Google Translate Updates with Word Lens and Conversation Mode

Google Translate updates in Android and iOS. Welcome to the future, where language barriers are but a mere nuisance to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Google Translate has been around for a while and it has had some nice features that let you translate between languages.  But so far, it hasn’t been quite smooth and seamless enough to use with confidence.

I think that is all about the change.  According to the official Google blog, they are rolling out a huge update to the Google Translate iOS and Android app over the next few days that will greatly increase its usefulness.

The updated app will have 2 new features.

Word Lens Translation

This breakthrough feature lets you point your phone’s camera at any text, such as street signs and it will translate it on the fly, superimposing the translated text over the original text right in the camera view.   It looks pretty amazing.

If that wasn’t enough, Google says this feature will work without even having an Internet connection.

Conversation Mode

The other new feature in this big update is conversation mode.  While this feature previously existed in the Android version, it’s now available also on iOS, and it’s been improved on both platforms.

You pick the 2 languages you’re dealing with (yours and the natives’) and then you can speak into it, or they can speak into it, and Google Translate will automatically detect which language is being spoken and it will quickly speak the translated version of it.

Since you don’t have to switch the languages, and it translates so fast saying it aloud, Google Translate can be very helpful if you are trying to have a conversation with someone in another language.

Welcome to the future, where language barriers are but a mere nuisance that you have to pull your phone out of your pocket.

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