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Here is how to install one of the best paid sports streaming Kodi add-ons, Sports Nation HD. I'll show you how to subscribe and save a ton of money by...

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install one of the best paid sports streaming Kodi add-ons, SportsNation HD.  I’ll show you how to subscribe and save a ton of money by ditching cable.

I’ll start off this post by quoting a comment by Brian McBride on this Facebook post

What a crap service via Kodi tonight watching football & every so often the stream would kick itself out & have to keep reloading the stream I was getting very frustrated by it.  Why does this keep happening?  All the other streams keep saying “not available”.  There was a list of 12 streams & only 1 was working… the one that kept kicking itself off????

What Makes Streaming Sports So Different?

This frustration is probably all too familiar to most Kodi users.  In the realm of TV shows and movies, this was solved by Real-Debrid.

However, sports are a bit more difficult than movies and TV series since those are set with a finite number of episodes and are easily hosted on servers for people to enjoy for years.

Sports, however, are in very high demand at the time when the game is on, and then demand is almost completely dropped to nothing by the next day.

This makes it much harder for servers to keep up to the spikes in demand.

I know that everyone in the Kodi community wants everything for free.  But, just like we all started paying for Real-Debrid because it became totally worth it, the same could be said for getting access to live sports.  If you’ve ever tried using SportsDevil, you know what I mean.

I did some research to see what services were out there, and I came to Mania HD (formerly Sports Nation HD) which comes from Sports Mania.  The Sports Mania service is closed to any more new registrations, but Mania HD is currently open.

Here is what Mania HD looks like…

It has a ton of channels and streams for just about anything you can think of sports related.  The stream quality is also very good.

How much does Mania HD cost?

Like I said, this is a paid service, so you will need to register and subscribe.  You can do so on this signup page.

Here’s what the pricing is like…

With the 1 Year subscription, it comes out to just over $5/month which is a really good deal.

By the way, Mania HD does not have any kind of affiliate program and I don’t receive any incentive for selling their service.  I’m simply giving an unbiased recommendation based on what I’ve found because I know a lot of people struggle with Kodi when it comes to sports.

How to Install Mania HD:

  • If using Kodi 17, first go to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons and set Updates to Notify, but don’t install updates (This is a workaround for a bug where the add-on doesn’t install)
  • Go to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source
  • Select None and type or (updated June 2017)
  • In the box below, enter a name for the source,  like Mania, and select OK
  • Go back and go to SYSTEM > Add-Ons > Install from zip file
  • Select Mania >
  • After you see the Add-on enabled notification, select Install from repository
  • Select The Mania Services Repo > Video Add-Ons > Mania HD
  • Select Install
  • If using Kodi 17, go back to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons and set Updates back to Install updates automatically

What do you think of Mania HD?

Did you get a chance to try it out?  How was your experience?  Good?  Or, did you have issues?  Let me know in the comments.

Also, do you have any recommendations of other add-ons for sports that might be better?  Please let me know in the comments.


39 thoughts on “Mania HD – Watch Live Sports on Kodi

  1. Thanks for these really helpful instructions. When I get to the install button in the repository and press it, it takes me back to the last screen and doesn’t bring up the log in page as your photos show. Do you have any idea why that is please?! Thanks.

    1. When you clicked install, and it went back to the previous page, did you see it download and install the add-on? If so, then go all the way back to the Kodi home screen and go to your Add-ons and you should see SportsNation HD.

      1. Hi Nathan. No, nothing downloaded. It’s not with the other add-ons though it does show in the recently updated folder. Everything to that point was exactly the same as your video! Thanks.

        1. So, you click install and it just goes back and nothing happens? I was wondering if that was just a fluke, because that did happen to me at first. I tried it again a couple days later and it just worked. Not sure what causes it. I guess I can only say just keep trying.

  2. I have had the link for a while now and just subscribed for a year two months ago
    Now when I go on it keeps telling me
    Sports nation error check log
    I’m at a loss don’t know what to do any he

    1. Oh no… Have you tried on a different device to see if it’s an issue with the Kodi setup, or your actual account? If it’s an issue with the Kodi setup, you might want to uninstall and reinstall it to see if that will help. But, first you should check the log. It’s in the Kodi userdata folder.

  3. I have had sports nation since March playing on fire tv box with spmc loaded but when I try to start this now I get message saying check error log.
    I tried changing repo URL but this still does not work. Any help would be appreciated as there does not seem to be any way to contact them.

    1. I don’t recommend SPMC because it’s a fork of Kodi 16, and its goals seems to be to stay at that version and don’t make more updates. Unfortunately, I foresee lots of add-ons evolving along with Kodi and becoming incompatible with SPMC.

      I suggest trying it on Kodi 17.

  4. I’ve got this and the sports demand don’t work everything else is fine just the demand lagges tryed different settings for buffering nothing works does anyone else have this problem??

  5. I have sportsnation on my android tv which i payed for 1 year .can i use sportsnation on my mums fire stick when im over so i can watch footie. do i just put in my username and password.

  6. can you help me i changed my build on my firestick to the beast build and dont know how to install sports nation hd as it not in video add ons

  7. I paid for the package and installed as the above instructions as the file looks empty file so I paid for this and now can’t use it please can someone​help.

  8. I bought a one month subscription to sportsnation to watch the NBA finals and there seems to be only 2 feeds and they both continuously freeze so I can’t watch the game. How do i fix this?

  9. My sportsnation is not working says check logs havnt log in for a couple of weeks but my subscription still has time left

  10. I am running mania hd on an android box but every now and there is a pause when i click on a sports channel, I then get the “working” and loading circle at the bottom but I then get an error message saying “playback failed”. Sometimes the link works for a while and then drops out and then I get the above issue. Any ideas what this could be? I read somewhere that it could be my internet provider (BT) trying to block me from streaming sport as they are a sports Tv provider; and that a vpn would solve this. However I can’t find any free VPNs. Can you help on this? Thanks

    1. Running a VPN service costs money to deploy and maintain a lot of servers all over the world to allow users to connect through different geographical areas. I would be wary of any free VPN service. IPVanish is my favorite VPN. If your problem is indeed caused by your ISP blocking the server, then yes, IPVanish would solve that.

    1. I’m sorry I can’t help. Mania HD seems to have closed down their registrations and renewals except for those that have a code. If anyone else knows the code, please share. Thanks.

  11. hi guys live premier league footy goes off after 2min
    and 13 sec, it was fine upto a couple of weeks ago, what do i need to do, when i try to re load it says check logs

  12. I have maniahd sports but had to get a new fire stick. I tried to get maniahd back on but every time I get to install from zip file there is nothing there. Can someone please help me as I love my maniahd sport

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