Looking for another sports add-on for Kodi?  Maybe an alternative to SportsDevil?  How about one that focuses on USA sports like basketball, American football, baseball, and hockey?  The Sports Hub add-on for Kodi is basically the “Pro Sports” add-on which used to be fairly popular, but it changed its name to Sports Hub in December 2017.  Unlike other sports add-ons, this one only has American sports.

Inside the Sports Hub add-on are sections like NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Highlights, Archive, and My Subreddits.

Sports Hub Main Menu

The settings in Sports Hub include displaying the start time, status, and score of each game.  You can also enter your Reddit login.

Sports Hub Settings

How to Install the Repository to Get Sports Hub

  • Go to Settings (cog icon) > File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Click on the <None> box and type in the URL of the repo server:
  • Give it a name in the box below (name it Sports Hub)
  • Now, go to the Add-on Browser screen by clicking on Add-ons on the main menu and then selecting the open box icon at the top.
  • Go to Install from Zip File > Sports Hub > repository.stefanorepository-x.x.x.zip (x’s are just placeholder in case the numbers change)

How to Install the Sports Hub Add-on From the Repository

  • After you have the repo installed, go back to the Add-on Browser screen and select Install from Repository > [Repository Name] > Video add-ons > Sports Hub > Install

Sports Hub Is Installed.  Now What?

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