Today 5/10/19, lost all add-ons…

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      After watching (with IP vanish VPN engaged of course) Endgame several times on Kodi all of a sudden last night When I click on any of the video add-ons, instead of categories to choose from I am greeted by three folder options. This is true for maverick, At the flix, loki, magic dragon, and all others I have installed. All of a sudden it’s like the add-ons turned to dust…no pun intended..

      Anyone else reporting problems like this?

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      It might be an issue with your skin widget shortcut. If you go to the Add-on browser (, are you able to open the add-ons from there? If so, then it’s probably an issue with your shortcut widgets in your skin.

      Or, you might just need to reboot Kodi. Have you tried that already?

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