XBMC Changes Its Name to Kodi

In a completely unexpected move, the XBMC team decided to change their name to Kodi. In their blog post announcing the name change, they stated many factors leading to the name change including issues with the name ownership, brand confusion, legal issues, and the departure from its Xbox roots.

I, for one, was blown away by this announcement. It seems like the XBMC brand has grown so big that a drastic name change is going to cause huge amounts of work and business changes. They mentioned the amount of work that is ahead of them to change the name throughout their code, but what I think of is the number of websites and blogs whose business revolves around XBMC. Now all of those businesses are going to have to undergo a transition, move, redesign, and possibly a complete domain name change.

What do you think about this new name change from XBMC to Kodi?

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