I’ve used other XBMC remote apps on my Android phone, and I used to primarily use the official one. I thought since it was official, it was probably the best one. Finally, around the time Frodo (v12.0) was in beta, I noticed the remote stopped working. So, I researched it and found that it was not compatible with the new protocols. So, I searched for a replacement. Yatse seemed to be the most favored and recommended choice, so I tried it.


This apps does stuff so cool that I didn’t even know was possible. It integrates some brilliant ideas that gave me a new fresh perspective on the possibilities in Android app development.

Here’s some killer features off the top of my head…

  • Dead simple setup… auto-detects your XBMC over wifi
  • Nice simple remote which you can also set as a widget on your home screen
  • Browse through libraries (TV, Movies, Music) with thumbnails and lots of details and queue it up to play
  • “Now Playing” thumbnail and player controls shows on the lockscreen and in the notifications dropdown
  • When my phone rings, XBMC automatically pauses  for the call and automatically resumes when the call is completed.
  • I picked certain apps to have their Android notifications popup on XBMC, so when I get a text, I see “Text from John Doe” in a quick popup bubble on the TV while I’m watching something.
  • Probably so many more features that I’m missing… there are so many settings!

So, what are you waiting for?!  Get Yatse on the Google Play Store.  You won’t be disappointed!

Also check out a couple other features you can get with plugins:

Am I forgetting any features?  Leave a comment.

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