The long awaited new Kodi add-on that lambda has been working on is finally released, and it’s called Exodus!  I should have known!!

We knew lambda stopped working on the famous Genesis add-on back in October and was working on a new add-on.  Today, lambda finally announced his new add-on, cleverly (and maybe a bit predictably) named “Exodus”.

Source: Exodus for Kodi is the Successor to Genesis – Kodi News

I was greeted this morning in Kodi by this lovely announcement overlay from

Exodus Announcement

Since I’ve written about the demise of Genesis and the rumors of something new coming from Lambda, I was expecting and looking forward to this.

My Thoughts On Exodus

Before I get into the step-by-step installation guide below, I first want to share some of my thoughts about Exodus after spending a little bit of time on it.


  1. It’s more reliable at getting good streams if you have a Real-Debrid subscription.  Exodus has the latest Real-Debrid API integration as opposed to Genesis which was using the old API which is discontinued.
  2. The idea of having integration is awesome.  SALTS uses it, and after using it, I started not caring about Library Integration or MySQL Shared Library features.  I’m happy that Exodus is going in that direction.


  1. The integration doesn’t appear to be working for me.  It works fine in the SALTS add-on, but not in Exodus. UPDATE: Exodus must have updated because I tried again and now it works!
  2. Like I mentioned above, Exodus doesn’t have library integration, but if we have working integration, then I won’t care much about that.
  3. Exodus seems to be missing the ability to see the most recent episodes from my Trakt list.  I don’t like having to go into each show to see if there is something new.  I like the “My Calendar” feature in SALTS which shows the aired episodes from yesterday, today, and upcoming out of just my Subscription List in Trakt.  Exodus needs a feature like this, and preferably a way to get that to appear on my home screen as a panel widget.

Overall, it’s promising, but I’m going to continue using SALTS which is working great for me.  Check out my tutorial on that if you’re interested.  Otherwise, read on to learn how to install Exodus.

How to Install the Exodus Add-on for Kodi

If you haven’t already done so, go to the Kodi File manager, and add a source to and name it Fusion.   UPDATE: Fusion is shut down.  Use an alternative.

Then go to Settings > Add-ons > Install from Zip > Fusion > xbmc-repos > english >

Kodi Exodus Repository

Next go to Install from Repository > Exodus repository

Kodi Exodus Install from Repo

Video add-ons…


Click on Exodus and click Install

Kodi Exodus Install

That’s it!  You’ve installed Exodus!  Run or launch it from there, or find it in the Video Add-ons.

Kodi Exodus

How to Configure Kodi Exodus Settings

From within the Exodus add-on, go to Tools…

Kodi Exodus Tools

Then click any of the settings options and it will take you to that part of the settings dialog.

Kodi Exodus Settings Shortcuts

Here’s the General settings page.  It has appearance where you can choose between Genesis or Exodus, the Providers Timeout, Indicators, etc.

Kodi Exodus Settings General

The Playback page is where you set Max Quality, Host selection (which I always set to Directory so that it doesn’t have to rescan all the sources if you pick a bad link), File Hosting Filters, and Auto-Play setting.

Kodi Exodus Settings Playback

The Providers page is where you can turn some providers off if you want.

Kodi Exodus Settings Providers

Now this is where you need to pay attention.  The Accounts page in the settings is where you authorize your account as well as your Real-Debrid account,

Kodi Exodus Settings Accounts

The Downloads page is where you can enable downloading in Exodus, but you will have to specify a path where it will save the downloads.  Make sure that path is added as a Video Library source.

Kodi Exodus Settings Download

The Subtitles page lets you globally enable Subtitles for all Exodus videos using their own source for Subtitles.  You may also leave this off and use your own.

Kodi Exodus Settings Subtitles

Authorizing in Exodus

According to lambda’s announcement about the release of the Exodus plugin, one of the big features in Exodus over Genesis is that Exodus has “full integration”.

That means Exodus should rely on your account to sync all your favorite shows, subscriptions, watched status, etc.

The SALTS add-on already has this integration, and it’s awesome!  It has actually made me think that I no longer have to mess with library integration, which I think is the reason behind Lambda’s decision to not include library integration in Exodus.

So, here’s how the Trakt authorization should work in Exodus.  When you click Authorize, you will get a popup like this…

Kodi Exodus Settings Trakt

So, open the browser on the same computer, and go to that URL.  Once you login to your account, you will click the Authorize button, and it will give you a code to enter into the popup dialog in Kodi.

Trakt Exodus Authorize

After that is done, you should be able to go back into the Exodus add-on and go to “My Lists” and it should pull your lists from your account.

“No Trakt or IMDb account found” Error in Kodi Exodus

If you’ve authorized Exodus to work with your account and tested by going to “My Lists” and it gave you this error message, you are not alone.  Many have complained about this issue, and I have the same issue myself.

If anyone knows of the solution to this issue, please leave a comment below to share with the community!

UPDATE: It’s working for me now.

How to Authorize Real-Debrid in Kodi Exodus

In the Exodus settings > Accounts page, under REALDEBRID, click Authorization.

Kodi Exodus Settings Real-Debrid Authorization

A popup like this will appear.  Go to that URL in your browser and enter that code when prompted.

Kodi Exodus Real-Debrid Authorization Code

Play It Safe With a VPN

One more thing, if you’re going to be using a Kodi streaming add-on like Exodus, I highly recommend you play it safe and use a VPN.  A VPN will encrypt your traffic so your ISP doesn’t see what you’re streaming or where you’re streaming it from.  Better safe than sorry, am I right?!

Anyway, I personally use IPVanish and it works great.  Feel free to give it a free trial to make sure it works well for you.

Enjoy Exodus on Kodi!

Thanks for reading!  If you have any questions or tips, please leave a comment below.  Thanks!

60 comments on “Tutorial: How to Install Kodi Exodus, the Successor to Genesis

    • Nathan Kinkead on

      First of all, Trakt isn’t video streaming at all. It’s simply scrobbling things I’ve watched which doesn’t necessarily mean I’m using an unofficial add-on to do so. Secondly, Trakt integration has a checkbox (in SALTS at least) to enable https which is encryption.

  1. Seth Lundgren on

    How do I go about getting the networks tab to work? I was using genesis but the networks tab for tv wasnt working so i followed your instructions to get exodus and the networks tab while it shows me all the networks when i click on one it doesnt show me the shows. It was a really nice feature that i was using for a little bit in genesis but it did the same thing so i figured with exodus being his latest code i would try and see how i like it.

  2. Sean Christian on

    In both Genesis & Exodus, anytime I select “year” under movies & select a year or if I attempt a search in any section, the working tab comes up at the bottom right corner but nothing happens. This just started 2 days ago. I’ve updated all applications including kodi but nothing. Any suggestions?

  3. Lexman420 on

    I’m trying to surch for movies on Kodi and nothing will work example I cannot click most popular featured the only thing that works is people watching

  4. Laura on

    I cannot seem to use exodus at all, it won’t allow me to click on anything on the menu just says working and then stops can anyone help?

    • Nathan Kinkead on

      Something’s not right with that. I haven’t heard of anyone else having an issue with that. I would recommend trying some standard troubleshooting techniques like disabling some other add-ons, rebooting, and as a last resort completely uninstall and reinstall Kodi.

  5. Nicole on

    Hello, how do I know if my jailbroken firestick already has the VPN. I’ve had it since December & ive only been using prime source 1 & as of today I’m using Exoduc I love it!!! I notice everything is better. Can anyone share some light on a jailbroken firestick

  6. Peter Jacques on

    hi ,has the search function for movies been disabled on exodus ? wont search on years , genres , is this why you advise using trakt

  7. Dr. Ryan Kyliuk on

    Since the end of April 2016 showbox stopped streaming and several KODI sources as well. Genesis and Primewire seem to be affected the most. Idk why this has happened but it’s happening all over. Anyone know why??

    • Nathan Kinkead on

      Dr. Ryan,

      As I mentioned in this post, there has been a push away from open ended streaming from servers and towards a paid service on Real Debrid to enjoy unrestricted HD streaming. That’s why all the old Kodi streaming add-ons have stopped working.

  8. caz on

    This is all very new to me so please be patient! Watching movies l have no problems with… its the tv shows…. when ever l click on a tv show to watch… a box then comes up saying buffering….. and to take 59 mins!!! why doesn’t it load automatically like the movies…. it stops are about a minute then says cache full…. desperately want to watch my fave tv shows…. can u help


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