Z-Wave Motor Control – Motorized Window and Skylight Openers

In most of the smart homes today, AZ actuators are used as home automation gadgets on windows to aid in their vertical and horizontal movement.

The Z-Wave motor control is a new gadget used in systems that are automatized in domestic applications such as motorized window openers. Z-Wave can be used as an interface to control the skylight and window opener systems. In using Z-Wave to control shade and blind motors, it can be used to activate shade motors using Radio Frequency for transmissions of a remote signal. Z-Wave can be used for different home purposes when it comes to mechanization at homes.

When it comes to skylights, different actuators are used depending on the skylight weight. If an individual is considering using actuators for elevating the heights of skylights with excessive weights, the individual can counterbalance the weight of the skylight with fuel suspension shocks, external counterweights or twisting springs; also the individual ought to double up the number of actuators used in order to provide an extra power lift. The same has performed well, especially when used on the door of a minivan and in reducing the force needed for a finger push.

Figure 1. Shows how dual actuators can be used to open a skylight to the vertical position. URL:

There are remote controls for the skylight and roller shade motors with the Z-Wave and relay interfacing for the mechanization systems. In opening and closing a motorized skylight, the use of the external counterweights is a simpler way of reducing the force required when an individual is trying to open or shut the motor-powered skylight. External counterweights are efficient in use and easy to implement depending on where it is situated, for example on a roof provided one has access to the roof top. The roof top must be flat in order to the external counterweight gadgets to be installed on the roof and must not have any obstacles hindering its installation.

Figure 2. Shows the use of external counterweights on a flat rooftop.

For other applications in the mechanization systems at domestic systems, there is the electric window opener which operates on 12 volts. The 12 volt electric window opener can be used for controlling any item an individual could like to with a motorized actuator. The electric window opener running on 12 volts can be controlled by a simple switch or some optional remote controls. It has an advantage because one can add home automation interfaces at a later time. The units can exert a push or a pull force of approximately twenty pounds before the obstruction sensor will stop it. When using the linear chain actuators, the actuator exerts pressure from the fixed housing lines up inconspicuously with an individual’s window outline, fastened in place by the use of screws.

Figure 3. Shows an image of a 12 volt electric window opener.

The use of control motion can be adapted majority of the windows nevertheless, one ought to note that window skylight or an object an individual wants to move freely, one has to get rid of the manual system that used to perform the function so that the window or the object to move to-and-fro without any hindrance. Window openers can also be used with interfacing modules which can offer further control to an individual’s phone, laptop or any web enabled device.

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    I’m trying to add chain window opener controled by zwave in my house.
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