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      I have used the Supreme Build and installed GAIA. When I run a search for a movie or a show it appears to execute normally progressing to 100% showing HD1080, HD720, SD and LD streams. It then displays ‘GAIA Streams Found’ and lists the Initial, Duplicate, Unsupported and Filtered count. (For example; Initial 30, Duplicates 24, Unsupported 0, Filtered 0.) Then nothing happens. When I used KODI years before there would be a list of providers with the associated resolution and run time. Now I get nothing. There is no error or hang up in operations. I can provide screen shots.

      I am a basic user without a subscription service to any provider other than Youtube TV and Amazon.
      Thank you in advance.

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      It looks like your Gaia settings have some filters set up that are a bit too aggressive. What’s interesting to me is that I’ve set up aggressive filters before and when I got nothing as a result, Gaia gave me a popup letting me know that my filters are too specific and gave me a button to show all unfiltered sources.

      Not sure why you’re not getting that popup. Are you on the latest version of Gaia?

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      So, you don’t have a Real-Debrid subscription? You’re just using free hosters?

      Anyway, since Gaia has a ridiculous number of settings, troubleshooting this could take a really long time. I recommend using the setup wizard again. You can do that in Tools > Settings > Wizard.

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      The GAIA version is 5.5.6. I checked KODI for update log, it showed that all the programs had updated on boot up, as did the sources in GAIA when I selected it.

      Exploring using the pathway in KODI of Add On Browser – GAIA – Tools – Accounts – Verification – GAIA Verification Completed; I had the following readout:
      Operational: 0%
      Limited: 0%
      Failure: 0%
      All Debrid: Disabled
      Easy News: Disabled
      Enby: Disabled

      Exploring Further I saw under Accounts that all were disabled (FANART, TRAKT, IMDB, TMDB…)
      The next screen was ‘GAIA Verifying Providers’ and it displayed:
      Operational 24%
      Limited 4%
      Failure 4%
      Disabled 68%


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      Nathan & Sebastian,
      Thanks for all the perfect guidance.

      Nathan I purchased Real-Debrid and then did your installation in KODI with GAIA. Your directions are perfect for neophytes.I was hooked up and ran a movie search. It executed like it was suppose to. I was spooked when the movie I selected, ‘Interstellar’ executed in Japanese with English subtitles. :) Selected a different provider and it was perfect. Next I tried a show and it executed flawlessly.

      If I set up another device or advise friends, I’ll vector them to your directions. I initially tried Supreme Build. The Youtube directions were complicated and difficult to follow with many pauses and rewinds. Thanks for making the process effortless to accomplish. I have an old Fire-stick that I’ll see if I can get the latest KODI version installed and follow your directions to install GAIA.

      I’ll delve into your latest missive about other downloads and tools shortly.

      Again, thanks for the assistance.

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      Thanks, TJ! I’m glad I could help and make things as simple as I can for you.

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      I all of a sudden, a few weeks ago, could not open/download movies/TV shows. I have GitBrowser & Real-Debrid. After a lot of google searching, I found on Kodi tips, Gaia has serious Malware & not functioning. I now have Deceit, did reconfigure Real-Debrid and have no Real-Debrid. Do I do GitHub for Deceit? In other words do I install Deceit using GitHub browser….etc…following your directions from installing Gaia repo? By the way U have helped so much in the past. Truly appreciate it.

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      I have problem using Gaia 6, this the first time i use gaia. i am using alldebrid premium. When i pick a movie, everything seem running normally until the scrapping progress complete. it said a view file filtered and blah blah but afterthat, nothing appear. i am not sure witch part i do wrong. please help.

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      I have recently started using Gaia. I have a Premiumize subscription. It works great most of the time and I love it. Sometimes the list of providers comes up nicely and other times it generates a list but it goes somewhere I can’t see. I will get a small pop-up about the number of providers but I don’t know where the list went and how to get to it. If I force stop Kodi and go back in, it will show up again. I feel like it is something very simple going on here.

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      I have had some settings issues with Gaia, but as Nathan says, it has a lot of individual settings.
      This might be useful too:

      Configure Gaia Kodi Addon like a PRO

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      Deceit isn’t on GitHub, so you would need to install it the old fashioned way as I describe on my tutorial for that… https://kinkeadtech.com/deceit-kodi-all-in-one/

      Have you checked to make sure your Real-Debrid subscription hasn’t expired?

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