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      I type in user name in search. I get the repo listed, but get errors when i try to open it. any suggestions?

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      I solved the mystery of github not working correctly.
      Ask great as Nathan is, he is human and there was a typo in the addresss he had supplied.
      Look at his screenshot of the address needed for the repo. It’s different than the text in his dialogue.
      It’s missing a / at the end. That’s it! After i uninstalled and reinstalled with this hash at the end, presto chango everything worked. Hope this helps

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      Max, thanks for offering your proposed solution, and thanks for adding more context to your situation, Ed.

      I mentioned this in your other forum post as well, but a trailing slash at the end of a URL doesn’t matter. It works the same with or without it. I’ve been a professional web developer for 20+ years so I should know.

      Even if the missing trailing slash was going to cause a problem, it would have stopped the repo from installing. But, as Ed mentioned, that’s not where the issue is happening, the repo installs just fine, the Indigo add-on installs just fine, and the Github Browser add-on installs just fine.

      But, the issue that Ed mentioned is with the functionality within the Github Browser add-on when you go to search for a username. The URL of the file source that was used to install the repo which was used to install the add-on should have no impact on this piece of functionality of this add-on.

      Instead, I think the act of simply uninstalling and reinstalling was the real fix in your case.

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      The github browser just is not working properly in Kodi 18.
      When you do a username search, it lists the repo’s or addons available. But when you click on the listed repo or addon,kodi displays an error message.
      Just to be clear, I’m referring to the gitbrowser addon for Kodi.
      Probably not a good idea to use tvaddons addons anyway.

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      That’s good to hear the fix is coming. Thanks.

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      I’m using Kodi 18 and I’m able to install repos using the Github Browser just fine. I’ve seen that some devices have issues with the Github Browser, but I haven’t figured out why or found any solution.

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      There might be a little confusion. Im talking about the Gitbrowser for Kodi. For example. I like the xonfuence skin that i could get from the Helly Repo.
      If i go and search by username “Helly1206” i get a repo listed, but when i click on it i get an error, ergo the repo never installed.
      I’ve uninstalled 18 and tried the same exercise in 17.6 and the addon worked fine. So it must be an issue with 18. However its rarely reported, imho because alot of people are turned off of the addon because its associated with tvaddons. I’ve never had an issue with there stuff and any help to the end user like me is much appreciated. I just hope they fix it as it is an easy way to install addons.

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      I’ve been a Kodi user for more than 4 years. My 16.7 kodi worked fine. I run Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Cube. After I up graded to 18.2, I am not able to install any apps using Git Browser. I conduct a search, find what I want and the download crashes with an error. The same is true when I try to install an app using File Manager. In that case my error log says it cannot recognize zip files or something to that effect. So I deleted 18.2 and reinstalled 17.6, added some apps that I use frequently and reinstalled 18.2 over 17.6. The installation was perfect. All my apps were still there. But I cannot install any new apps. I’ve got a copy of my log after this error happens but I’m not able to untangle what the problem is. Can you help?

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      I can see if something stands out to me. Can you upload your log to pastebin and put the link here?

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        Here is the link to my error log
        After I captured this log, I got so desperate that I deleted 18.2, reinstalled 17.6 and am in the process of adding and testing any additional apps that I find useful. Once that is done, I’ll reload 18.2 because once that update is completed I will not be able to add anything (or update) on Git Browser or File Manager. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this problem. From looking at the online forums I’m not the only one having this problem.

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          I looked through the log. I see the main problems are probably with those python exceptions. I’ve seen those too when I’ve had trouble with the Git Browser on some of my devices.

          Unfortunately, it still appears that TVAddons hasn’t fixed the issue. So, may I suggest a couple other options.

          1. There is a new add-on called Kodzi that basically does the same thing as TVAddons’ Git Browser. Check it out.

          2. You could just install add-ons the old-fashioned way. I know it’s a hassle to type in URLs of file sources, but it works.

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          Thanks for the input. With my original setup of 18.2 I could not install from Git browser and Download Manager. Actually, my preference is DM because their is a lot of junk that promises good stuff and when installed is not what I want, I can completely delete all those files out of Kodi. My earlier post said that I’m now running on 17.6 again and will until the bugs are fixed for the 32 bit fire tv cube. An earlier post to tvaddons recently got a response from a staff member, eddillinger, that they will have the problem fixed soon. Thanks again for taking the time to look into the matter.

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