This just in… the Smash repo has gone down.  If you’re following any of my tutorials on installing alternative Kodi repos, installing Covenant, or setting up the ultimate Kodi experience, then you are probably getting an error about not being able to connect.

As of around 3:30 PM MST on Friday 9/22, the repo and domain went offline.  Shortly after, Smash tweeted the following…

(That tweet was later deleted)

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.  It sounds like alpha, the person behind the alpha repository reported something and got the server taken down.  I’m not sure if that means alpha and smash are on the same server, or what.  That’s what it sounds like.

But, have no fear, it sounds like Smash is working on bringing it back up and hopes to have it up later today or tomorrow…

…or maybe another day or 2…

Now as of Monday evening, Smash tweeted that he was unable to get it back up on the old domain, but it will be on a new domain.

Update: Smash is now back up at a new domain…

Update: Smash is done.  Use this now…

How to Install Covenant Add-on for Kodi (NEW Source After Repo Shutdown)

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32 comments on “Smash Repo is Down (Back Up on New URL)

    • Nathan Kinkead on

      I will likely be updating this post and sending out a push notification when it’s back up. Make sure you’re subscribed to my notifications by clicking the red bell icon in the bottom right corner and clicking “Allow”.

    • Nathan Kinkead on

      Sometimes you might not notice the little notification that tells you that it’s installed. Now, you go back to the Add-on Browser, and go to Install from Repository and you should see Colossus there.

  1. nick f cerino on

    So whats with the link i have internet i ha e the right url i can do everything but get t he smash repo i thought this was fixed 3 months ago


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