How to Make a Drop Down TV Lift System

Learn how to install a TV lift system to conceal your TV when not in use to save space or to improve the look of your home and add that wow factor.

In today’s world, space is becoming a huge problems in our houses and people are now opting to use lift systems to conceal things and save space.

These lift systems use linear actuators (see more at that provide linear motion necessary for its functionality.

These lift systems are mainly being used for TVs since TVs are now a must have for every home. There are a variety of these lift systems that are easy to install and they include: pop up lift system, drop down TV lift system, storage lifts, and furniture lift.

This article is going to focus on the drop down TV lift system and is going to highlight some easy to follow steps on how to do it yourself.

This lift system is not only used when storage is a problem, but it can be used to provide a wow factor or even when a TV placed in the open would disrupt the décor. This drop down lift system can be used to lift and conceal up to a 75 inch TV that would have otherwise consumed a lot of space.

This drop down system transforms any room to a custom TV theater by effortlessly lowering a large TV screen into view by a push of a button.

The drop down lift system is available in several brands that have various specifications to suit your needs. This systems operates smoothly and quietly and can be installed within an hour.

The system is operated using linear actuators with remote control and comes with universal TV mounting brackets.

The system is installed in the following simple steps:

  1. Choose the position where you what you TV to drop down from and affix the top monitoring plate. Ensure you have chosen a solid beam that can hold the weight of the system and the TV.
  2. After attaching the mounting plate, connect the lift system to it.
  3. Next you fix the lift system and move it up and down to ensure that it is operating appropriately.
  4. With the screws provided, build the TV mounting bracket. The long arms of the brackets are attached using screws to the back of the flat screen TV.
  5. The TV bracket that you have just attached is affixed to the mounting brackets using screws. Ensure the screws are fastened well to avoid a problems in the future.
  6. To the lifting mechanism now affix the two brackets (the mounting bracket and the TV bracket).
  7. Using the brackets on the back of the TV that you screwed on earlier, slide it onto the lifting mechanism. This sliding is facilitated by a notch on the brackets of the TV.
  8. And finally program the RF remote control to operate the lift system. Sit back and ensure a movie, a game or whatever on your new TV lift system.

This drop down is very easy to install and has been installed in thousands of homes, government facilities, hotels and restaurants and even royal palaces.

If you want to impress your guests, or maybe you need to save space, or you just simply want to preserve a great view by not covering it with a TV, this system is just what you need to keep up with the trend.

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