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      I loaded kodi and genesis on to an amazon firestick. Install went ok and I got kodi and genesis on my TV. BUT none of the menu categories pull any vids in. The ‘working’ message flashes on then off after a second. No vids come up.
      Ive checked my settings and can’t find anything i did that’s wrong.

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      Nigel, have you seen my most recent post here?
      Let me know if that doesn’t solve your issue.  Thanks.

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      Hi Nathan
      Thanks for your reply. Yes Ive seen your latest post and Ive checked through all the stages. my genesis 5.1.4 is enabled  as is my lambda repo 1.1.0  When I load genesis from videos – add ons  I get the genesis ok with the search menus. But when I choose any of these, nothing comes up.
      I have tried re-installing genesis and I have also reinstalled lambda repo.
      The amazon stick has the 2 necessary on settings as advised, so as far as I know there’s nothing else to do there.
      Short of doing a clean reinstall of the whole lot, I’m stuck for ideas.
      Further to explain, I have already installed genesis successfully on my macbook pro (using the OS X version etc) and it works ok.
      I say this so you know I have at least done the procedure once before.

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      I should mention also that my kodi is v 15.2

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      I also have the same issue with Genesis 5.1.4 running on Kodi 15.2

      The installation is clean and have tried reinstalling the Genesis add-on 3 or 4 times already. When I select either Movies or Tv from the main menu, I can then see a variety of categories that I can use to browse including (Genre, year, people, popular, etc.). None of these categories produce lists of movies or tv shows at all. The working screen loops for a moment in the bottom corner, but absolutely nothing happens. The search also doesn’t seem to work.

      any thoughts would be very much appreciated. I have other apps that work better so may just give up on Genesis if don’t hear anything back…

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      I am having the same issue.

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      Genesis is not working any longer …   Exodus is the new app by the same author .

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      :: has changed their API. Genesis uses themoviedb to bring in all of the movie and TV show category information. So when you go to the most popular, genres, featured, most recent, and other categories in Genesis, this data is pulled from themoviedb. An update is required for this to work again and remember, there will be no more Genesis updates!

      There are a few other methods too that you can refer too.

      How to Install the Covenant Kodi Add-on

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