Kodi SALTS Library Integration Using a Subscription List

This tutorial shows how to make the SALTS add-on check all your favorite shows regularly to add any new episodes to the Kodi library automatically.

One of my absolute favorite posts on this blog is how to merge Kodi streaming add-ons into the video library.

It was primarily around using Genesis which was the best out there at the time. But times have changed and now I’ve moved to SALTS.

I saw that it had the “Add to Library” feature which I was excited about, but soon found out that it wasn’t the same feature that it was in Genesis.  In Genesis, adding a TV show to your library meant that it would always update the episodes in that TV show and make new episodes show up automatically, but in SALTS, it never updated after adding it to my library.

SALTS Add to Library Feature

You see, SALTS is a bit more robust and therefore has lots of options and capabilities. It turns out that “Add to Library” was actually just doing a one-time import of the currently selected show or movie into the Kodi library.

The problem with this one-time functionality is that new episodes would not appear in my library.  I did some research and figured out how to make SALTS check all your favorite shows regularly to add any new episodes to the Kodi library.

SALTS Subscriptions Feature

In SALTS, the library syncing feature we’re looking for is called “Subscriptions”. It’s a little bit more of a process to get setup and there’s no instructions within the SALTS add-on, but luckily you have me to give you this tutorial.

SALTS uses trakt.tv to get information TV shows, seasons, and episodes.  But to get the subscriptions to work, you have to have your own account at trakt.tv and authorize that.  Then, there are some steps involving setting up a subscription list.

Let’s get to it…

How to set up Subscriptions in SALTS:

  1. Register for a free Trakt.tv Account
  2. Authorize SALTS to Use It
  3. Create a new “List” in your Trakt.tv account and call it something like “SubscriptionList”. (in My Profile > Lists)

  4. Pick your new trakt.tv “List” to use for SALTS “Subscriptions”. (in SALTS > TV Shows > Subscriptions > Pick a list to use for subscriptions > the-name-of-your-list)
  5. Subscribe to TV shows in SALTS by pressing “c” / menu / right-click on a show series title and choosing “Subscribe”
  6. Add a Kodi video library source that points to the location that SALTS stores the library/subscription stream files.
    • The above screenshot shows the SALTS Add-on Settings page where you can choose where SALTS stores those stream files.
    • The default path will be [location of your userdata/home folder]\addon_data\plugin.video.salts\TVShows\
    • Also notice that on that same “Library Integration” settings page, you will need to enable “Automatically Update Subscriptions”.  There are also lots of settings that let you decide how often it updates and when it shouldn’t be allowed to update (if you want to limit it).
    • Then, you will actually need to go to Video > Files and go up a directory by clicking the “..” option until you can’t go up anymore, and then add a new video source using that path above.

Enjoy SALTS with Automatic Kodi Library Integration!

If you have any questions or have difficulty with anything in this tutorial, please leave me a comment so I can help you out.  Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Kodi SALTS Library Integration Using a Subscription List

  1. Hi, thank you for the tutorial. I was wondering why on earth are my episodes not being updated.
    I still have a few questions:
    – If I want my 2 devices, to auto update my tv shows on my library, I have to subscribe to every TV Show on both my devices, one by one?
    – I can subscribe from anywhere in SALTS, not only from lists, right?
    thanks again for the tutorial, and I would appreciate if you can give me some light in my questions.

  2. for the path where SALTS subscription folder is can i change that to my 1channel subscription folder so i dont have 2 tvshows sections on the home screen? i hope u understand what i mean lol.

  3. With in SALTS Subscription, is there a limit to the number of shows you can subscribe to at one time? I seem to be limited to 30 shows. When I add a 31 show the last show I subscribed to would be deleted and replaced with the newest subscribed show leaving 30 shows once again. I have my library path set up but SALTS seem to fickle with subscriptions. Thanks.

    1. KeKyKo, that would seem really strange. Are you sure that it’s actually limiting to 30 shows in your subscription? Is it showing more than 30 shows in your Trakt.tv account, but only showing 30 in Kodi SALTS? I have 27 shows in my SubscriptionList, so I suppose I can add 4 more to see if it happens to me too.

      1. Yes. It might be like this due to the skin I am using which is Aeon MQ5. When I use the built in SALTS “Subscription” menu I seem to be limited to only 30 BUT I have gotten around this by using TRAKT.TV. I create a “List” within TRAKT for subscriptions so now when I find a TV show I send it to “Add To List” find my TRAKT list I created within TRAKT (named Subcriptions) for subscriptions. I now have over 50 shows and all are being updated. The bonus is I can find shows through the TRAKT.TV site and simply at it to my newly created “Subscriptions” list. Again I think this is because I am using the AEON MQ5 skin for Jarvis.

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