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      hi nate i try unstiling and restilling the video add on and it still doing it playing the wrong movies it keep playing the same tv shows so what should i do now

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      You say it plays the wrong movies and plays the same tv show.  Can you elaborate on that? First of all, please let me know which add-on you’re using.

      How many movies have you tried?  Do they all play the wrong movie?

      Are they popular movies?  They need to be somewhat popular to get much luck with it.

      Are the movies brand new and still in theaters? If so, you may need to wait until they come out on DVD. Around that time, usually good sources come up for streaming.

      About TV shows, what do you mean it keeps playing the same TV shows? You mean the same episode? Does it keep playing the first episode of a show? If so, there is a fix for that at https://kinkeadtech.com/fix-exodus-playing-first-episode-series/ .

      Or do you mean that you play one episode from a TV show and it plays an episode from a different TV show? I’ve never heard of that happening more than one-off instances.

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      when i keep playing eating out movies it will play the same 1st episode every time same when i tryed an played the circle, the jangle book any visions and other movies too any one i tryed and yes im useing the exodus add on and i haved tryed and unchecked those 3 things and it still doing it on any movies

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      One of those movies is still in the theaters, so it won’t work, but the others should work, I think. Are you using Real-Debrid? If not, you should definitely give it a try.

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