Ultimate List of GitHub Usernames for Kodi Repos & Add-ons (Updated Daily)

Want to install Kodi add-ons using the GitHub Browser, but need usernames? Here's the most comprehensive list of top Kodi developers' GitHub usernames!

So, you probably just discovered the GitHub Browser from TVAddons.co and you want to install Kodi add-ons the easy way, but you don’t know what GitHub usernames to search for!  You probably saw TVAddons suggesting that you do a Google search for “GitHub Usernames for Kodi”.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a list of the top Kodi developers’ GitHub usernames along with the add-ons available from each one.

GitHub Usernames for Kodi Add-ons

Here are the most popular GitHub usernames for the repositories that contain the best Kodi add-ons.  To learn how to install the add-ons, just click on the link for a tutorial.  This list is sorted by the most recent development activity by the developer.

GitHub Username: Repo: Add-ons: Last Activity: Status:
bugatsinho Bugatsinho Apr 7, 2024 Online
thecrewwh The Crew Feb 13, 2024 Online
alfa-addon AlfaAddon Oct 18, 2023 Online
nemesis668 Stream Army Jul 5, 2023 Online
jewbmx JewRepo Feb 12, 2023 Online
mbebe mbebe Jul 11, 2022 Online
nixgates Nixgates May 23, 2022 Online
MrKoyu CellarDoorTV Dec 9, 2021 Online
a4k-openproject OpenWizard Oct 14, 2021 Online
a4k-openproject Addons4Kodi Jan 27, 2021 Online
PhantomRaspberryBlower PRB Entertainment Pack Nov 10, 2020 Online
Tempest0580 Tempest Sep 12, 2020 Online
darknessally cCloud TV Dec 25, 2019 Online
I-A-C Exodus Redux Nov 22, 2019 Online
gaiaorigin Gaia Nov 17, 2019 Online
eggman19 Eggman Nov 4, 2019 Online
Angel312 Angel312 Sep 5, 2019 Online
DxCx DxCx
    May 8, 2019 Online
    mrkodz The Kodz Feb 24, 2019 Online
    unicsuc Bookmark Lite Oct 3, 2018 Online
    jasonbuechler Blamo Fork Aug 7, 2018 Online
    reasonsrepo Reasons Jul 2, 2018 Online
    covenantkodi Colossus Dec 29, 2017 Online
    tdelight UKTurk Jun 11, 2017 Online
    kodinerds KodiNerds Online
    GitHub Username: Repo: Add-ons: Last Activity: Status:
    the13clowns 13Clowns Jun 19, 2019 Offline
    MrBlamo420 Blamo Original Sep 10, 2018 Offline
    bobbybark Diamond Build Jul 10, 2020 Offline
    doko-desuka Doko Jun 17, 2020 Offline
    elgatito Elgatito Jan 10, 2022 Offline
    Goldengunrepo Golden Gun May 31, 2020 Offline
    kodibae Kodi Bae Aug 11, 2021 Offline
    kodil Kodil Nov 25, 2019 Offline
    Wilson-Magic Magicality Jun 19, 2019 Offline
    Maverick53 Maverick Jun 17, 2019 Offline
    noobsandnerds NoobsAndNerds Offline
    gentec1 Players Klub Offline
    rockcrusher01 Rockcrusher Offline
    Tikipeter Tikipeter Jan 8, 2022 Offline
    123Venom Venom Jul 4, 2021 Offline

    What is the GitHub Browser?

    In case you don’t already know, GitHub is a code repository hosting service that is free for public open-source projects.  For that reason, many Kodi repositories and add-ons are stored on GitHub.

    The GitHub Browser is an add-on that lets you quickly and easily install Kodi add-ons simply by searching for someone’s username and selecting one of their repositories or add-ons.  This is much easier than the previous method of having to add a file manager source for each repository in order to browse and install their repository zip file.

    If you stumbled on this post and you don’t yet have the GitHub Browser add-on installed on your Kodi box, you can follow my tutorial on how to install and use the TVAddon / Indigo GitHub Browser.

    Which Add-ons Are The Best?

    That list of usernames is great and all, but how would you like to see all the best Kodi add-ons broken out sorted by recent development activity and showing online or offline status?  Visit my Best Kodi Add-ons page…

    The Kodi Streaming Add-ons Tracker! (Voting / Online Status / Last Updated)


    Got any GitHub usernames or add-ons to add to this list?  Please share in the comments below.  Thanks!

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