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      Thanks for the great info on port forwarding for Xbox One streaming to Windows 10. I’ve already managed this successfully with a VPN, but your method is a lot simpler. I set it up and will try it next time I’m out of the house and have decent WiFi access.
      However, you made no mention of security. As far as I can tell, the streaming connection is not validated by Windows Live/Xbox Live account, meaning as long as your Xbox is on, anyone on the local network with the Xbox Windows 10 app should be able to connect to your Xbox. Am I wrong about this? I know I was able to connect with my wife’s credentials when I was logged into the Xbox.
      If this is the case, by opening these ports, anyone with your IP address could simply log into and play your Xbox (or access your personal info if you have your Xbox set to log in automatically at startup).
      That’s one way the VPN solution is better. Alternatively, you could use IP filtering if you play from a dedicated location and your router supports the function, or possibly change the security settings on the Xbox to require password or pin login?
      Just a thought…

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      Thanks for your input on this!  I really appreciate it.  You have some very good points.  The port forwarding solution does pose some possible security issues if someone figures out the IP of your house.  I updated my post to include your suggestion…

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