Trakt Not Working in Exodus – How to Fix!

You may have noticed around June 17th that integration stopped working inside of Exodus or SALTS. 

Your Trakt lists disappeared inside those add-ons.

If you reset your Trakt authentication, and try to re-authenticate, it won’t work. It will just reload the same screen. If you look in your Kodi logs, you will probably see the error message “[Exodus] Temporary Trakt Error: 502

Both the Exodus and SALTS Trakt API keys have been deleted from the Trakt website.

This was done by Trakt to prevent either of these add-ons from working with Trakt because of all the Dish Network lawsuit with TVAddons which led to the shut down of TVAddons and Fusion.

However, there is a workaround to get Trakt working again in Exodus.

UPDATE 6/25/2017: If you used an alternative repository like Smash, then Exodus probably updated to the latest version of at least 3.1.19.x which seems to have changed the Trakt integration using a different API key.   If you updated, you will stop seeing the latest watched status on your recently watched episodes.  Just go back into the Exodus settings and authorize it once more.  Then it will work again.

If you still have an older version of Exodus, then either update it or do the fix below…

How to Fix Trakt Not Working in Exodus

  • Go to and login to your account.
  • Click on Settings Your API Apps > + New Application. Enter in a name and skip the description.
  • In Redirect uri, enter urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob for device authentication.
  • Skip Javascript origins, check the permissions /checkin and /scrobble boxes and click on SAVE App.
  • Copy your Client ID and Client Secret key numbers and save them somewhere.
  • On your Kodi device, navigate to the folder just above your Kodi userdata folder and go to Kodi/addons/ and open the file in a text editor.
    Note:  Don’t go to Kodi/userdata/addon_data … Instead go to Kodi/addons
  • Copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret into the following two lines and save the file.
    V2API_KEY = ‘Your New API Key Here’
    CLIENT_SECRET = ‘New Secret Key Here’
  • In the Exodus settings, go to Accounts, and in the Trakt settings, re-authenticate Trakt again.

Note: If Exodus updates and does not fix Trakt, you will have to edit the file again to enter your API credentials.  I suggest you bookmark this page so you can refer back to it if when Exodus updates in the future.

Edit on a Fire TV Stick

If you’re using a Fire Stick and think this fix is not possible, rest assured, it can be done easily.

If you have installed Kodi on your Fire Stick using ADBlink, then you can open up ADBlink on your computer (assuming it’s still installed there), connect to your Fire Stick (assuming the IP hasn’t changed), and then you can easily browse and edit files on your Fire Stick directly through ADBlink.

Trakt Still Working in Bubbles Add-on

If you don’t want to mess with the instructions above, Trakt integration is still working in some other add-ons. For instance, the Bubbles add-on is still working because I think it actually uses the official Trakt add-on’s authentication to work.

I hope this information helps a lot of you who are pulling your hair out trying to fix your integration.

Was this helpful?  Please leave your comments below.  Thanks!

57 thoughts on “Trakt Not Working in Exodus – How to Fix!

  1. Hi Nathan.

    Trying out solution above, however I don’t have a Resources folder under “” either on my Mac or LibreElec.

    Under “” there is settings.xml, which has trakt.user, trakt.token and trakt.refresh.

    I am unsure of where to add the Client ID and Client Secret.

    Please help.


  2. I have a firestick and I’m trying to fix the issue with trakt in kodi but am having trouble following your instructions. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. It sounds like you’re just about there. Could you access the file using ES Explorer’s remote access? If not, try the ADBlink desktop application to remotely edit that file. I’ve linked to another tutorial on how to set that up.

  4. The folders I referred to are in the actual file system of the device, not in Kodi itself. However, see my update on this post. I mentioned that the updated version of Exodus fixes it. You can update it by installing the Smash repo.

  5. Hi Nathan, I’m using ADBLink to edit the file (as ES is a pain without keyboard), but each time I edit file with the new API ID/Secret details and save, it appears to not save the edited info. When I re-open the file, the API deets are back to default. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong in ADBLink? Thanks

  6. Did not fix the issue :(. Trakt still isn’t working on my Android Box. Did this “fix” work for others?

    1. Where did you get stuck? Which add-on are you using, and which version? I ask because the latest version of Exodus (updated using the Smash repo) appeared to fix the Trakt issues.

  7. I (previously) found the userdata folder in the Kodi program. The folder above it is called ‘system’. Nowhere in it could I find Kodi/addons/ nor anything like it. Nor in any other folder.

    I have installed both the SuperRepo and Smash repositories and downloaded the Exodus updates. Both updates failed. What now!

  8. Thank you, so much.

    It took me awhile to figure get the new file loaded (because I have an Google Nexus Player) but I got it figured out and Trakt works again on Exodus.

  9. Dude you have my eternal gratitude, I’ve been running mad the past few days trying to re-activate trakt, for this thank you Master Yoda, a truly master indeed you are

    1. The easiest way I know how is to use adbLink which I mentioned in the post. After you connect to your FireStick using ADBLink on your computer, then you can click on File Manager, then choose “kodi” from the dropdown at the top, and then click “Go”. The left side panel will be at the Kodi directory, and you can drill down from there.

  10. This no longer works for me. After trakt removed the Exodus API key I used the above method, created a new API key and edited the file and it worked for a few days. Around the 25th things I watched were not automatically showing as watched and I had to set that manually. Then yesterday Trakt stopped working almost completely. I removed the settings in Exodus and re-copied the edited file over, then re-authorized in Exodus – but this hasn’t helped. I can see my collection, but the viewed status of everything is missing. if I try to view “New Episodes” nothing happens. I’m using a Minix NEO U1 with Kodi version 17.3 and Exodus version 3.1.16

    1. If you were using an alternative repo like Smash, then the Exodus add-on updated and included a fix for Trakt. Either they replaced the API key with a new one or they updated it to use the official Trakt add-on’s connection. When it broke for me again after that update, I just reauthorized Trakt in the Exodus settings and it worked again.

      1. Just removed Exodus then re-installed from smash repo then authorized Trakt and I’m still having the same problem. Trakt won’t work at all. Very strange.

        1. What version of Exodus are you on now? Do you also have the Trakt Program Add-on installed from the official Kodi repository? I’m not sure if that’s needed anymore, but I just thought about how I have it installed (I think it was necessary when using library integration a while back).

  11. I am pretty new with all this stuff…I did what I needed to in trakt, but I can’t seem to find where I should be saving this API info and code in kodi on my raspberry Pi. Hate to ask for some guidance on where I need to exactly go…..

    1. Lorraine, this is not necessary anymore. See the big update message at the top of the post that explains that you can just use the Smash repo to update your Exodus to the latest version. Then, just reauthorize Trakt. No file editing necessary.

  12. I am running Kodi on FireTV, not a FireStick. I think I was able to navigate to the Kodi userdata folder and update using ES File Explorer, but the Authentication did not work. Is there somewhere else I need to go to modify the files?

    1. Bob, this is not necessary anymore. See the big update message at the top of the post that explains that you can just use the Smash repo to update your Exodus to the latest version. Then, just reauthorize Trakt. No file editing necessary.

  13. Hi I am trying to get this to work on my android box but I can’t open the file. I did install a text editor app but I still get the message that it can’t be opened. Help?

    1. Robin, this is not necessary anymore. See the big update message at the top of the post that explains that you can just use the Smash repo to update your Exodus to the latest version. Then, just reauthorize Trakt. No file editing necessary.

  14. I freaking love you!!!!! MUAH!!! —-FYI: Used your instructions to install Smash, reset my trakt in Exodus settings and re-authorized. Exited and reentered kodi and jackpot! Thanks so much. This was heads and tails easier than other site suggestions. :-)

  15. My current issue with Trakt is the progress and history does not update following watching a new show. I had the issue before and since updating to Exodus 3.1.22 I am able to search and pull up the progress and history, but they are all old and again do not change following a new show being watched. Any help would be great.

  16. Which version of Exodus do you have? If you updated it with something like the Smash repo, then it will update and then all you’ll need to do is reauthorize Trakt. No more need to edit files.

    1. I did not use Smash repo I just chose to uprade through Exodus itself. I shall have to hunt down Smash and try it. In fact I might remove Exodus and reinstall from Smash if thats the best option. Still a bit new at this.

        1. Yes, all sorted now thank you. I uninstalled Exodus, then installed from the version inside the smash zip, authorised Trakt and bingo all our series popped up. Thank you so much, my wife wont beat on me now for losing all her programs, even though I did nothing! Only thing I have to sort now is that when we watch a program it does not get tagged as watched and even though I have Hide Watched checked the episodes stay in the list until I force a Watched in Trakt in the options menu. But we are 100% better than we were.

  17. Hi i have got as far as kodi/addons/plugin.viseo.exodus but then when I click on it there isnt an option named resources/lib/modules? where have i gone wrong, i’m using the Kodi app on a sony tv? I am accessing it from settings part. I on the main page where the power on/off icon is and click the settings icon which is directly next to it then go to file manager then profile directory then above the database icon is addon_data and thats where i found but when i click on that i dont have any thing that says resources/lib/modules? and any of the tabs or whatever they are called don’t actually do anything if i click them? Please help, I don’t know much about this sort of thing but am trying to fix trakt like you explained

  18. My exodus is updated to 4.x. I reauthorized my Trakt account in Exodus settings. Still can’t get Kodi to bring up my saved shows or indicate which episodes I have/haven’t watched. Can you please advise?

    1. First of all, Exodus is abandoned, so you should move to Covenant (which is exactly the same, but works better).

      Now, to see your lists which you’ve setup in your Trakt account, go to TV Shows > My TV Shows > TV Show Lists > [select your list]

      If you’re not seeing your watched shows getting marked as watched, you may need to install the Trakt add-on from the official Kodi repository.

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