DIY Home Security Automation with Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock

This DIY home security guide will cover the installation of the Kwikset 910, how to program Z-Wave scenes that use it, and other NFC and wearable tricks.

I’ve written quite a bit about home automation.  While automating your home can definitely help make life easier, it’s also very useful at helping to keep your home and your family safe from intruders.

Previously, I’ve covered DIY Home Security System using Z-Wave and Tasker which gets into motion sensors, door sensors, cameras and sirens, but my latest addition is my Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel

This DIY home security guide will cover the installation of the Kwikset 910, how to program Z-Wave scenes that use it, and other NFC and wearable tricks.

With the Kwikset 910, I’m not only able to connect it to my Z-Wave home automation system, but it also has the SmartKey feature which lets me set it using the key I already have.

Video Demo

Before we get started, sit back and watch this quick video demo.


Make sure to follow the instructions that come with the Kwikset 910.  I believe there was a button to hold down that puts it into pair mode, and then you would add it (or “include” it) to your Z-Wave network using MiOS.

Please note that the inclusion process can take a very long time and in some cases locks up the Vera unit.  This happened to mine and after about an hour, I rebooted my Vera and when it booted up, the Kwikset 910 was connected an operational.

Program Your Home Security Automation

The actions you can assign to the Kwikset 910 is obviously very limited.  You can lock it or unlock it.

However, on the triggers side of it, there are actually a lot of options you have to work with.  You can see the list of triggers available including those dealing with the lock status, the pin codes entered, and various battery levels.

Auto Lock Scene

One quick and easy scene to program is when the door is unlocked, then delay for 5 minutes and then lock the door again.  With this setting, we never have to worry about keeping the door locked.  It will always be locked by default.

We also never have to worry about getting locked out of the house since the front of the lock has a key code entry.  Just go to the Settings tab of the device in MiOS and add a pin code for each person that you want to give access to your house.

Manage Pin Code Access

We recently had a house guest for a couple of days.  We just went in and added a new code for our guest to use during his stay, and after he left, we deleted the code… simple!

Unlock Using NFC

Notice the little Android sticker above my Kwikset 910 on the outside of the door?  That’s not just a sticker, but an NFC tag.

If you’ve read my guide on how to control your Z-Wave home automation using Tasker, then you would already know how to quickly lock or unlock the door from your Android phone.  But, then to use an NFC tag to trigger a Tasker scene, you would just need to use the Android app called Trigger.

Unlock Using Android Wear Watch

If you are a proud owner of an Android Wear smart watch, and you use Tasker, you should definitely check out AutoWear which let you use voice commands on your watch that gets picked up by AutoVoice to trigger Tasker tasks.

Devices Used in this Guide

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3 thoughts on “DIY Home Security Automation with Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock

  1. I am totally ignorant when it comes to all things tech. I bought a kwikset 916 smartlock how do i get it where i can operate it through my android phone and google home. I dont have alexa or anything and i dont want to buy anything else if possible. Thank you to anyone that can help us. We have hospice nurses coming and going alot due to my mother in law terminally ill with this lock they can all get in and i dont have to hand out tons of keys or leave my home unlocked.

    1. The Kwikset 916 is a Z-Wave device which means you need to pair it to a Z-Wave hub in order to take advantage of remote control and automation capabilities. My favorite Z-Wave smart home hub is Samsung SmartThings. It’s pretty user friendly, so you don’t need to be a techie programmer in order to use it. It used to go on sale for about $50, but I’m not seeing that kind of deal right now.

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