How to Install the Elementum Kodi Add-on for Torrent Streaming

The Elementum Kodi add-on is the torrent finding & searching streaming add-on that everyone's raving about. Now with Burst multi-provider and wako support!

The Elementum Kodi add-on is a torrent finding and searching engine.  It doesn’t go on torrent websites for legal reasons.  However, it calls specifically crafted add-ons (called providers) that are installed separately.

Elementum is an active and popular fork of the old Pulsar/Quasar add-ons which are no longer maintained.

If you’ve had enough of hoster and Debrid add-ons or just want to try something completely different, Elementum is it.

Kodi fans all over the internet are raving about Elementum and I can see why.  Many are using it in conjunction with the wako app for a smooth Kodi watching experience.

Torrent Warning!

This add-on does real BitTorrent streaming, not the cached torrents with debrid providers.  This is the stuff that will get you a letter from your ISP!

So, if you use Elementum, be sure you’re using a VPN.  You can get a discount with IPVanish (my favorite VPN) by clicking here and signing up.

Elementum Kodi Add-on Details and Status

Last Activity: Status:
Add-on: Elementum (0.1.35) Jun 27, 2019 Online
Repo: Gaia Aug 20, 2019 Online
File Source: (Gaia) Online
GitHub Username: gaiaorigin

Other add-ons in the Gaia repo:

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How to Install Gaia Repo Using the GitHub Browser

This is the easiest way to install Elementum if you already have the GitHub Browser add-on from TVAddons / Fusion.

If you want to use the GitHub Browser to install the Gaia repo, then follow my tutorial on how to install the GitHub Browser.  After you have the GitHub Browser add-on installed, you can easily install the Gaia repo simply by searching for the GitHub username:


After you have installed the Gaia repository, move on to learn how to install the Elementum add-on from the Gaia repo.

How to Install the Gaia Repo from the Gaia File Source

  • Go to Settings (cog icon) > File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Click on the <None> box and type in the URL of the repo server:
  • Give it a name in the box below (name it Gaia)
  • Now, go to the Add-on Browser screen by clicking on Add-ons on the main menu and then selecting the open box icon at the top.
  • Go to Install from Zip File > Gaia >

How to Install the Elementum Add-on From the Gaia Repo

  • After you have the Gaia Repo installed, go back to the Add-on Browser screen and select Install from Repository > Gaia Repo > Video add-ons > Elementum > Install

Support for Elementum

If you want to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you and see if I can help.  But, for real support from the add-on developer, visit the Elementum website or submit issues on the Elementum Github.

Any Questions?  Let me know

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If you run into any issue when trying to install Elementum, please let me know in the comments below.  I love to help.  Thanks.

4 thoughts on “How to Install the Elementum Kodi Add-on for Torrent Streaming

  1. For some reason I cannot get Github/Indigo to install on my mac book pro. I am using macOS v. 10.14.6

    Any help is appreciated.


    1. Brian, the way you worded that makes me think you might be confusing something. Please clarify, are you trying to install the Indigo addon onto Kodi that’s installed on your Mac? Is that relevant to this post about elementum just because you want to install Elementum via Github installer?

      1. Thanks for the quick response.

        Yes I was thinking about installing elementum, but that is not the only reason I inquired about Github. From your site I found that you recommend using this feature because it is easier to install various add-ons.

        I tried to install indigo and then GitHub and am unable to get either to work on my Mac. I use my Mac to test what will work on my KBox running KODI because it is faster.

        I have to say that I was very frustrated with my KBox until I came across your site, and now I am mildly frustrated and am getting more satisfied because of your site. Translation…you site is very helpful to me. Thank You!

        I don’t have more information to share re: the error. Because your site is so helpful, I will just follow the instructions using the “old” method of installing add ons.

        I will keep visiting your site for input and advice.


        1. Brian, thank you so much for the compliments on my site! I’m so glad I could be so helpful to you.

          Honestly, the Indigo Github Browser what kind of a big deal a while ago, but over the course of this year, I’ve heard lots of complaints about it. Also, I haven’t been using it much myself either. If you have a keyboard attached to your box, it’s probably just as easy to install it the old way with the file source.

          Good luck. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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