Bluetooth Upgrade Any Car for $24

Upgrade any car with a wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter on the cheap. It's the best tech gadget for your car you'll wonder why you didn't get years ago.

Being a tech geek, I have wanted Bluetooth audio capabilities in my car for many years.  I’ve seen other people’s new cars and how they could play music from their phone through the car stereo without any speakers.  I wanted it!

However, being a cheapskate who likes to pay cash for older cars, I still don’t have a car with built-in Bluetooth audio.

Then, it just came to me one day.  I’ve seen tiny bluetooth receiver devices, and I’ve used FM transmitters (to give my car an auxiliary port, at least!).  So, I bet someone has developed a product that combines those 2 features together… Bluetooth from your phone to the device, and FM transmitting from the device to the car radio.

Eureka!  It does exist!  And I can tell you it was the best $24 I have ever spent!

The $24 Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This is what I got and I love it.  I got it on Amazon for just $24.

Here are some reasons why this was such a great purchase.

Bluetooth 4.0

I shopped around on Amazon for a long time looking at all of the options that were out there.  Many of them looked a bit cooler than this one with a color LCD screen on it and all kinds of bells and whistles.

BUT, be careful of some of them especially when they just say they support Bluetooth A2DP.  That is an older version of Bluetooth that I actually remember being incredibly unreliable when it comes to audio.

Bluetooth 4.0 should be a requirement when you’re shopping for this kind of thing.

Bluetooth 4.0 offers:

  • Better reliability in audio streams without cutting out
  • Faster pairing with devices
  • Lower energy consumption (saving your phone’s battery life)

Excellent Quality FM Transmitter

Like I said before, I’ve used FM transmitters in the past in order to gain an auxiliary port to plug my phone into the car stereo.  I’ve actually tried several models of FM transmitters.

I have to tell you there are some really bad ones out there.  Sometimes you get one that has really poor audio quality and has a really hard time battling with other radio broadcasts on nearby frequencies.  I found myself having to cycle through several frequencies as I drive around to find one that is clear.

Well, this model of Bluetooth FM transmitter is better than any FM transmitter I’ve ever tried.  I set it to a frequency one time, and I’ve had crystal clear audio with absolutely no radio noise for several months and I’ve never had to change it.  It works flawless for me.

USB Charging Ports

I could stop now because the above reasons are more than enough for me to buy it… but wait, there’s more.

It also comes with 2 USB charging ports.  One is on the end of the part that plugs into the “cigarette lighter” port, and the other is on the end of the device with the display and buttons.

So, you can charge 2 devices at once, but they have a total of 2.4A, so plugging in only one device is more efficient and charges that one device faster.  2.4A is enough to charge a tablet like an iPad at normal charge speed.


Aux Input

In case that wasn’t enough, they also included an “Aux In” 3.5mm headphone port so even if your music player doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can still plug in just about any device.

Buttons & Controls

Just so you know, there are buttons for Previous, Next, Rewind, Skip.

There is also a knob that you can turn to change the volume, or you can click it in to play/pause audio or answer/hangup phone calls.  You can hold that button in to turn the device off.

Hands Free Calling

There is a microphone built into this device which allows you to answer a phone call by pressing the main knob button.  This feature may not be the best, since there is usually a lot of road noise or noise from the AC running that the person on the call sometimes has trouble hearing me.  But I can usually lean in to the device to make it so they can hear me.

But, it is quite an awesome feature to have.  When your phone rings, your music automatically pauses, you hear the ring  through the car speakers and you can just press a button and start talking to them… all while your phone is still in your pocket.

Pro Tip: Automate Resuming Your Favorite Podcast When You Start Your Car

This is one thing that I had to do right away after I got this Bluetooth FM transmitter.  The whole point of this is to make music or podcast listening as easy and seamless as possible.  You shouldn’t have to think about it, and you shouldn’t even half to take your phone out of your pocket while you’re in the car.

What I did was use the Tasker app on my Android phone to create an action that is triggered by connecting to my Bluetooth FM transmitter, and when it’s triggered, it sends an “intent” to the Pocket Casts app to press play.

So now whenever I turn on my car, the podcast that I was listening to last will resume right where it left off.  When I turn off my car, the Bluetooth disconnects and media playback automatically pauses.

Identical Products with Different Brand Names

Update: If you look at the product I got on Amazon, you may find some other products that look exactly the same, but just have a different brand name on it.  There are a few of those that I’ve seen.  It looks like they are all actually the same product, but being resold by several companies.

Anyway, I found one of them that is even cheaper than what I got.  This one by Anbero is only $16!

What Do You Think?

You know my opinion… It’s the best tech gadget for your car you’ll wonder why you didn’t get years ago.

Did you pick one up for yourself?  Let me know how it went.  Was your experience as awesome as mine?

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