How to Stream Xbox One to Windows 10 from ANYWHERE with Internet!

How to stream Xbox One to Windows 10 remotely over the Internet so you can play games anywhere in the world with just a computer and an Xbox controller.

So, you’re going out of town on vacation and you’re not looking forward to going through Xbox withdrawal?  It would be silly to pack up your whole Xbox One with all its gear and bring it with you, right?  What if you can just bring your laptop and an Xbox One controller?  Now you can!

On July 17th, Microsoft finally made it’s Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming feature available to the public (instead of having to be invited to the Xbox Preview program).  The feature lets you use the Xbox app on Windows 10 to connect to your Xbox One over your local network and stream its video to the app.

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can take this functionality to the next level of awesomeness by opening it up to stream Xbox One to Windows 10 over the Internet instead of being confined to your local network.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Xbox One
  • PC with Windows 10
  • Access to configure your home’s router (college campuses are out of luck)

Let’s get started!

Test Streaming on your Local Network

Before we do anything else, make sure you can stream Xbox One to Windows 10 on your local network.

Make sure the feature is enabled on your Xbox One in Settings > Preferences > Allow game streaming to other devices (beta).

Then, on your Windows 10 PC that is connect to the same network, open the Xbox app, go to Connect / Connected on the left sidebar, and click the “Stream” or “Test streaming” button.

If all is working fine so far, then continue with the next steps.

Setup Some Port Forwarding Rules on your Router

Big thanks to the good folks at Reddit for suggesting some ports and port ranges that opened the connection to stream Xbox One to Windows 10 from outside the home network.  A few people suggested some different combinations or ports, so I added all of them to make sure I could get it to work.

The bottom 3 rules shows below are the for this Xbox Streaming feature.  You can ignore the top 3 for this guide since those are for some of my other posts about how to remotely control Kodi with Yatse using port forwarding and how to sync Genesis TV & movie libraries across multiple Kodi HTPCs.

In my example, I’m using a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite (which is the best router for a geek’s home network in my opinion).  But any router will have the ability to setup port forwarding, so this applies anywhere.  The interface will just look different.

So the 3 port forwarding rules you need to add are…

  • 5050
  • 4838
  • 49000-65000

If your router doesn’t seem to support the IP range with a dash, try and enter it like “49000:65000”.

I left the protocols set to “Both” to include both TCP and UDP, however I’m not sure if I actually need both.  But again, I just wanted to get it to work.

For each of those port forwarding rules, you will need to specify the internal IP address of your Xbox One in the “Forward-to address” field.

Make sure your Xbox One uses a static IP address or you use a DHCP reservation for your Xbox One on your router.  That makes your router assign the same IP address each time instead of assigning new random IP addresses.  If the Xbox One IP address changes, then streaming would break and you would have to go into your router to update these port forwarding rules.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Use Dynamic DNS to Know Your Home’s IP Address

Now that you have port forwarding setup, you will need to know what IP address your house is using in order to connect to your Xbox One remotely.

Note: This section is optional.  The idea is just to figure out what your home’s IP address is when you’re away from home.  If you are home, you can just Google search “ip” and it will tell you your home’s external IP address.  That’s all you need.

If you have a remote access client like TeamViewer installed, then you can login to your computer from anywhere and do the Google search.

Otherwise, read on for instructions on how to use a Dynamic DNS host name.

There are many ways you could do this, but what I have done is setup a free dynamic DNS service with setup my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite with access to that account so it can automatically report an IP address change to which will update the DNS on my dynamic DNS sub-domain.

If your router doesn’t have a dynamic DNS feature, you can always use No-IP instead of and you can download their No-IP desktop client which will run in the background and report your home’s external IP address back to No-IP.

Tip: If you don’t want to remember your dynamic DNS host domain and you own your own domain, you can create a CNAME record at your own domain to have sub-domain of your choice point to your dynamic DNS address.

Once your dynamic DNS is setup, open Windows Command Prompt on your remote Windows 10 PC by searching the start menu for “cmd”.  In the black command prompt window, type “ping”.  To be clear, you type the word ping and then hit space and then type your dynamic DNS address and hit Enter.  It will then show you the IP address of your home.

The reason why you will have to ping your dynamic DNS address instead of just using that address in the Xbox app is that the Xbox app will only accept and IP address and will not let you enter a domain or sub-domain.

Enjoy Xbox One Gaming on the Go!

You’ve probably guessed by now that the final step is to open the Xbox app on your remote Windows 10 PC, go to the Connect / Connected page and type your home’s IP address in the box labeled “Xbox One not listed? Enter your console’s IP address:” and click the Connect button.

If all goes well, you should be streaming your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC in no time!

Things to Keep in Mind


Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming uses about 9 mbps of bandwidth which means the upload speeds of your home Internet access should be higher than that.  Usually residential Internet access has download speeds much higher than upload speeds, so you may want to check on that.

There is a quality setting that you can change between low, medium, and high, so if you have bandwidth issues, try a lower quality setting.

Some Xbox One Apps Don’t Allow Streaming

Just so you know, some apps on the Xbox One don’t allow streaming to PC.  One example is Netflix.  If you try to stream Netflix to your PC from your Xbox, it will tell you that you’re not allowed to do that.

That example is fine because why would you want to do that?  There is a Netflix app on Windows 10 anyway.  But, can’t help but wonder what other apps may have streaming disabled?

Turn on the Xbox One Remotely

I haven’t figured out how to enable the “Turn on” feature yet when access remotely.  It uses some magic packet to do Wake on LAN (WOL) which apparently can’t be forwarded through a router.  If anyone figures out how to do this, please let me know in the comments.

UPDATE 9/12/2015: Someone named Schamper on Reddit posted a Python script that he wrote that will remotely turn on your Xbox One.  All it needs is your public IP, port 5050 forwarded to your Xbox One, and secret code called the “LiveID” found in your Xbox One console settings area.  Several people in the thread have asked to use the script to start developing it into websites and apps, so I expect this kind of thing will start appearing soon.  Thanks, Jimmy Lee, for the tip in the comments!

UPDATE 1/24/2016: There is now a Windows 10 app in the Windows App Store called “Xoon” which is a remote app for the Xbox One and it works to turn the Xbox One on and off remotely.  Thanks, justme, for the tip in the comments!

Other workarounds for remotely turning on the Xbox One include:

  • RDP / TeamViewer into a Windows 10 PC in your home that is always on and use its Xbox app to turn on the Xbox One.
  • Have an answering machine next to the Xbox so you can call the phone and leave a message saying “Xbox on”.
  • Use some notification messaging service to make an old Android phone speak “Xbox on” next to the Xbox.  I could probably use Tasker and AutoRemote for this.

Other Methods

As someone mentioned in a community question, opening these ports could possibly grant someone access to your Xbox One if they know what your home IP address is.  If you passcode protect your Xbox account, there’s not a whole lot they could do, but there is some risk there.

NOTE: Commenter, Echo Zulu, reported that they set a passcode, but that locked themselves out after they set off on a trip because you can’t enter the passcode remotely.  So, you might want to avoid that.

Also, Mina shared a suggestion in the comments that a VPN is a good solution.  If your router has VPN capabilities, then you can remotely connect to your home’s LAN through a VPN.  This also enables the Wake on LAN feature so you can turn the Xbox on using the Xbox app in Windows 10.  Plus, there is a security benefit with the VPN solution.  Thanks for your suggestion, Mina!

Your Thoughts?

Having issues?  Have a suggestion on how to make this work better?  Please let me know in the comments below or Ask a Question.

181 thoughts on “How to Stream Xbox One to Windows 10 from ANYWHERE with Internet!

  1. Hi, can you confirm if the DVD app from the Xbox One can be streamed (or is it part of cannot be streams app list)? I would like to stream DVD movies discs from my Xbox one to Surface tablet.

    1. Nil, so far, Microsoft has only said you can stream games. So I don’t think that DVD streaming will work, but I haven’t tried it yet. If anyone has tried it, please let me know. Thanks.

  2. Hi, i dont get this point :Use Dynamic DNS to Know Your Home’s IP Address! could you please explain it to me step by step ? thank you

    1. Wuhey, I have a whole section about that point. Which part doesn’t make sense? The whole point is that you will need to know the IP of your home in order to connect to your Xbox remotely. Using Dynamic DNS is just one way of doing that. Another way to do that is to TeamViewer into your home computer (that would have to be always on) and just Google search for “ip”. I personally like to be able to just ping my dynamic DNS address to get my home’s IP.

      1. When setting up the DNS, will the destination be the IP address of the XBOX one? I have set up a static IP for it within my router settings.

  3. Hey bud, does this actually work and your able to stream your xbox one outside of your home? I have yet to try this but i might teamviewer my home computer to find out the IP. Seems less technical for me than using dns and all that lol.Also when i try to open ports 45000-65000 it interferes with another port thats open automatically on my router that i cant remove. should i forward ports up to 63,456 etc and then continue from 63,457-65,000? Hopefully that made sense the way I wrote it out. Also my xbox one isn’t a static ip address. it is wired ethernet but everytime i check the ip, it has been staying the same, so i should be able to keep it automatic right?

    1. Forwarding all the ports around that should be fine. Also, you should setup a DHCP reservation for your Xbox One so that your router will always give it the same internal IP address. That’s the only way to setup port forwarding to it.

  4. thanks for the port info. I’m trying to use your method to see if it works better than mine. My Method: Was to set-up a VPN .I Connected my laptop to my home network via VPN and the Xbox App worked 100% including waking up the Xbox One. It was easy, my router had VPN and DNS options built into it. Anyway, I Have ton of bandwidth at home but i have yet to go somewhere with decent amount of bandwidth to test both methods to see which streams better. As soon as i do, i will reply to this comment or create another.

    1. Ok so i tried your method and it failed terribly (dont get discourged though, i would love to see it perfected) but the failure re assured me that VPN is the best way to do it. Using VPN i was able to get the APP to work 100% ontop of having freedom to connect to multiple Xbox (i have 2 at home) . I just have to get the router/qos to make VPN a priority or something.

      1. Mina, thank you so much for sharing. I’m sorry my method didn’t work for you. I wonder what went wrong. But, I’m glad the VPN method worked well for you. I’ll update the post to mention this as another method.

      2. How did you set up your VPN solution? Do I need to port forward if I use VPN?

        I am trying to do a VPN setup with OpenVPN on my Asus router. I can ping the Xbox, but I can not seem to get the Xbox app to connect.

    2. I found another way to turn on the console without a VPN. Basically, you need another computer at home (I used a raspberry Pi 2) that sends two broadcasting UDP packets (with a particular data). You then can set it up, opening ports on your router to enable calling a IP:PORT to turn the console on.

      1. Could you let us know how exactly you did this, I have a rPi2 on the same LAN as my xbox, would love to know the commands to send the UDP packets and “particular data”.

          1. Sorry, that comment was pending moderation. I tried approving it, but it’s not showing up. I’m pasting it here. Thanks for your help, Ricardo!

            Ricardo Alves

            Yes I can. Hre’s the steps, I can provide more details:
            – First assign your raspberry pi 2 a static IP address.
            – After this install socat on it: sudo apt-get install socat. This step enables you to broadcast UDP commands via terminal or a script (we will use a script).
            – After this, even if you write a script you want it to be called when you don’t have physical access to you rpi2. There’s a lot of options, but I installed Apache: sudo apt-get install apache2 -y
            – Now install PHP: sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5 -y
            – Next step is t o write the script and place it on next to the index.html file that apache uses. For this go to /var/www/html (using cd command).
            – Once there, create a new script file: sudo nano
            – Write the following to the script:
            # Script
            echo -ne $var1 | socat – UDP4-DATAGRAM:,broadcast
            echo -ne $var2 | socat – UDP4-DATAGRAM:,broadcast
            – Save the script. And just one more step: create a index.php that calls this script. For this delete the index.html: sudo rm indec.html. Now create the new file: sudo nano index.php. Paste the following:
            – The last step is for you to go to your router and open port 8 0 to your raspberry pi 2 and assign you xbox console as DMZ host. It is done! Any questions reply.

    3. Do you have a walkthrough on how to set up a VPN on your home network? I would love to able to play at work on my laptop. I would really appreciate some help. :)

  5. Hello, I have figured it out how to turn on the console remotely :P However, it requires a computer (I used a raspberry Pi 2) in the same network as the xbox one :P

  6. I tried to record my voice saying “XBOX ON”, set this as my phone ringtone, but it isn’t working.
    Anyone tested? If succeded, could you send me your audio?
    I tried to sniff all my tpc and udp ports when trying to power on my x1 from local network and tried to port forwarding all the resulted ports to my x1 without success.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I did an audio recorded from google translator and it worked, but I can’t use for my purpose: watch tv.

      I’m from Brazil, and I need to change my settings to English to make “xbox on” working, but this excludes my oneguide configuration from Brazil.

      Do you guys have an idea? (My PC can’t Wake on Lan and my router isn’t supported for DD-WRT)

    2. I got this working via a bluetooth speaker but it had to be loud and clear, didn’t work until my 4th recording attempt, but that one works every time now. Just speak slowly and clear and find something to play it loud from.

  7. i have a linksys router and in portforwarding settings it says external port and internal port. Can you tell me which ones the original port and whoich ones the forward to port. Also why did you leave the forward to port empty?

      1. oh thank you very much. Also i read somewhere that the static ip address of an xbox one must be outside of the ip address range of the router. Is this true, do i need to make the ip outside the range of the router? My router has a range from to 149, and i put my xbox one ip higher than that .

        1. If you give your Xbox One a static IP, then yes, you will need to choose an IP that is outside of the DHCP range where your router will be dynamically assigning IP addresses. That way, you avoid having duplicate IPs.

          1. thank you so much for all your help.
            are you considering making a video on this, it would be really popular

          2. Hi, I’ve been trying too do this for days now but still can’t get the ports too open on my netgear wndr4500v2. Would it be possible for u too use TeamViewer or something too control my computer and setup my router for this please??? Thanks Chris…

        1. You will need to do port range forwarding since it is a big range of possible ports that the Xbox One could be using. This will only work if your router supports forwarding IP ranges.

  8. Hello there. i am new to port forwarding and i am trying really hard to understand this. I have a Arris Modem if that helps any.. My xbox one is with my parents and i am away for awhile and i really wanna play my xbox one (No point in that but wanted to share) How do i do this? lol please help and thank you.. Also it is not letting me put “49000-65000” it is only putting 49000.. Please help me, please and thank you! :(

  9. I really appreciate the walk-through. I am having no issues besides the fact that my public IP address is IPv6 and not IPv4. This is causing issues when trying to plug in my public IP into the xbox app as stated in the walk-through as the xbox app requires what seems to be an IPv4 IP address. Because of this, there are too many characters in my IPv6 IP which is not allowing me to plug in my IP into the xbox app. Is there a way around this issue? Please help!

  10. Could somebody please help me get this up and running??? i’ve been trying too do this for a few day’s now but every time i test too see if my ports are open using simple port tester it fails and say’s that my ports are not open. My router is the netgear wndr4500v2 so if anyone want’s too help me set this up please do reply, Thanks Chris…

  11. What is a really good computer for streaming capabilities that is preferably
    under $500? and windows 10 of course

    1. You wouldn’t need any high powered specs to stream 9mbps over the Internet. Your Internet access is much more likely to be a bottleneck than the specs of the computer. But specs I always look for are…
      – Decent CPU (don’t need anything too crazy)
      – SSD (solid state drive)
      – 8+ MB RAM
      – Discrete graphics card (meaning not the on-board graphics)
      But again, to be honest, any cheap netbook could probably stream Xbox One if your network is fast enough.

  12. hello, i’m trying to setup the port forwarding method. when setting the ports to forward it doesn’t let me use 49000-65000. I receive an error message saying “To avoid possible conflicts with the USB FTP Server, please enter another service port outside the range of 59990-59999”. My router is the TP-Link Archer C7. Please could you help me?? thanks Jamie.

      1. When I log in to my router and go to the usb section, it says it’s already disabled. This led me to think those ports are permanently reserved for the feature so I then set two separate ranges before before and after the usb server port range. Then when trying to stream, pc couldn’t find my Xbox.

  13. Hey Nathan. I have an Edge Router Lite and Setup a VPN using L2TP and can stream across it no problem. Only issue again is turning the xbox on through VPN. Thats not working for me. I wanted to see if you tried VPN on your Edge Router yet and if you have can you turn your xbox on remotely? Not sure how Mina is having no issues with VPN turning the xbox on.

    1. Do you have a walkthrough on how to set up a VPN on your home network? I would love to able to play at work on my laptop.

  14. Just wondering. Can you accomplish this using port triggering as well? The reason I ask is because I’d like to be able to access more than one Xbox on my network and you can only port forward to one

    1. You have more than one Xbox One on your network? Nice! I’m not sure how you would do this with multiple since the port forwarding does direct the ports’ data to one IP. I haven’t used port triggering, so not sure if I can help in that area. Let me know how it goes!

  15. Can anybody please tell me how I setup my router too use the VPN too turn xbox on, Not really sure what I need too put in the VPN settings…

  16. Hey Nathan please help me I am going to holand next week and I am taking my windows 10 tablet I want to play xbox whilst I am there but can’t figure out how to do the port forwarding I have a hg635 talktalk router and can not figure out to port forward to my xbox any help would be great cheers pal :)

    1. Patrick,

      I’m sorry, but I’m not familiar with the interface of all routers, and I’ve never even heard of yours. Keep in mind that some routers may not even have the feature to do port forwarding.

  17. You can only use the Windows 10 app wake feature in a VPN if you setup a Layer 2 VPN (L2TP, OpenVPN TAP), this does not work with Layer 3 VPNs (IPSec, OpenVPN TUN, routed), There are many disadvantages for L2 VPNs but there the python script might come in handy.

    1. Hi Marcus, i have an PPTP to my home network too, but how could you turn on your xbox? (i cant turn it on, even if im fisically on my lan

  18. Hi, could someone turn on the xbone?, the win10app doesent turn it on (just let me manageit if the console was suspend), and the python app never finde de console….

  19. I seem to be having some issues. I’m kind of new to this stuff but for the most part (from what I can tell) I’ve been able to do everything in this guide except port forward the 49000-65500 range. When I try it says “” I can’t tell if this is the only thing holding me back from being able to play on the go, or if I am doing something else wrong. I use a xfinity modem. I’ve been able to set up my DNS stuff, and when I ping gives me what I need, but when I put it into the xbox app, it’s says it can not find the xbox…The only thing I can tell is that the problem with the port forwarding range is what is giving me the problems

  20. Has anyone had any luck with this method using an Actiontec MI424WR router? This router is provided by my ISP (Verizon Fios)

  21. Anyone know if the Xbox One is susceptible to hacking if it’s open to the internet in this particular setup? Would anyone be able to remotely turn on, connect or stream? I like this idea but not at the cost of security.

  22. Does anyone know if you can remote to xbox without a controller? on PS4 you can use other methods (smartphone touch etc.) I mean remote AND be able to control it

    1. I don’t think you can at the moment. I mean you can connect to it and see your screen, but you won’t be able to control anything since they haven’t implemented mouse and keyboard inputs *yet*.

      1. And they won’t implement mouse and keyboard input.

        You can control the dashboard with your keyboard but gaming isn’t and won’t be possible with kb/m or at least M$ won’t implement it.

  23. Steven, first of all, I’m very sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. It’s that busy time of year! Anyway, nothing comes to mind that would solve your issue. One thing about ping… pinging is a separate protocol and port and sometimes is blocked even when other ports may be open and functioning. So, pinging to see if you’re connected is not always accurate. The main thing I check with ping is to see what IP address my DDNS host is resolving to. Make sure it’s the same IP address as your house’s external IP.

  24. I have followed all of the steps above. When pinging my ip address I get request time out. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Thanks in advanced.

  25. Anyone know how well tv(oneguide) streaming(ota via Hauppauge) works with this?
    Does fm(xb1 platform based) games multiplayer have issues given the ipsec route they take?

  26. Fantastic article thanks for writing! I have several profiles set up for family sharing. I have my main account locked to a 6 digit passcode. When I attempt to start streaming it asks me to login to my account on the console. Is there a way to do this remote? I have the smartglass app and the xbox app, however it wont allow me unlock the account remotely.

      1. Thanks Nathan for the quick reply. I found a workaround. Using the Xbox app I can stream to my console by loging into to a non secured profile for one of my kids. From there I now have control of the console where I can switch my profile back to myself by entering my code. If you have a profile that has security, you may want to create a second profile. Keep that profile unlocked and have your console automatically log into the guest profile. Now when you’re ready to stream to your console, you just sign into your guest account and when your stream has started you can switch to your secured user profile.

          1. Microsoft put the must be signed in feature as an added security measures back in the November Update. I would set your account to auto sign in. Make sure that you choose the option to make sure that it asks for your pin/password when purchasing anything. All 3 of my kids have pins, never leave anything unsecure. Its a great added security feature that way if someone happens to get your Public IP, unless they know your Microsoft user and Password they are not able to stream, Although they will be able to use the controller function to mess with you why you are streaming. I would not use the guest account as then if someone does happen to find and utilize your public IP they will be able to stream and start deleting games, apps, etc.

    1. Vidal, the DNS section is actually optional. It was just one way you could see what your home’s IP address is if you’re not home. If you are home, or if you install something like TeamViewer to access your home computer, then just Google “IP” and it will tell you what your external IP address is.

  27. I’m having some trouble with this guide. I forwarded the ports to my xbox one IP address and i reserved it with the dchp option. So when i type the Ip address of my computer into the xbox app to connect it just says to turn my xbox on. My xbox is already on so im stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. You don’t type in the IP address of the computer, you type in the IP address of the Xbox or of your home if accessing remotely. From within your home, Google “ip” to get your home’s external IP address.

  28. Anyone able to do this currently? I am having an issue, and nothing I have tried is resolving it. Background: I am an “IT guy”, followed all the steps above.

      1. It says it cannot find the xbox when I search for it. I even tried putting the x1 on the dmz and still no luck. I have several other ports open for various reason on the router and they all work great.

        1. Does it with locally if you use the Xbox One’s internal IP address? I want to make sure at least that works for you before you start troubleshooting the router ports.

          1. Ok, so have you opened all the ports and port ranges I mentioned in the tutorial? And, you’re not just “opening” the ports, but you are using “port forwarding” to forward traffic on those ports to the internal IP address of your Xbox One? Have you verified that your Xbox One hasn’t changed its internal IP address? Then, when you are trying to access it remotely, are you using the external IP address of your home?

          2. Yup. All of that is done correctly. And double checked the internal ip as well as the external. Wondering if it could be a firewall issue of some sort.

  29. I am having an issue and I hope someone can share a little insight. I do have some background in IT so the concept is not foreign to me. I have a D-Link router provided to me by Optimum (their “Smart Router”) and it does support port forwarding however I can only forward a port to another port and I cannot select a range of ports (i.e. 49000-65000). I’m not sure if this is what is preventing me from doing this… Also I tried using the “XOON” app to remotely power on my Xbox and it can never establish a connection, probably due to the same port forwarding issue. I have locally streamed my console to my laptop many times without issue. Could firewalls be preventing this (either ISP firewall or work network)? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

      1. Is it possible to check what port my xbox is using right now? I can Access my router from where I am. This way I could forward the correct port.

        1. You can try WireShark to listen to your network activity and if you filter by the IP of your Xbox, it should show you all the ports that it’s using when you’re doing local streaming to a PC. If you find new ports that weren’t in the original instructions, please let me know so I can update this post to help others.

          1. I’m sorry but I don’t understand how WireShark Works. Do you have any ideas what can be wrong with my setup?

          2. I just tested it again and I was able to successfully stream my home Xbox from an outside network using the same settings. Actually, I think the only difference in the test I just did is that I copied the source ports to the destination ports, so they matched. Don’t think it’s required to do it like that though.

            So, other things to check…

            1. You said you can access your router from where you are… what do you mean by that? Are you home? Or can you access your home router from an outside network (like at your work)?

            2. Make sure you are trying to connect to the correct external IP address for your home. If you Google search for “ip” from within your home, that is the IP address you should enter in the Xbox app to connect to your Xbox when you’re in an outside network.

            3. Make sure you have set the correct internal IP address of your Xbox all the port forwarding rules. Most routers will let you see in the DHCP settings the names and IP addresses for all the devices connected to the network. You will see the name of your Xbox in there. Make sure that’s what you’re using in your port forwarding rules. These internal IP addresses will change all by themselves on a periodic basis unless you specifically define that device to that IP address as a “DHCP Reservation” or a “Static Map” in your router.

          3. 1. Yes, I can Access my router from an outside Network
            2. I’m using the correct Public IP address
            3. I already set the port forwarding as you described.

  30. Great guide I can’t wait to get this to work, as I travel more than 50% for work and am missing out playing xbox with buddies. On problem I can’t get the command prompt to ping my external ip successfully. I’ve tried the googled address, I’ve connected my router to afraid and cmd prompt won’t ping it either. Any help to get me unstuck, it’s so close I can feel it.

  31. Hello everyone. Is anyone familiar how the Netgear Nighhawk R8000 should be set up for this? I’ve done everything I believe and somehow my xbox changed its IP…any help would be great.

      1. Thanks for attempt brother, but still no luck. I even downloaded and paid for that Xoon app for windows 10, followed their steps.

        1. yup, I’ve done everything now…set up “NO-IP”, have it running in the background. Static IP on the Xbox set up as well as on the router. All the ports forward to the xbox IP and once I’m on a different wi-fi, the XOON app cannot find my “already” turned on xbox. Thoughts anyone?

          1. Jason, oh, so your issue is only with the XOON app? I don’t even use that, but it was suggested by other commenters. Have you tried to stream to your Xbox One from the Windows 10 Xbox app?

          2. No problem, I got it working but realized I needed more up speed. So I increased my bandwidth which resulted in receiving a new modem. Since this change, my home IP address changed and I cannot login now. Any thoughts?

          3. Sorry, Jason. I’m not quite sure what in your setup is causing it to not work. If you did in fact go through all the steps and set everything correctly, it’s possible your ISP might be blocking some ports that prevent it from working remotely.

          4. How did you get streaming working on your netgear? I am having issue where I cannot stream inside our outside the network.

    1. Matt, sorry to hear that. I may appear complicated, but it’s actually not too bad. The troubleshooting steps are only if you have issues, but when I did it, it worked fine the first time.

      It also just might not be the best solution for everyone. I rarely ever use this feature because I have a home theater PC on one TV and an Android streaming box on another… both running Kodi.

  32. Hey there Nathan,

    Implemented this and it worked like a charm! Quick question or two for you (if you’re still actively checking this):

  33. I ran through the steps mentioned above and wasn’t able to get it to work. I have an ASUS router connected to a Motorola modem. I ended up getting it working by changing the Gateway mode from Routed to Bridged. I had to do this through my Modem’s GUI, not the Router. I did notice that after doing this my WAN IP became my global IP address, I don’t like that. I ended up going back to Routed mode ( You’ll have to reset the modem”) and living without.

    1. Yeah, you don’t want to switch your router to Bridged mode. You need a router to protect your network from the internet. Did your router not have the ability to do port forwarding?

  34. I am having trouble doing this. Ports are forwarded, Xbox One is has an address reservation under LAN setup in my netgear router. Router support dynamic dns, and have one set up. Not too familiar with dynamic dns, but it gives me the same ip every time. I thought the issue was that the ip address changes ? Another thing is that my port forwarding wants me to specify and internal and external ip address, with an option for any for the external ip address. When I ping my dynamic dns and enter the ip given, the xbox app tells me there is no xbox one with that ip address. Any help ?

  35. I had this working great before my trip. One of your comments struck a cord with me, which was adding a passcode to my Xbox to prevent unauthorized remote access, so I created a passkey. Unfortunately, now that I’m on my trip, I can’t figure out how to enter my pass key remotely and sign into the console. Streaming won’t start until I sign in. Any ideas?

    1. Oh no! I wouldn’t think that would lock you out since you should be signed in to the same Microsoft account in your Xbox app on Windows 10. Are you still not able to get in?

      1. No, I have no way of entering the pass key without streaming on the console. It uses the D pad for the code. You can’t stream until the passkey is entered.

          1. Yes and no, I’m never prompted to enter passkey because I can’t see the login screen (no streaming).

  36. I’m having an issue with the streaming part, everytime I press the stream button the screen gets itself ready to stream xbox, then it says network quality problems while theres no sound nor there something showing in the screen. Then the stream closes.

    1. I’m having this same problem. I’ve tried to troubleshoot it extensively but can’t solve it. It isn’t a bandwidth problem as if you bring up the network stats, it shows that it’s currently using 0 mbps. My router logs show no forwarding activity at all as if the router is blocking the traffic from getting there (but I have a bunch of other port forwarding that is working)

      I eventually gave up and put the XBOX in the DMZ and everything worked fine. So, it definitely seems like a key port is being blocked. Like, maybe the XBOX is using a port that isn’t in the specified range.

      1. I did some more testing, even if I VPN into my network it doesn’t work. The XBox App sees the XBox, it can connect, but testing the streaming comes up with all red Xs and attempting to actually stream says “Connected” and then shows the “network quality problems” while no video appears on screen and showing the diagnostic page shows 0 mbps until it disconnects.

        This same computer can connect and stream just fine locally.

    2. I’m having an issue as well. I have a very fast, wired connection at home, a fast connection remotely, and yet when I attempt to stream, I either get no screen or a very jumbled one. These results were true whether I connected using port forwarding like the OP describes or a DMZ as others suggested. On my home network, streaming tests at 20MBPS, but if I go to the test screen while trying to stream from any other location, speed tests on the XBOX detailed stats come back with download 1.15Mbps and upload just over 5. Since my home connection is solid and my remote connection is too, this speed loss has to be something in the router setup, right? Anyone solve this yet or have any ideas? Pulling my hair out over this one.

      1. The Internet speeds you pay for are theoretically, and you can almost never reach those numbers. It sounds like you would need to upgrade if you can. Also, remember that when you’re accessing remotely, you’re using your home’s upload speed to stream from Xbox to you.

  37. I can only add a virtual server, my router it said: Virtual Servers / Port Forwarding but when I click on add its only add a virtual server :(

  38. I have all the ports forwarded, had to make 3 separate rules for the large chunk cause the router wasn’t taking all of them at once, and my Xbox has a reserved IP address but when I attempt to do this from a remote network I can not find my Xbox. I have even tried with the Xbox on the DMZ but still nothing. When I google search for my ip on my home network. an ipv6 addr pops up and I have to search other sites or check my router website for the ipv4. Could the problem be that my router is ignoring the packet on the ipv4 addr? I have xfinity as an ISP

  39. Just a small question, maybe it’s answered already, couldn’t find any info on it.

    If you setup the port forward and DMZ to stream xbox one over the internet.
    Does the streaming still work within the local network? or do you always have to stream through the internet?
    I have an AC1900 wifi router at home for local wifi connections,

      1. Hi Nathan, thx for the reply
        I’ve setup up everything correctly now, i guess

        First router/modem from my ISP(ip dhcp disabled, firewall, wireless signal, etc all turned of
        2nd router dlink dir-880l, static ip ( DHCP active, port-forwarding set, lan-ip for the dlink set to,
        reserved ip for xbox one. dynamic DNS is setup and connected
        Also done port forwards on the first router.

        Can’t find the xbox thru ip-adress even when its turned one, on local network it’s there to connect and power on.
        thx for any advice.


  40. right, still trying to figure out how to get this to work!

    Now i’ve changed the second router to be acting like an AP, static ip, disabling firewall port forwarding dchp etc…
    First router/modem, input the port forwarding with those 3 rules, even put the local xbox one ip in the DMZ,
    Also have external access on router active, but can’t seems to login from a different network

    Streaming over local network works like a treat, with my AC1900 router (D-Link DIR880L) and my new laptop with AC wifi standard, i rarely get hick ups on very high settings (with my 8 year old laptop i only could do medium quality)

    I only with this to work with remove access, but need help with router settings,
    I’ll try and find out what make and model the ISP modem/router is

    But any tips are more then welcome

    Thanks in advance

      1. You said “perhaps here’s the issue”… where? What’s the issue?

        Are you now trying to access your home’s external IP address from outside of your network? If you do that from the Xbox app, it should now be forwarding that traffic to your Xbox One internally.

  41. Does the computer I’m using to Access the xbox console has to be outside the LAN to use my home’s Public IP to connect to the xbox from the app? I did everything as you described and I can Access my router from WAN but my xbox app cannot Access my console with my homes’s Public IP adress.

    1. That depends on the capabilities of your router. It’s hard to tell if that would always work or not. I know sometimes it doesn’t. Try it on someone else’s wifi or on your phone’s wifi hotspot to test it. If it still doesn’t work, there might be something wrong in the setup.

      1. Okay, I’m outside of my LAN now but still can’t reach my xbox with the app. I can ping my router from here and even log into it so it shouldn’t be a problem. What else could’ve gone wrong?

  42. Hello, I have done everything you said to do, and It seems to connect to my Xbox, but the second I hit stream it says it is having connection problems, and breaks off. I know its not the internet because I have very fast home internet, and the internet I am trying to run my pc on is very fast as well. I am only 14, and this is my first time trying to do something like this, and I am just hoping someone could give me a possible solution.

    1. What’s your home’s upload speed? Usually, this is much less than your download speed. So, even if your Internet speed is fast, you may be judging by your download speed. You’ll need an upload speed of at least 10 mbps, preferably more to avoid buffering.

  43. Hello! I have had some luck with trying this out, but whenever I try to stream a game (keep in mind I am not on the same wifi as the xbox) it says “Network Failed”- I am trying to play on a friends xbox because mine broke. I think it is because i havn’t ever connected it on the same wifi. I will be going over to his house, so if I do it over his wifi, will it work? Or do I need to do something else. Thanks!

    1. not working for me either i have the same problem. it says stream is started but the actual screen wont show up on my laptop. and when i click diagnostics it says o mbs so no data is being tranferred at all. but still able to use buttons on xbox apps to control xbox one remotely

      1. It sounds like some necessary ports for the streaming video are getting blocked, but the ports for the remote controller are working fine. I’m not sure if Xbox has changed the needed ports since I originally wrote this tutorial.

  44. Hi everyone,
    I had everything working so far! i have streamed games on the laptop from my home xbox when i’m at a mates house.
    But a recently have download speed issues at home network, making streaming very laggy
    I have a download speed on the xbox of 1,15Mb/s as it is always fixed to that speed.
    after i do a full reboot on the network devices it works again, but only for a short period, (maybe a day or 2)
    I had set up my brothers xbox for streaming to, and it worked, but again, his download speed on xbox is also 1,15Mb/s, still laptop gets full internet speeds on his and my network.
    I hate to think they (xbox) restricted these ports into limited download speeds?
    anyone have more info on this, or could help me out with the slow 1,15Mb/s download on xbox (when it suppose to be 100Mb/s)

      1. Hi Nathan, cheers for the info,
        but i’m pretty sure my hardware is still very much ok,
        as of now, i have the port forward rules mentioned here disabled and guess what, my download speed on xbox is back to normal!
        Lets seen if tomorrow it will still be good?
        If so, i’ll try and add the rules again, if it then fails to maintain the normal d/l speed then microsoft must have done something to prevent those portforwarding rules to work!

          1. it was fine, and friday i have re-entered the port rules from here, and when i tested it today it was back at 1.15Mb/s :(
            so, i’ll remove the port forwards again and test without for an entire week.
            If my d/l speed on xbox keep at 95Mb/s the entire week, it’ll be those rules that causing the download limit.

          2. Up untill today xbox still was working at full speed!
            So i’ve re-enabled the portforward rules again tonight, and will see in a day or 2 if the download speed drops to a steady 1,15Mb/s again.
            If that is the case, microsoft somehow blocks d/l while using these port forward rule set!

          3. After 2 days the d/l speed was back down to 1.15Mb/s
            So it sure has to do with these portforward rules. But i haven’t the slightest idea how to fix it….
            Any help would be usefull!
            For the moment i’ll leave those disabled!

          4. Hmm, maybe leaving those ports open bog down the Xbox over time due to the increasing amount of traffic from the Internet that it is receiving on those ports. Or, maybe the Xbox sees those ports open and decides to download stuff through that instead of the normal ports. I imagine those ports might be throttled by your ISP since they are not typically used for web browsing.

  45. i cant get this to work, i am trying to stream my xbox from home while, connected to my phone as a hot spot while i am out.

    i have my xbox on a static ip, i have the ports fowarded on my netgear ac1750.

    when i am on my phones network and open the xbox app and enter my homes ip address i get nothing.

    not sure what i am doing wrong . please help :)

  46. Well, I have done everything right but, I still don’t know if it works,
    because I am a twelve-year-old boy that cannot connect to another
    network via wifi or an Ethernet cable. Actually, I did not like the Dynamic DNS, so I had used No-IP like you writed in the third section of this post, also you should do a video about it and put it in the post.
    My question is,does it properly work?

  47. I have my port forwarding set up as described, but it wont let me access the xbox using my public ip. It works with the Xbox’s ip, but only when connected to the same wifi as the xbox. Is there a step I am missing?

    1. Sorry, this tutorial is a little old and I don’t think it works anymore (after some Xbox updates). I haven’t found any updated tutorial. If you find one, please let me know.

      1. Hi Nathan,

        My remote streaming to a Windows 10 PC was working per your instructions until a recent XBox update. It does not work any more.

        Please let me know if you find a work-around.

        Thanks! and have a great day.

    1. Last week, I actually installed WireShark again and started digging into the packets, protocols, and ports used by Xbox streaming to Windows 10 and the result was exactly the same ports that I have in this tutorial. But, my testing hit a road block when I could not access anything in my home’s IP address from outside my house. I think it’s not working because ISPs are actually more secure these days and block incoming requests to your home’s IP address on these ports. Either that, or my router is doing it now… maybe an update?

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