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      I currently use Playon and record TV shows via apps in their channel section. I have Xfinity streaming service along with Hulu and Netflix. Running into issues where Playon doesn’t always record my shows and it also will only record in 720p instead of 1080p resolution. Will Kodi do the same function and allow me to record shows via logins to like ABC, CBS etc or would I have to do the download via torrent type thing that you suggest here?

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      Kodi has a Live TV PVR functionality, but it my experience, it takes a lot of work to set it up. Kodi is mainly useful for streaming add-ons or as a simple media player for your locally stored media.

      But if you want to give the Live TV PVR a shot, here’s an old tutorial I wrote when I did it. Maybe it’s easier these days…

      Tutorial: Kodi Live TV with EPG (TV Guide)

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