How to Use Pre-emptive Termination in Kodi Streaming Add-ons

What is Pre-emptive Termination? Which Kodi add-ons have it, and where is the setting? What are the best settings? Find out why it's a "must-have" feature!

What is this “Pre-emptive Termination” feature I keep seeing or hearing about? … you might be asking yourself.

You’ve come to the right place because I aim to answer any question you might about about this feature.

Pre-emptive Termination is a fairly new feature (within the last couple years) found in popular Kodi streaming add-ons, so there are still a large number of people who are unfamiliar with the feature.  But, once you understand what it does, you’ll realize why it’s a “must-have”.

What is Pre-emptive Termination in Kodi?

Pre-emptive termination is a feature in a Kodi streaming add-on that lets it stop scraping providers for more sources as soon as it find at least a certain number of sources.

Usually you configuring this setting lets you choose that threshold of the number of sources needed to terminate (called “Pre-emptive Limit”), and sometimes you can also specify a certain type of source to be counted (like premium and/or torrent).

The result of using this feature is drastically faster scraping times which means your show or movie starts playing much sooner after you select it.

Where is the Pre-emptive Termination Setting in Kodi?

It’s not a Kodi setting, but it’s within each of the streaming add-ons’ settings.

Just go to the add-on’s settings area and you should fine “Pre-emptive Termination” in there somewhere.

The actual location of this setting within the settings area varies quite a bit, and not all add-ons have this feature…

Which Kodi Add-ons Have the Pre-emptive Termination Feature?

Here is a list of popular Kodi streaming add-ons that have the pre-emptive termination feature and where the setting can be found…

  • Seren – Scraping
  • Gaia – Scraping 2
  • Venom – Source Filters
  • Exodus Redux – Playback
  • Exodus – Playback
  • Tempest – Playback
  • Scrubs v2 – Playback
  • Resistance – Playback

Here is a gallery of screenshots of this setting in these add-ons…

What’s the Best Pre-emptive Limit Setting?

Typically, whatever the add-on defaults to is a good setting to keep it on (aside from having to actually turn the feature on manually).

You probably noticed by the screenshots above that both Seren and Gaia have a much more robust settings area for this.  Not only can you choose the Pre-emptive Limit, but you can also choose which types of sources count towards the limit.  You can only count sources that meet a minimum quality/resolution and are from a certain source category like torrent, premium, etc.

Meanwhile, the rest of the add-ons are pretty straightforward with the basic Pre-emptive Limit number, and that’s it.

You might also notice that the default Pre-emptive Limit numbers are much lower on Seren and Gaia because those add-ons only work with debrid services like Real-Debrid or Premiumize.

It’s also worth noting that pre-emptive termination goes along with the Provider Timeout setting you have.  Some people rely on the provider timeout setting by itself, but these features can be used alongside each other.

Make sure you don’t set your pre-emptive termination to terminate on “hosters” if you have a debrid service.  Doing so will likely cause it to terminate on free hoster sources before it gets any debrid sources.  Another way to go about that is… if you have debrid, then check the “Debrid Only” setting found in many of these add-ons, usually on the same page.

Any Other Questions?

Leave a comment below, and I’d be happy to answer you.

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  1. Hi, i have real debrid, but im not sure if im getting the full use of the service. You know when you are in Real-Debrid, there is a part that says (one link per line), what does that even mean, and how do i go about utilizing it?
    Thanks in advance

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