for now)

How to Uninstall Repositories in Kodi:

  • Go to the add-on browser (in Kodi 18, it’s just Settings > Add-ons)
  • Select My add-ons
  • Select Add-on repositories
  • Select the repository
  • Select Uninstall (or Disable if you just want to disable it for now)

Can You Uninstall a Kodi Repository Before its Add-ons?

Yes.  You will find that Kodi will let you uninstall any Kodi repo even if you have add-ons from that repository installed.

Warning: Uninstalling a Kodi repo doesn’t automatically uninstall its add-ons.  You will need to uninstall those separately.

I suppose the reason for this is because add-ons could potentially have many repositories supplying updates to that same add-on.  Plus, it saves a lot of hassle if a repository moves.  You simply uninstall the old one and install the new one, and you’re good to go.

However, I wish there was an option to do cascade uninstalls… like, if you try to uninstall a repo, it will ask you if you want to also uninstall a list of add-ons from that repo that you currently have installed.  Maybe Team Kodi will add this feature in a future version of Kodi.

Anyway, for the time being, you will need to uninstall each of the add-ons separately, or leave them if you want, but they won’t be getting any updates.

“This Add-on Can’t Be Uninstalled” Error

If you run into this error, it can be frustrating.

It says “This add-on is used by the following installed add-on(s) …. This add-on can’t be uninstalled

Why does this happen?

Basically, add-on developers can name any add-ons as dependencies for their add-on.  For instance, if someone develops an add-on that has a sports section that is meant to integrate with SportsDevil, that developer would name SportsDevil as a dependency to make sure SportsDevil is installed along with that add-on.

If you try to uninstall that add-on which has been named as a dependency for another installed add-on, then you Kodi won’t let you uninstall it or disable it.

The only way to uninstall it is to go through the list of add-ons that mark it as a dependency and uninstall those first.

Repo Can’t Be Uninstalled Because of a Dependency or Module

This is one very confusing scenario, but I’ll show you how to fix it.

Say you’re trying to disable or uninstall a Kodi repository, but it gives you the message that says “This Add-on Can’t Be Uninstalled” and lists an add-on (or something similar to an add-on).

But the twist is… you already uninstalled that add-on!  So why is it still complaining about it as a dependency?!

Well, it’s because there is a fairly hidden area where there are some dependencies that don’t show up as add-ons.  You need to uninstall those dependencies which are preventing you from uninstalling the repository.

Let me give you an example from Patrick Lester in the comments thread.  I tried it myself and found exact same thing.

We tried to uninstall or disable the Eggman repository, but it would give this error message…

Can’t Uninstall Or Disable A Kodi Repo

But even after uninstalling the Poached add-on, this error would continue coming up after trying to uninstall the Eggman repo.

Well, “Poached Module” is not the same as “Poached” (the add-on which we uninstalled)

So, how do you uninstall this dependency module?

Go to Settings > Add-ons > Manage dependencies

Settings Add Ons Manage Dependencies

Find your dependency (in this case, “Poached Module”), select it, and uninstall it.

Poached Module

Now, go back to uninstall the repository again, and it will work.

Questions or Comments?

Leave me a comment down below.  Thanks!

16 thoughts on “How to Uninstall Old Kodi Add-ons, Repositories, and Dependencies

  1. I would like to know what repos and add-ons are no longer working or could be on their last legs. Is their a specific way to check this in Kodi and how do I do it, thanks.

  2. My problem is Eggman wont allow uninstall because of poached (which was first to be uninstalled). Overeasy is gone also, with no mention on Eggman.

    1. Patrick, thanks for pointing out this issue. I tried it myself and ran into the same issue. I updated this post with a new section addressing this exact issue and how to fix it by uninstalling the dependency module.

  3. So I have read as much as I can about removing Indigo and TV addons but there are so many different ways I wanted to ask if an updated version could be posted. I am running a Minix U1 with kodi 18.7 I am not sure how I got TVaddons… proably not knowing much back then, but with the pop up from them showing up and the issues with some addons I would like to remove it. I do go in to addons and uninstall Indigo but the next thing you know… it is back. I have tried removing it again and it comes up and says it can not be removed becuase of ULRresolver or something like that… Ok I’m new and don’t want to brick this thing.. so, If you have an updated version I can use I’d appreciate it. I have added your Repo to my system I think I’ll stick with your suggestions at this point…. So, any step by step so I can once an for all get rid of the TV addon – Indigo nightmare.

    1. After going over the various steps several times and deleting things as they kept coming back I was finally able to get rid of that TVaddons message from poping up, matter of fact I got rid of everything that was TVaddon’s or labled so … what a nightmare . Now I am going to review my options on other add ons I am at least not getting that darn NAG from TVaddon’s….

  4. Nathan, thank you for your help, It looks like the program and the nag are gone it seems like it was tied to a older version of Exodus that was left on the box… removed it and the dependencies and Indigo is now gone… hopefully it does not come back.

  5. I am still having one heck of a time getting rid of the darn TVaddon popup I go through removed the addon’s and sources that relate to TVaddon I try to remove indigo and it keeps coming back.. it seems like by the time I get rid of one entry it keeps coming back… Tried to install the crew today, just shows a x in front of it in Addon’s, tried to re install exodus and it just doesn’t get installed… Is there a way to knuke this thing :-)

  6. Hi Nathan.
    Some help please. I use a Nvidia shield and run Kodi matrix on it, I have just started getting blank listings on 3 of my addons, on reading your article on conflicts between tvaddons and the crew this may be my problem. I think if I go back and start again thus deleting kodi. And only installing the Crew. What is the best and efficient way of achieving this?
    Many thanks

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