Use The Wako App for Seamless Kodi Content Discovery

Wako (WAtch on KOdi) is and Android and iOS app that allows you to browse movies & TV shows on your phone (using Trakt) in order to play them on Kodi.

Looking to make your Kodi experience as seamless and smooth as possible?

I was shocked how much I loved this new app called wako.  It brought a whole new level of “instant experience” to Kodi.

In this post, I’ll share my thoughts about the wako app and show you how to install it and configure it to work with your Kodi.

What is the Wako App?

Wako (which stands for WAtch on KOdi) is and Android and iOS app that allows you to browse movies & TV shows on your phone (using Trakt) in order to play them on Kodi.  When you select a show episode or movie, you then select which add-on you want to use to play it.  When you select your preferred add-on, Kodi instantly starts scraping that video using your selected add-on.

Most of the popular Kodi add-ons are supported when you have OpenMeta installed.

Why Wako for Kodi is Awesome

When I first heard about wako, I was very skeptical.

I’ve used Kodi remote apps before, and they were fine.  But, as a Logitech Harmony user, it’s all about the “one remote”.  I wasn’t sure about using an app in addition to the remote.

But… then I tried it… and it’s awesome!

The Problems with Kodi Content Discovery

First of all, let me explain the problem it solves.  Kodi add-ons these days are really great at scraping and playing shows and movies, but one difficult part has always been content discovery and feeds.  What I mean by that is you want to know what new shows out of your favorites had new episodes air recently.  Or, you’re binge-watching a show and you want to resume where you left off.

The process of navigating menus in Kodi can be extremely slow and tedious, especially if you’re on a low-powered device like a Fire TV Stick or a Raspberry Pi.  This slow navigation makes content discovery slow.

Not only that, but with so many different Kodi add-ons to choose from, content discovery is usually a mess because you first have to make the decision of which add-on you want to use.  OpenMeta tries to fix that issue by being a central place for content discovery only to pass on the selected content choice to an add-on to do the scraping and playing (which is a fantastic idea).  But, the only problem OpenMeta has is that it can also be tremendously slow.

Well, now wako fixes all of these problems.

  • It’s great at content discovery.  With Trakt integration, all of your collection and lists are there with your watched status and progress synced.  My favorite thing is the “Home” tab which shows you “Up Next To Watch” which does a fantastic job of showing you the episodes that are next in your binge-watching or newly aired episodes.
  • It’s fast!  Maybe it’s because your average smartphone is way more powerful than a Fire Stick, but this app is super quick to navigate around.  Even the speed at which it synced my entire Trakt account blew me away.

How to Install the Wako App

To install the Wako app on your Android or iOS device, just search for “wako” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Or, you can visit the official Wako website and click the Google Play or App Store button.

How to Authorize Trakt in Wako

When you first open the app after installing it, it will prompt you to authorize your Trakt account.

If you need to get back to it, you can find it under the Settings tab.

How to Configure Kodi to Work With Wako

To enable the wako app to communicate with your Kodi app, you will need to changes some settings in Kodi.

  • In Kodi, go to Settings > Services > Control
  • Set these 4 settings:
    1. Enable “Allow remote control via HTTP
    2. Set “Port” (can leave it at 8080 or change if you want)
    3. Enable “Allow remote control from applications on this system
    4. Enable “Allow remote control from applications on other systems

How to Connect Wako to Your Kodi Host

In the wako app, go to Settings > Kodi > Configure Hosts. Click on the “Add” button.  wako will detect all Kodi hosts running and connected to the same network.  Click on the your Kodi host and that’s it.  You can now control Kodi by clicking on an episode/movie or by using the in-app remote control.

Add Host

Manual configuration

The Automatic detection work by using Zeroconf.  If it’s not detecting your Kodi, then try enabling Zeroconf in Kodi by going to Settings > Services > General and enable “Announce services to other systems

If Zeroconf fails to enable or if automatic detection still fails to work, then you can configure a host manually. Just tap the “SKIP” button and fill out the form.

To find the host IP address, in Kodi go to Settings > System Information.  You’ll see your IP address on the right side.

If the connection status says OK, then wako has managed to connect to Kodi.

How to Install Kodi Add-ons That Work With Wako

In order to make wako work with lots of popular Kodi add-ons, you need to install OpenMeta and configure OpenPlayers.

Want to use wako, but don’t have any add-ons that work with it?  Check out my Best Kodi Add-ons page.  Again, any add-on that works with OpenMeta will work.  Some popular and supported add-ons are Seren, Exodus Redux, Gaia, etc.

What Do You Think About Wako?

I’d love to hear what you think.  Let me know in the comments below.  Thanks!

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