How to Install Colossus Repo in Kodi… Github Repo Deleted!

I'll show you couple ways to download and install the Colossus repo to get some of the best unofficial Kodi add-ons like Covenant and SportsDevil.

Looking to find the Colossus repo to access some of the best unofficial Kodi add-ons like Covenant and SportsDevil?  You’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’ll show you a couple ways to download and install the Colossus repo.

Update: The Kod1 Server Has Been Shut Down

This post used to show you how to use a file source called Kod1 to install the Colossus repo.  That option is gone now, so at the moment, your options for getting the Colossus repo are…

  1. Use the Smash Repo also mention on my Covenant installation tutorial.
  2. Manually download and install the Colossus repository zip file from Github. (tutorial below)

Update #2: Colossus Repository Has Been Shut Down

After Exodus was abandoned, many Kodi users turned to Covenant in order to watch movies and TV shows.

As the popularity of the these third-party add-ons rose, it alerted the Motion Picture Association (MPA) which represents Disney, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal City Studios, Warner Bros, Netflix, and Amazon Studios.  They claimed that the add-ons included in the Colossus repo violated their intellectual property rights.

As a result, the whole Colossus repository was deleted which contained Covenant, Bennu, and Sportie.

Update #3: Use the XvBMC repo instead

If you’re looking to get Colossus repo in order to install the Covenant add-on, use the XvBMC repo.

How to Install the Covenant Kodi Add-on

How to Install the Colossus Repo from Github

  • Download the Colossus repository zip file from Github.  Either download it from in a browser on your Kodi device, or transfer it to your Kodi device after you download it on your computer.  If using a Fire Stick, you can use the “Downloader” app and enter this url…
  • Go to the Kodi Add-on Browser
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Browse to the zip file you downloaded ( and select it
  • Wait a moment for it to install.  You should see a notification appear and then go away letting you know it’s installed.
  • Once it finishes, if you go back to the Add-on Browser and select Install from repository, you should see Colossus Repository
  • If you got the notification, but you don’t see it yet under Install from repository, try a restart of Kodi.

Have Any Tips?

Have you found an alternate way to get Colossus or Covenant?  Leave a comment below.  Thanks!

56 thoughts on “How to Install Colossus Repo in Kodi… Github Repo Deleted!

  1. It say coukd not connect to network server and asked if i still wanted it added so i did but cant get past could not connect? What do i do?

  2. Dear Nathan. First I have to say you have saved me so much time with your emails – thanks! I did all this and I got “covenant error”. See log. I finally figured out how to get the log but did understand a word of it.

    1. Yes, I know it can be very hard to understand. I have a hard time with it too. But, can you open the log file right after you get the Covenant Error and then look at the bottom of the file, and copy and paste any lines with “ERROR” in them?

      1. Sorry I didn’t get back to you – life kept getting in the way – anyway I tried Covenant again tonight and now it works … I dont think I did anything either. Thanks for your time!

  3. Thank you so much ive just installed colossus repo and it was so easy with your instructions sorry about the message pressed the wrong button again

  4. There is an error when I type in the url…i may not be connected to network it asks if I want to add anyways and I press yes. When I go to install from the zip I hit the kodi1 and nothing happens…the url is correct…just doesn’t do anything

  5. Hi I’ve tried so many ways to connect to the colossus but can’t get past the stage of loading smash or kodi1 as it says cannot connect to network server, I’ve checked everything my server is working for everything else but kodi, any suggestions?
    Thanks caza

        1. That error message is almost always a typo in the URL. Make sure you include the http:// at the beginning, and check the entire URL for any other typos. Like I mentioned in my previous comment, you can test to make sure the URL works by entering it into your computer’s internet browser (like Chrome).

  6. This isnt working for me i cant find the kod1repos in zip file nothing shows up and the url is typed in correctly

      1. Whats the alternative? I’ve retried again and colosuss still isn’t working i try to install and nothing happens

  7. When i’m at ‘install zip file’ , it won’t let me select kod1 =/ . The “OK” button doesn’t allow me to click it

      1. the smash one? that’s the first one I tried… I have them both in the zip file part.. just can’t click on them or make “OK” available to click

      2. thought THIS was the alternative one.. must’ve been moving too fast thru your site, oops. But yeah, When I get to “install zip file”, I can’t select anything. not anything new I’ve created or anything old out of the whole list there. Internet is connected, kodi updated, exodus is running fine.. minus the fact I can hardly find anything to stream anymore. Not sure what to do…

        1. Thanks for bringing up that you thought that was the alternative. That made me check and realize I left that note in the other post saying that this was the alternative. I updated it saying that kod1 is down, so Smash is your best bet. Hopefully that will avoid others from getting confused.

  8. Nathan, none of this stuff is working. I have Kodi 16.1, but when I try to update it says I’m up to date. Neither Exodus, colossal nothing installs.

    I’ve loaded the link but when I go to Add-ons and choose kod1 there is a folder with 8 options, none of these do anything. I can’t get past here.

    1. These new repos and add-ons are not compatible with Kodi 16, but they require 17. Checking for updates in Kodi only checks add-ons. You need to manually update Kodi. Which operating system are you using?

      1. Nathan,
        Again, how do I update to 17?
        I recently put the fire stick back to its original settings and now Kodi is lost completely. How can I get it back? Please help.

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