If you use Kodi (formerly XBMC), chances are this tutorial is going to blow your mind… at least mine did when I discovered it.

If you download TV show episodes and movies via Usenet/Sickbeard/SAB, those video files would be stored on a hard drive that is set as a video library source for TV and for Movies.  Meanwhile, there are some amazing add-ons that will give you access to just about any TV show or movie you would want anyway.

The problem with that is now your experience is fragmented between those 2 different places.  You would look in your library for an episode, and if you know that is should be there and it didn’t download, then you would open the add-on and manually search for it.

All of that ends when you learn this trick that will make you mad that you didn’t learn about it before.  Read on to learn how to add your favorite shows from video streaming add-ons (like Genesis) into your TV Shows video library.

In Genesis, Search for TV Shows and “Add to Library”

Before we get started, make sure to add some shows to the library from the Genesis video add-on.  If you haven’t installed Genesis yet, see my post on how to do that.  Select the name of a TV show series, press menu or “c” and select “Add to Library”.

Kodi Genesis Add to Library

No need to rush over to the library to see if it shows up.  It won’t be there… yet!

Note: I’m only having you do this first in order to see something happen in the later steps.  You can come back later and add more shows.  For now, just add at least one.

Show Hidden Files

The next step is important in order for the following steps to work.  By default, hidden files and directories do not show in Kodi, so you’ll need to turn on a setting to see them.

Go to Settings > Appearance > File lists > check “Show hidden files and directories

Kodi Show Hidden Files

Add a Special Video Source to your TV Shows Library

Here’s where the magic happens!  There is a certain hidden directory that stores the “library” that you added that Genesis show into.

Go to Video > Files > Add Videos, then Browse for Home Folder (which is a shortcut to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Kodi) > userdata > addon_data > plugin.video.genesis > TV Shows

UPDATE: Find the userdata folder on different operating systems.

UPDATE: If you want to be able to sync this library across multiple HTPCs, then please check out this better way to browse to this path.

Give the source a name like “Genesis” and select “OK”

Kodi Add Video Source From Add-on Library Directory

You will then select the type of content it is, like TV Shows or Movies.  In this example it’s TV Shows.  However, when you’re done with this, you can do this entire thing again with movies as well.

When you’re done, it should scan the source for any content and you’ll see your new source along with any other video sources you have.

Kodi Genesis Video Source

Browse the Library

Now, go to your TV Shows library, and you should see the show that you added from Genesis.  It should have all seasons and episodes.

If you click on an episode to play it, instead of starting immediately like normal video sources would, you will see a popup saying “Opening stream” followed by another small popup showing the list of streaming links available from Genesis.  Select one or just select “AUTO-PLAY” at the top to have it pick a good link for you.

Selecting a Genesis Streaming Link from the Kodi Library

Recent Episodes Home Screen Widget

One of the coolest things about this setup is when you have a Recent Episodes widget on your Kodi home screen.  Genesis will actually update it’s library periodically to make sure that you have the most up-to-date library data.

Latest Episodes from Genesis Appear on the Kodi Home Screen Widget

Never again will I miss an episode of my favorite show because Sickbeard or SAB failed to find it or download it.   Thanks to this integration of Genesis into the Kodi libraries, I can always see the more recent episodes of my favorite shows.

Play It Safe With a VPN

One more thing, if you’re going to be using a Kodi streaming add-on, I highly recommend you play it safe and use a VPN.  A VPN will encrypt your traffic so your ISP doesn’t see what you’re streaming or where you’re streaming it from.  Better safe than sorry, am I right?!

Anyway, I personally use IPVanish and it works great.  Feel free to give it a free trial to make sure it works well for you.


I hope you like this.  Don’t forget that you can do the same thing for movies like I mentioned earlier.

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