Supremacy Repo Shuts Down, Taking Down Yoda and Several Other Kodi Add-ons

Breaking News: A popular Kodi repository called Supremacy is gone. Find out which add-ons are down and what to do about it?

Within the last day or two, the Supremacy repo for Kodi add-ons has shut down.

The domain and host are actually still online, but the directories containing the repo and the add-ons have been deleted or moved offline.

Kodi Add-ons Affected by Supremacy Shutdown

The Supremacy Repo contained several popular add-ons like…

What To Do Now?

Whenever a Kodi repo goes down, it’s important for you to disable that repo in your Kodi.

The reason you need to disable the old repo is because anybody could purchase that domain name once the current owner lets it expire.  The new owner could easily publish malware which would automatically download to everyone’s Kodi boxes as if it was an add-on update.  Read more about that here.

To disable the Supremacy Repo, go to Settings > Add-ons > My Add-ons > Add-on Repositories > Supremacy > Disable

Alternatives to Supremacy Add-ons

The good news is that there are plenty of great alternatives to Supremacy’s most popular add-ons.  For instance, Yoda could easily be replaced by many of the popular Kodi streaming add-ons available today, like Exodus Redux, Seren, 13Clowns, OverEasy, Scrubs, etc.

See the full list of the best Kodi streaming add-ons.

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