“Could Not Connect to Repository” – Kodi Add-on Repos Down! [FIXED]

If you recently got the error "Could not connect to repository" when trying to install an add-on repo or you're getting "Update failed", read this...

Just to let you all know, and to avoid more hassles, there is currently an issue with some Kodi add-on repositories.  If you recently tried installing a new repository or add-on, or even tried to update an add-on, you may have received the error message “Could not connect to repository” or maybe “Update failed“.

A widespread issue started on June 10, 2017 when offshoregit.com went down possibly for maintenance shortly followed by TVAddons.ag and then Fusion itself.

Unfortunately, it looks like there’s nothing you can do to solve this on your end, but you’ll just have to wait for the repository to come back up.

If you already had your add-ons installed, you should still be able to use them during this kind of outage.  You just won’t be able to update them.

Please DO NOT uninstall add-ons and try to reinstall them thinking that will solve your problem of not being able to update.  You will just be stuck not having your add-ons until the repository comes back up.

How to Install an Alternative to Fusion

Nevermind that stuff above.  For a little while it seemed like there was no replacement for Fusion, but now there is.

Check out how to install an alternative to Fusion to install and update your add-ons…

TVAddons Returns – How to Install Fusion Alternative Repos

If anyone has any more details to share with other people having this issue, please let us know in the comments.  Thanks!

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