If you’re a legitimate cord-cutter who doesn’t want anything to do with piracy (like using unofficial Kodi add-ons), SelectTV is the “TV Guide” that pulls everything together for you.

Ultimate Guide to Cord-Cutting

The Cord-Cutting Revoltion

Cord-cutting has been a huge movement throughout the world for the past several years and has only been getting bigger.

More and more people are ditching their expensive cable or satellite bill to take advantage of free online video streaming supplemented with inexpensive paid streaming like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

The problem?  The “user experience” is the problem.

Say you plop down on the couch and want to watch a show… Where do you?  Which app?  Which website?  It’s not as easy a clicking a couple buttons.

One of the biggest frustrations of cord-cutting is having to remember which shows are available from which services, not to mention the toggling between apps and browser tabs to find a different show.

If only there was a online service that aggregated all of these TV shows and movies into one place so you can browse them all together, mark your favorites, and launch them with a single click.

That’s where SelectTV comes in.

Select TV Guide

SelectTV has over a million TV shows, movies, and live channels.  It’s an endless collection of stuff to watch if you start digging deep.  However, they also do a great job at surfacing the most popular recent episodes on their home page.

They have a team of people who are constantly scouring the Internet to keep the SelectTV interface up to date with a comprehensive collection of everything available for a cord-cutter to watch.

One thing I thought was interesting is that they even have a collection of 24/7 binge channels for lots of different shows or categories.  Feel like binging with a “Happy Days” marathon?  No problem.

Want the flexibility to watch on a computer browser or on an iOS or Android app?  Also, not a problem.

So, how much for all of this?  This is probably one of the best parts… it’s only $2.99/month.  After ditching a cable bill of upwards of $100 or more, $3 seems like a great deal, huh?

To give SelectTV a try or find out more, click here.