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      Hi Nate,

      I read your post on Real Debrid and have signed up for their service.
      So far I have read that I need to link each player to the real debrid account, which I did. So Im a newbie to real debrid and have a few questions.

      In the players settings there is an account tab named realdebrid authorisation and I entered the credentials.

      There are also many other services enabled, such as, Mega Debrid, Linksnappy etc – Should I disabled these?

      Also I noticed there is a ResolveURL addon where I can enter the real debrid credential, and also all the other services (MegaDebrid, Premiuze…) are listed as “enabled”. Should I disable these too?

      How am I able to make sure that all traffic is directed through real debrid ?
      Should I disable everything else, is there a feature to direct ALL traffic through real debrid ?

      Do all the players use ResolveURL as a default traffic tool (in my case real debrid) , or do I really need to configure each player individually.

      Thanks for your help.

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      When you see the other debrid services, they won’t do anything if they haven’t been authorized, even if they are enabled. I don’t worry about disabling them, but you can if you want.

      Some add-ons have a toggle for “Debrid Only” which is what you’re looking to enable. Or, some add-ons like Seren only use Debrid.

      Some add-ons integration with ResolveURL which is nice because you don’t have to authorize Real-Debrid again and again for each add-on. But, not every add-on integrates with ResolveURL. I’m noticing more of the recent ones don’t integrate with it anymore for some reason.

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      Hi Nate,
      Thanks a lot for your help. I appreciate it.

      I checked Seren and so far it can’t find any streams to play. Maybe they are having issues currently. I will have to monitor this.

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      Did you follow all the setup instructions for Seren, like installing the providers package?

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      Hey Nate,
      Thanks a lot ! I went back to all the defualt settings and worked my way through all the settings as posted in your link.
      I reauthorized trakt, real debrid etc and I did manage to get it to work.
      Thanks for your help !!

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      Awesome! Glad to help!

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