SALTS is the Best Genesis Alternative for Kodi

Genesis has been having too many issues and no longer works like it used to. Looking for the best alternative to Kodi Genesis? SALTS is my favorite!

With the Genesis addon having more issues than ever, not having an update from 5.1.4 in a few months and the developer announcing his future development in a new plugin, many people are looking for the best alternative to Genesis to use on their Kodi HTPC or streaming box.  As of today, SALTS seems like the best one in my opinion.

What Happened to Genesis?

Basically, when any method of streaming content in Kodi begins to gain the kind of wild popularity that Genesis has, the servers that host the videos start to block Kodi users to relieve traffic congestion.

It’s not necessarily the problem of Genesis.

That’s why lambda, the developer of Genesis, stated that his future development efforts will revolve around use of Real-Debrid subscriptions, which solves this underlying problem.

Real-Debrid subscriptions let you pay one fee to get unrestricted, unlimited access to all the servers that they partner with.  Having this subscription greatly increases the success rate of links and the quality of the videos.


SALTS (loosely) stands for Stream All The Sources, and it is almost exactly the same as Genesis except for SALTS has a lot more features and settings.  But most importantly, it works better, getting more valid links (especially when you have a Real-Debrid subscription).

One reason why SALTS is definitely better than Genesis is that Real-Debrid will soon not work on Genesis since Genesis uses the old Real-Debrid API, while SALTS uses the new Real-Debrid API.  When Real-Debrid discontinues their old API next month, Genesis will no longer have Real-Debrid integration.

Also, it seems like SALTS does a good job of scanning all the sources to remove unusable links for you so you’re only left with good links.  Somehow it does all that very fast.

Now, for my favorite feature, SALTS also has the “Add to Library” “Subscription” feature like Genesis has, so I can merge my SALTS TV Shows and Movies into my Kodi Video Library.  This would be a deal-breaker feature for me.  If you don’t know why, you have to check out that tutorial!

Update Jan 2015: Find out why you can’t use the “Add to Library” feature in SALTS, and let me show you how to setup the “Subscription” feature which is what you will need for SALTS library integration.

How to Install SALTS on Kodi

Check out my SALTS installation tutorial.

Update: Lambda’s New Add-on is Called Exodus

Check out my Exodus installation tutorial.

Play It Safe

For anyone streaming videos on unofficial Kodi add-ons like these, I always recommend using a VPN.  A VPN will encrypt your streaming traffic so your ISP can’t see what it is or where it’s from.  Better safe than sorry, I always say.

I personally use the IPVanish VPN and it’s awesome.  They have a free trial so it’s worth a shot to protect yourself.

Let’s Hear From You

So, what do you think?  Is SALTS the best Genesis alternative for you?  Or would you recommend something better?

7 thoughts on “SALTS is the Best Genesis Alternative for Kodi

  1. Is there a list of which unofficial KODI add on’s are considered to be Torrents…..the bad torrents for people who are not using a VPN. Not asking about streaming….but the Torrents that share the content…

    1. That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer without searching myself. But, I do know that Plexus is a popular p2p addon that some addons use. Are you asking because you’re looking for them or trying to stay away?

      1. LOL…..yes…..I want to stay away from P2P type Add On’s. I have read SALTS is NOT P2P….and I have read it is… I am totally confused. I have a friend who only uses SALTS and loves it….but it worries me.

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