A Slew of Kodi Add-on Developers Call it Quits! (13Clowns, Maverick, Overeasy)

In the wake of Supremacy repo & Yoda add-on shutting down (and rumors of an arrest in the UK), several Kodi add-on developers follow suit.

In case you haven’t heard the big news yet, this week the Kodi community lost a bunch of talented developers.

After the Supremacy repo shut down last week taking down the popular Yoda add-on plus several others, news came out that a prominent Kodi developer was arrested in the UK.

Kodi Add-on Developer Arrested in the UK

I believe the identity of the arrested developer is still speculation, but the rumors are saying that it was the developer of the Yoda add-on and the Supremacy repo.

Some are saying that the reason for the arrest was not that he developed this add-on, but that he was reselling IPTV service.

Regardless of the identity or the reason, this news has spooked many of the other British Kodi streaming add-on developers, and many of them have shut down for fear of being arrested themselves.

Kodi Repos That Shut Down

June 19th seemed to be the big day when these add-on developers took to Twitter to say goodbye.


After shutting down and coming back just a few months prior, 13Clowns updated his 13Clowns add-on removing all functionality, and posting a message on the main menu that says “We call it quits!  Thank you for everything.  See ya around“.  Then he posted a tweet with a screenshot of that and a message saying “Thank you everyone for everything.  Good bye.


On the same day that 13Clown quit, Maverick also took to Twitter to say goodbye in this tweet saying, “I’ve been Maverick.  Thank you all.  And Good Bye.”


The Maverick Repo contained a lot of popular Kodi add-ons including Maverick TV, At the Flix, Gen-X, The Magic Dragon, Joker Sports, and Reality.


Also, on the same day, June 19th, eggman19 pushed a “bye” commit to his repo removing the OverEasy add-on functionality for all Kodi installs with this add-on installed and automatic updates enabled.


As long as I’m taking about these add-ons that shut down this week, I’ll also remind you of the add-ons that shut down last week in the Supremacy repo, most notably the Yoda add-on.

You can read more about the Supremacy shutdown here.

Where to Keep Track of Add-ons That Are Up and Down

With new add-ons popping up all the time, and other add-ons shutting down all the time, where does one go to stay on top of it?

Well, I want to take this opportunity to point you to my Real-time Kodi Add-on Tracker.

By the time I saw news of these add-ons getting shut down, I went over to my add-on tracker and it was already updated showing all of the add-ons involved as “OFFLINE“.  So cool, right!

I developed this add-on tracker from scratch to be THE GO-TO resource for tracking the status of Kodi add-ons.  You can even see the last time each add-on was updated, and you can vote up and down on add-ons to affect the crowd-sourced ratings so you know which ones are more popular and working.

So, while you’re over there, please consider bookmarking it and sharing it.  I’m adding new add-ons to it all the time.

The Kodi Streaming Add-ons Tracker! (Voting / Online Status / Last Updated)

Best Replacement Kodi Add-ons

With all of these add-ons shut down, there’s a good chance you were using one of these.

Again, my automatic add-on tracker on my Best Kodi Streaming Add-ons in Real-Time post is the best place to find replacements to the add-ons that were shut down.

But, at this time, I would personally recommend Seren, Venom, Exodus Redux, and Scrubs.

Protect Your Privacy

With all this news about people getting arrested for their involvement in piracy and copyright infringement, it’s yet another reminder to protect your privacy on the Internet, especially if you’re streaming or downloading pirated videos.

To learn more, read my 4 Reasons Why Kodi Streamers Need a VPN!

I Want To Hear From You

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Do you have more information that should be added to this?

Leave a comment below.  Thanks!

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