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    Is there an app that will randomly play tv shows from my favorite collection just like tv used to be where shows where on at a selected time each day? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

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    Norman, I don’t know of any that will randomly play from your favorite collection, however there are several add-ons that have 24/7 channels. Those give a feel like watching old style TV because you just turn it on and watch whatever happens to be on at the time. Those 24/7 channels usually have some kind of niche like cartoons, 90s sitcoms, superhero movies, Seinfeld, etc.

    Here are some add-ons that have 24/7 channels off the top of my head…

    How to Install the Numbers Kodi Add-on

    How to Install the cCloud TV Kodi Add-on

    How to Install Deceit, the All-In-One Kodi Streaming Add-on

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