SmartThings Now Works Without Internet (Local Processing)

Samsung just released a SmartThings update that finally supports local processing of Smart Home Monitor and most Z-Wave and Zigbee lights and switches.

Finally, Samsung just released the update most savvy SmartThings owners were waiting for which addressed its biggest downfall so far.  Now, SmartThings supports local processing of most basic operations like Z-Wave and Zigbee lights and switches.

“Certain SmartApps and device types that previously existed in the cloud now utilize local processing with the Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2),” according to Samsung’s announcement.

The Biggest Downside of SmartThings, NO MORE

I first wrote about Samsung SmartThings in my comparison review against the Vera.  That post received many comments citing the one big downside of SmartThings, the full dependence on an internet connection in order for it to operate.

Up until now, that has been the case.  If my internet went down for any reason, the SmartThings wouldn’t do anything.  Switches would no longer control other lights in the room, devices that relied on a time of day trigger wouldn’t fire, and home security devices would not do their job.

I completely agreed with all the comments, because if you had used your SmartThings for home security, a burglar could simply cut your internet line and they would be in the clear.

I’ve been hoping that Samsung would get their stuff together and release an update that fixes that issue, and I’m so excited that they have!

What Runs Locally vs in the Cloud?

Here are some key takeaways to understand what types of things process locally vs in the cloud.

  • Almost all Z-Wave and Zigbee devices can now run locally.
  • So far, “Smart Home Monitor” and “Smart Lights” are the only SmartApps with local processing capabilities.
  • Using the mobile app to control devices requires an internet connect because those commands run through the cloud.

To read more in-depth, visit Samsung’s explanation post.

Don’t have a SmartThings?

I think this update secures SmartThings place at as the best smart home hub.  If you don’t have one, you should get one.  They frequently go on sale for around $50.

What do you think?

Are you as excited as I am?  Or, have you found any issues?  Share your comments below.  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “SmartThings Now Works Without Internet (Local Processing)

  1. I am very happy that smartthings hub now works with no internet. And i am currently experiencing an even more interesting occurrence. My internet is out at home but i am still receiving garage door operational notifications (garage door open/close) with no internet.!!! i don’t even know how this is possible

      1. No i was away from home, so i was at work and still got a notification. That doesn’t make sense. But I’ve come to find it was some odd behavior of the router where select services were still working while others didn’t. It was strange.

        1. Oh yeah, you would have had to have some kind of internet connection for you to get a notification on your phone about your a device in your SmartThings while away from home.

  2. Well, after a 24-hour internet outage in May 2021, I can tell you that SmartThings does not process locally as advertised. I lost complete access to all devices directly connected to my V3 Hub via Z-wave or Zigbee and without custom controllers. Simple things like Cree lightbulbs were not controllable at all. I’m looking for a primarily local home automation experience and I seem to only get disappointment after disappointment with SmartThings.

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