Automate Bing Rewards for Easy Free Gift Cards

Make a little extra money! Automate Bing Rewards. I'm racking $15/month in Amazon gift cards. Multiply this by using more accounts. Here's how to do it.

There’s 2 things I’m always looking to do… make a little extra money and automate repetitious work. This is a pretty cool tip that does both! With just 2 clicks and 2 taps a day, I’m racking up Bing Rewards points at a rate that lets me redeem at least $15/month in Amazon gift cards. Plus, this is easy to multiply by using more accounts. Here’s how to do it.

Step #1: Click here to sign up for the Bing Rewards Program.

Automate Bing Rewards Desktop Searches

You can accumulate up to 15 points per day in desktop searches. It takes 2 searches to get a point, so you would have to search 30 times each day to reach your maximum rewards points.

Doing that gets pretty tedious and the rewards are not really worth your time (in my opinion). You could just set Bing as your default search engine and forget about it. You will likely not be getting all the rewards you could get, and you may prefer using Google over Bing (like me). So, naturally I turn to automation.

Go to and bookmark it or just leave it open in your browser. I “pinned” that tab in Chrome (which makes the tab small only showing the icon) and it keep it as the first tab in my browser and leave it there.

Each day, click on that tab and click the “Start searching” button and then go back to what you were doing. It will automatically do 30 Bing searches for random words with random delays between the searches.

Sometimes they have a double points day so you can get up to 30 points.

Automate Bing Rewards Mobile Searches

If you have an Android phone, install “ReSearch with Bing” . Open the app and login to your account and have it keep you logged in. In the app’s settings, make it automatically start searching when you launch the app.

Each day, launch the app and go back to what you were doing. On my phone, I can turn off the screen of click the home button and the apps will continue searching in the background.

Multiply Your Rewards

This system will get you a little bit of rewards, but now that it’s automated, why not multiply it. You can sign up for more Bing accounts. But don’t just sign up from scratch! Get referral rewards…

In the dashboard of your first account, click “Invite Friends” and copy the referral link that has your referral code in it. Log out of Bing and then paste that URL into the browser and sign up for Bing Rewards as if you are a new person.

When your second account gets up to Silver status, your first account will get a bonus 500 points (which is enough for a $5 Amazon gift card).

You can repeat this as many times as you want, but I recommend doing this only for the amount of mobile devices you have. I only have 2 accounts because I only have 2 mobile devices that I use daily. I also only keep 2 Chrome profiles open on my computer.

Even More Automation

Are these 2 clicks and 2 taps per day still too much work for you? Automate even those!

In Chrome, install the iMacros extension, program it to click the “Start searching” button, and trigger it daily using the Windows Task Scheduler.

In Android, install Tasker and create a daily schedule event to trigger an action that launches the “ReSearching with Bing” app.

UPDATE: I’ve written a follow-up post about how to take Bing Rewards Automation to the next level using the above methods.


Now that you can automate Bing Rewards, you can start making a little bit of extra money to help pay for your gadgets or whatever else you like to buy on Amazon.

Let me know what you think. Do you know of a better way to automate this? Please share it with me in the comments below or tweet me @natekinkead. Thanks.

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  1. When I click to sign up it just takes me to my existing account ? I have a second email address on my computer. How do I get past that ?

      1. OK thank you
        I have no idea how to do that so I guess I will just stay with my one account that I have got $69.00 in Amazon waiting to be used.

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