Lately, my Kodi has been crashing, but only the one on my desktop computer where I blog from.  Not cool!

It’s been crashing almost every time I open Kodi, and it always happens within 1 minute of launching Kodi.  Sometimes, it makes it past a minute and then it’s fine and won’t crash.  I noticed that the crashing started after I updated my post on Gaia 3.0.

So, it crashed again, and this time, I decided to figure it out and share the solution with you all!

Check the Error Log After Kodi Crashes

As soon as Kodi crashed, before reopening it, I went to the Kodi data folder just above the “userdata” folder and found the kodi.log file.  Learn more about the Kodi log file.

I opened the kodi.log file in a text editor and scrolled to the bottom to find this…

script.module.oriion lib script didn't stop in 5 seconds - let's kill it

The last line in Kodi log file shows an “ERROR” from the CPythonInvoker complaining about the Orion script’s file, and the error message is “script didn’t stop in 5 seconds – let’s kill it”

Is The Orion Script Crashing Kodi?

I don’t know if there’s something wrong with the “kill it” process that is accidentally killing Kodi, or if it never actually gets to successfully kill the script before the script crashes Kodi.

In any case, I’m pretty certain that this is the cause of the issue because when Kodi is able to launch without crashing, I see a very different message in the Kodi log…


How to Fix Kodi Crashing

The solution is to analyze the Kodi log file to find error messages pointing to the problem, and to eliminate the add-ons suspected to be causing Kodi to crash.

In this case, we’ve narrowed it down to be the Orion script which came with the recent Gaia 3.0 update.

To fix this case, we need to disable the Orion service by going to Gaia > Tools > Services > Orion > Settings > Account and clearing out the API Key field.

Orion API Key

That should fix it.  If you continue having Kodi crash, and it looks like it’s still from Orion, then I would suggest deactivating or uninstalling the Orion add-on under “Program add-ons”.  But, I think this should do the trick.

Update: simply removing your API key is not enough.  You have to actually disable the Orion Program Add-on, but before you can do that, you have to first disable the Gaia Video Add-on.


Let me know if you have any questions about any of this.

If you had the same problem, let me know how this solution went for you.

If you know something that I don’t about the real reason for the Orion script crashing Kodi, please chime in.