TeaTV is a free TV show and movie streaming Android app (APK) that runs on any Android device including Fire TV Stick, plus Windows and Mac as well.  TeaTV is a great replacement for Terrarium TV.

How to Install TeaTV on Fire Stick

Use the Downloader app.  If you don’t have it yet, search for it on the Amazon app store.


When you open the Downloader app, click in the address bar and type in…



When the page loads, you will see a download button for TeaTV Android.  Click that button.


Wait for the file to download.


When it finished downloading, it will open the installer.  Go down and to the right to click the INSTALL button.


After the TeaTV app installs, you can click the OPEN button to launch it.


How to Use TeaTV

Congratulations, here’s what TeaTV looks like.  On the left, you have Collections, Movies, TV Shows, and a link that appears to go to Anime.


When you select a TV show, here is the what the show screen looks like.  With detail, a trailer, and seasons with episodes.


Clicking on an episode searches for links.  The links appear when they are found so you can click one to start playing it.


Here’s an episode playing.  Of course, this is a pretty low resolution link.  You know what can fix that?  Real-Debrid!


TeaTV Real-Debrid and Trakt Integration

Luckily, TeaTV has Real-Debrid integration!  Just click the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the home screen of TeaTV to open the slide-out sidebar.


Go down to Settings.


Scroll down in the settings to find Real-Debrid and also Trakt if you use it (I do).


Real-Debrid will open the authorization screen for that and Trakt will have you login and authorize that.




If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.  Thanks!

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