In the wake of Terrarium TV shutting down, many people are looking for alternatives.  The Show Box Android app (APK) is a great option for streaming TV shows and movies for free on an Android device.

Where to Download Show Box

When I wrote my Terrarium TV alternatives post last week, I left Show Box at the bottom with a note about how it’s not obvious where their official website is.  I’m always cautious about installing software from websites that are not the official website but an “unofficial resource site.”  You just never know if they’re bundling malware into the app.

Anyway, thanks to one commenter, I found what looks to be the official website for the following reasons…

  • The website has no ads.
  • The website’s footer says “Show Box © 2018. All rights reserved. Official bundle –“.
  • The website is very well designed, and not like one of those many unofficial sites that all look very similar.

So, that’s enough for me to trust it.

The Show Box website I’m looking at is

How to Install the Show Box APK on Your Android Device

You’ll need to enable the “Unknown Sources” setting in the Android security settings.  If you haven’t done so, it should prompt you to change it when you try to install the app.

  • Go to
  • Tap on the Download button.
  • You’ll be taken to an APK mirror website.  Be sure to avoid all the ads there and click the black “DOWNLOAD APK” button in between ads.
  • Install, accept permission, and open.

What Show Box Looks Like

How to Install Show Box on Fire TV Stick

Technically you can install Show Box on a Fire TV Stick, but for now, I can’t recommend it since it’s completely unusable with the Fire Stick remote.  When you open the app, you can’t navigate or click on anything.

The app is obviously only intended on Android devices with a touch screen.